23 Baby Boy Names That Mean Famous And Starts With Letter C

CapuletAn Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and JulietUnisex
CaruyasasA man who is famous for his charmBoy
CazOne who famously destroyes the peaceBoy
ChannaRenowned; Famous; Well Known; Character of Buddha; Beautiful; CheerfulBoy
ChlodwigA famous German warriorBoy
ChubinOne having a wooden club, bat or mace. It's the nickname of the famous General Bahram of King Khusru Parvez who had a wooden club.Boy
ChuckFamous bearer; one who gives or yields upholdsBoy
ClairOne who is clear, bright, shiny; one who is famousBoy
ClarembaldA bold and famous oneBoy
ClaudasDerived from the name of a famous kingBoy
ClayreOne who is not only bright, but also famous and known by allUnisex
CleonOne who hails from the cliff; famous and illustrious in GreekBoy
ConranDescendant of a famous king named ConaranBoy
ConyersA famous city in GeorgiaBoy
CoshelDerived from the name of a famous Indian saint, who was considered divineBoy
CristianoItalian and Portuguese form of Christianity. A famous bearer is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (1985); Follower of ChristBoy
CudbertThe famous oneBoy
CudbrihtA dependent, bold, famous personBoy
CuithbeartA famous and clever personBoy
CuithbrigA famous individualBoy
CunogususFamous; BrilliantBoy
CuthbertBright and famousBoy
CvlidoriThe famous one; steadyBoy
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