56 Baby Boy Names That Mean Famous And Starts With Letter A

AabdarName aabdar has a quranic origin which means Moon light, early, quick. It is derived from the B-D-R root which is used in the Quran in verse 3:123 in the word Badr, which means "full moon" and is the name of a famous battle.Boy
Aakhya (आख्या)one who has high reputation and fame; state of being famousBoy
AakhyaanLegend; Story of Famous Person inscriptionBoy
AakramaName of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AbadiyaName of a famous author known for his unique styleBoy
AbanindranathA variant of name Abanindra which means sky; A famous Bengali painter had this nameBoy
AbdulmagidA devoted individual who helps glorious and famous oneBoy
AbheenuAn individual who is famous and reliantBoy
AbhinabhasFamous; renownedBoy
Abhinamin (अभिनमीन)One who is renowned or a famous nameBoy
AdalbertGermanic (Nobly famous); Noble; Honorable; FamousBoy
AdelmarA very famous noble personBoy
AelmerA famous nobleman for his nobilityBoy
AindhadiFamous starBoy
AjanthaHe who is creative. Also the name of a famous Buddhist cave.Boy
AjapalaA banyan tree which is famous in Buddhist literature, goatherd or shepherd in SnskritBoy
AjkhyatFamous; Popular; Well Known;Boy
AkyathFamous; Popular; Well Known;Boy
AlajosFame and War; famous holinessBoy
AlaoisFamous in war; enjoys perks of lifeBoy
AlbertoNoble, bright and famous individualBoy
AlbertusGerman - Nobly Famous; A derivative of name AlbertBoy
AlbieMy heart, noble and famous; bright and brilliant beingUnisex
AlbrechtGerman - Nobly Famous; A derivative of name AdalbertBoy
AlbrektNoble, bright and famous individual who likes to travelBoy
AlburtGerman - Nobly Famous; A derivative of name AlbertBoy
AldemarFamous for nobility or famous for his experienceBoy
AlesGerman - Nobly Famous; Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant name of Albert and AlexanderBoy
AlmarGerman - Nobly Famous; A variant of name AdelmarBoy
AlmoNoble; Famous; PopularBoy
AloisGerman - Famous Warrior; A variant of name AloysBoy
AloiseFamous in battle. Feminine of AloysiusBoy
AlojzFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzijeA famous warrior.Boy
AlojzyFamous Warrior; Fame and WarBoy
AloysA famous warrior, a quick thinker and a very warm hearted individualBoy
AloysisusGerman - Fame and War French - Famous Warrior; Latinised form of the name LouisBoy
AloysiusA strong and famous warrior with a conservative and reliable beings.Boy
AlphonseA famous name bearer meaning noble being ready for warBoy
AmodinFragrant; Famous; Excellent; Pleasant Aroma; Sweet Smelling; Pleasingly ScentedBoy
AndoniosA famous bearer who is pricelessBoy
AnsonThe son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearerBoy
AnssonThe son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearerBoy
AntarArabic - Strong One; Famous Warrior Sikh - Inner HeartBoy
ArapetaNoble and famous. A famous man.Boy
ArashTruthfulness and righteousness. It's also the name of a famous archer of ancient Iran.Boy
AriyaratnaOne who is famous for his noble deeds;Boy
ArjunanFamous for art archeryBoy
AshharFamous, renownedBoy
AthmarrA noble and a famous personBoy
AtreyiName of a famous riverBoy
AustellA Cornish place and a name of a famous SaintBoy
AyllmerA noble and famous personBoy
AylmerEnglish - Nobly Famous ; Derived from Adal - Noble and Meri - Great; A variant of ElmerBoy
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