263 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brilliant

AadhavanSun; Brilliant Like the Sun; Lord Vishnu, A variant of name AadavanBoy
AahirDazzling; Brilliant; To impress deeply; Sparkling; GlitteringBoy
Aarulbeing brilliantBoy
AaryashBrilliant; IntelligentBoy
AbdunnoorOne who helps the light and brilliant oneBoy
AbdussubhanA unique personality that helps the most glorious and brilliant oneBoy
AbhisyantaSplendid; A Son of Kuru and Vahini; Brilliant in appearanceBoy
AblajA lucid person, very brilliantBoy
AdhavanBrilliant; Man of World; Sun; A variant of name AdavanBoy
AdyotaA brilliant person, surrounded by lightBoy
AgavoliAn intelligent person who seeks excellence and excels in every field in life; brilliantBoy
AgniFire; Flame; Blaze; brilliant lightBoy
AgnipravaBright as the Fire; Brilliant as the Fire; A derivative name from AgniBoy
Agnirameans Intelligent, Brilliant, Successful person who studies excellentlyBoy
AgniveshBright as the Fire; Brilliant as the Fire; A derivative name from AgniBoy
AjisthVery Intelligent; Brilliant; Bright; Sharp; SmartBoy
AlbieMy heart, noble and famous; bright and brilliant beingUnisex
AlvisAn all knowing wise person who is brilliant in every way possible and have strong emotional desiresBoy
AmanjotRadiating the Light of Peace; one who shines brilliantly with peace;Boy
AnbumadiKind and Intelligent; One who is brilliant and endearingBoy
AneshSmart One; Brilliant; Intelligent; ExcellentBoy
AngshulA brilliant, bright and everlasting as the SunBoy
AngshumanThe one who is brilliant, bright and everlasting as the SunBoy
AnjisthaAnother name Sun; they are bright, brilliant and and smartBoy
AnsujalaAn illuminating, brilliant rays of SunBoy
AnsukaAn illuminating, brilliant rays of Sun who is also tender in natureBoy
AnunankA brilliant and a wise personBoy
AnurajAnother name of Lord Kuber; a brilliant beingBoy
AnwerussadatThe brilliant between SayyidsBoy
ApramayaAnother name of Lord Krishna; a brilliant beingBoy
AqmarA brilliant, moonlight and a wise personBoy
ArcatThe one who is very simple, brilliant and happyBoy
AristophanesA brilliant personBoy
ArivaliOne who is Brilliant; Smart; Intelligent and knowledgeableBoy
ArivumadhiIntelligent, Brilliant and KnowledgeableBoy
ArivunambiConfident, Brilliant, Knowledgeable and IntelligentBoy
ArulaBrilliant, full of graceUnisex
AryashBrilliant; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; NobleBoy
AvarokinA brilliant and shining individual; humbleBoy
AzherOne who is brilliant and clearUnisex
BaahirA brilliant and dazzling personalityBoy
BaherA brilliant, dazzling and opn hearted personBoy
BahiriVariant of Bahirun, meaning a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.Boy
BahirunA brilliant, lucid, and renowned person.Boy
BahupatuVery Clever; Smart; Intelligent; BrilliantBoy
BahurOne who is lucid and brilliantBoy
BahushrutaExtremely Learned; Much Heard; Knowledgeable; BrilliantBoy
BahusrutaExtremely Learned; Much Heard; Knowledgeable; BrilliantBoy
BertholdBrilliant Ruler; Bright Strength; Renowned LeaderBoy
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