50 Baby Boy Names That Mean Gift And Starts With Letter D

DakshehGift of God; Blessed from God; One who is blessed with great brillianceBoy
DarekA gifted rulerBoy
DarianGift sent from heaven on EarthBoy
DarkoPure gift from GodBoy
DarwynA gifted compannionBoy
DashaGift sent from GodBoy
DasyaThe one who serves; a gift of GodBoy
DattraGift of IndraBoy
DattravatThe one who is rich in gifts and presentsBoy
DavashishBlessing of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DayshaunGod's gift for the normal peopleBoy
DebasisBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebasishBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DebiprasadBlessings of God; Gift of God; God's Endowment; A present from GodBoy
DedrickA gifted and popular rulerBoy
DedrikOne who is a gifted and the most powerful rulerBoy
DeiOne who is a gift of GodBoy
DemetreFertility; gift from DemeterBoy
DerrickA gifted ruler. A person with capabilities of being a gifted ruler.Boy
DevabhagA Portion of the Gods; Gift of GodBoy
DevadattaGod Given; Gift of God; A present from God;Boy
DevajanmanGift of God; Born of the Gods; A present from God; Blessing of GodBoy
DevhishGift; Generosity; Charity; A present from GodBoy
DevjyotiGift of Godess; Present from the GodBoy
DevprasadOne who has the divine favour; God's Blessings; Gift of GodBoy
DharinGift, gift of LordBoy
DiaraA gift; they are quiet and a commanderUnisex
DidarOne who is gifted with the perfect vision or sightBoy
DidyuA priceless gift of GodBoy
DiedrickA gifted ruler who is born to ruleBoy
DikshantOne who is a gift of guru; educated beingBoy
DiodorusGift of ZeusBoy
DiogoA wandering explorer; rich in giftsBoy
DionysodorosGift of DionysosBoy
DiyariA gift sent from the God; blessingBoy
DobbsGift from God, A person who is clever , responsible and makes good judgementsBoy
DobsonBright, Famous ,A gift from GodBoy
DodoIt means precious Gift of God; his uncleUnisex
DonatThey are the ones who are like gifts and are strangerBoy
DonatelloIt's a Gift of God ,To GiveBoy
DonatienPresent; a beautiful giftBoy
DonatusGiven; Given by God; Present; Gift from God; Derivative from DonatBoy
DragoslavThey are precious and are a gift from God; gloriousBoy
DraycenThey are the gift; variant of a Greek nameBoy
DreshalSon of Lord; God's Child; Gift or Blessing of GodBoy
DurgaduttA gift of Goddess DurgaBoy
DurgamsaGift of Goddess Durga; A blessing of Goddess Durga; A present from Goddess DurgaBoy
DurvankGifted Friend; A treasured FriendBoy
DurvaranaThey are the perfect gift of GodBoy
DurveshShehnai; A gift; A musical instrumentBoy
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