27 Baby Boy Names That Mean Bright And Starts With Letter L

LabonLabon means White, BrightBoy
LachanBright Eyes; Brilliant and Beautiful Eyes; One with attractive eyesBoy
LaghuLovely; Pure; Young; Faultless; Quick; Light; Bright; BrilliantBoy
LahanLahan means Little Bright-Headed OneBoy
LambartName composed from Germanic words Bright and Land, a Promised LandBoy
LambegusA Land that promises a Bright FutureBoy
LambertLand filled with brightness, from Germanic words "lan" meaning lend and "beraght" meaning brightBoy
LambertoA person who comes from the Bright LandsBoy
LambertusThe Bright Shine of the LandBoy
LambrosA person who is Bright and Lucent. A Greek name asociated with Easter SundayBoy
LandoSomeone who is famous throughout the land; Bright SunBoy
LaverickBright and cheery individualBoy
LeocadioBright light, clear lightBoy
LeodbrihtThe Bright KingBoy
LeyshaIntelligent; Brilliant; Smart; Clever; BrightBoy
LeyshyaIntelligent; Brilliant; Smart; Clever; BrightBoy
LijeshLight; Bright; Brilliant; Radiant; LuminantBoy
LimanLiman is a Lebanon term for bright, shining and lustrous.Boy
LiuzA person whose inner light shines brightBoy
LokapradipLight of the World; Brilliance and brightness of the world; One of the many names of Lord BrahmaBoy
LokprasadLight of the World; Brilliance and brightness of the world; Blessing of the worldBoy
LolaksiThe Power of Lord Ganesha; Brilliance, brightness and radiance of Lord GaneshaBoy
LomaharshanaLight of the World; Brilliance and brightness of the world; Radiance of the worldBoy
LovyamSun; Bright, Brilliant, Splendid and Glorious like SunBoy
Luciouslight, shining brightBoy
LukeA bright glowing lightBoy
LuxeA person who shines with a bright lightBoy
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