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25 Baby Boy Names That Mean Fame And Starts With Letter R

Ram pratap Lord Rama's fame Boy
Rampratap The fame of Lord Rama Boy
Rapata Bright fame Boy
Raunak One who reached fame Boy
Ravikeerti One whose fame is like the sun; Popular and Famous for brilliance like Sun Boy
Reyrobert A combination of Rey and Robert, meaning The King with bright fame Boy
Ricmaer A powerful ruler who reached fame Boy
Robi He who is glowing with fame Boy
Robinet He whose fame is bright Boy
Robinett His fame burns bright Boy
Robison The son of the one who glows with fame Boy
Roburts Bright fame Boy
Rodolphus A wolf of great fame Boy
Romuald One who rules fith fame Boy
Roope A bright fames person Boy
Roparzh Bretons form of Robert, meaning bright fame Boy
Ropata A variant of Rapata. It means bright fame. Boy
Rosendo He who is on a path of fame Boy
Rounak A Boy who reached fame and glory Boy
Rudolph A man who has the fame of the legendary wolf Boy
Rudy One who is like a famed wulf Boy
Rui He who is known for his power and fame Boy
Rumer Fame or Rome pilgrim; Something which is falsely spread; A variant spelling of Rumor Boy
Rupert A fame that shines Boy
Ruubert A form of Robert, meaning bright or fame. Boy
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