40 Baby Boy Names That Mean Bright And Starts With Letter N

Naabihwell-known, celebrated, notable, bright.Boy
NaakeshThe brightful moon in the sky.Boy
NaamjotBright or nimble of the name.Boy
NagadeepThe brightness from Nagseshu.Boy
NajmA star, a bright star of the constellationBoy
NajmuddinA bright star among the religionBoy
NajmudeenThe religion's bright an beautiful starBoy
NamidA bright dancer, who dance wellUnisex
NanveerBrightful or attention.Boy
NaraimanThe faith and the brightnessBoy
NareemanThe brightness of the faithBoy
NarimanThe brightness of faithBoy
NayyarA bright star, one who is shiningUnisex
NayyirA bright shining and luminous personUnisex
NeelambaranReflects bright greenish color.Boy
NeelamjotThe brightness of blue color.Boy
NehchaljotSteady nimble or firm bright.Boy
NibrasThe nimble and bright which comes from the Lamp.Boy
NihchaljotSteady brightness, strong nimble.Boy
NirajitBrightened or lightened one.Boy
NirmaldharamThe bright light of somethingBoy
NiroopA bright shining appearanceBoy
NiroshenA bright divine lightUnisex
NirupaBright nimble.Boy
NirupamThe God is my bright and nimble.Boy
NoorpreetAdoration of the celestial bright light.Boy
NoorulabsarThe bright of the revelation.Boy
NoorulaynThe brightness of the eye sight.Boy
NoorullahThe brightness of the almighty God Allah.Boy
NooruziaThe illumination of the bright lightBoy
NooruzzamanThe bright nimble of the period.Boy
NorulThe bright light of somethingBoy
NouisA bright shining appearanceBoy
NouriBright nimble.Boy
NourielThe God is my bright and nimble.Boy
NurdeenThe brightness of the belief.Boy
NureddinThe bright light of the faithBoy
NurielThe bright of Lord or the Fire of Lord.Boy
NurisMy bright, my nimble or my consuming fire.Unisex
NuruddinThe brightness of the belief.Boy
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