202 Baby Boy Names That Mean Glory

JasroopEmbodiment of gloryBoy
JastejGlow of the Glory; Radiance and Luminance of SplendourBoy
JasvinderLord's Glory; Splendid God; Magnificence of LordBoy
JazzdeepsinghThe Light radiating God's Glory; A variant spelling of Jasdeep SinghBoy
JiviniPraise; Glory; Splendour; Honour; Commend; AdmireBoy
JochemJochem means The Glory of GodBoy
JusdeepLamp of Glory; Magnificient and splendid light; Brilliant FlameBoy
KabKab name means Ankle, GloryBoy
KhaliqussubhanThe name means Worthy of GloryBoy
KibriyaKibriya means Grendeur and GloryBoy
KibriyaaThe name means GloryBoy
KiretMeans One who Sings Glory of GodBoy
KrunoShort form of Krunoslav. It means glory to the crown.Boy
KrunoslavGlory to the crown.Boy
LaciLaci means The Glory of the RuleBoy
LadislavLadislav means The Ruler who found GloryBoy
LaurynHe who comes from the place of honor and gloryBoy
LuboslawHe who loved the gloryBoy
LukiA fighter who found glory in the battleBoy
MagdiA man famous for his gloryBoy
MaharvinGlorious; Splendid; Magnificient; Full of Glory; WonderfulBoy
MahasvinGlorious; Splendid; Magnificient; Full of Glory; WonderfulBoy
Majd udeenGlory of the faithBoy
MajdiOne with great gloryBoy
MajduddeenName representing the glory of the faithBoy
MajduddinGlory of the faithBoy
MajeedaGlorious; Splendid; Magnificient; Full of Glory; WonderfulBoy
MajidOne with a noble gloryBoy
Majid al dinGlory of the faithBoy
MajidaldinGlory found in the faithBoy
MechislavSword gloryBoy
MilenSlavic - Gracious; Favor; Grace; Fame; Glory; A variant of MilanBoy
MiloslavFavor or gloryBoy
MiroslavaThe person whose glory spread because of his peaceful natureBoy
MislavThe thought of glory.Boy
MofihinfoluwaTo God be the glory.Boy
MstislavVengeance or gloryBoy
OgooluwaThe glory of God.Boy
OsmarThe one who is born with divine gloryBoy
OsmarrGod like fame; who is born with gloryBoy
PankajdeepLight of Lotus; Brilliance, Radiance and Glory of the LotusBoy
PankajeetEagle (Garuda); One who is Brilliant, radiant and bright and has won glory of LotusBoy
ParanBeauty; Glory; Ornament; LifeBoy
PartabOne who has a lot of glory and heatBoy
PartapA person who has glory and strengthBoy
PolkOne who will achieve grat glory in lifeBoy
PrabhankTo find glory in lifeBoy
PrabhjoteLight of God; Brightness of Lord; Brilliance, Radiance and Glory of GodBoy
PrabjotLight of God; Brightness of Lord; Brilliance, Radiance and Glory of GodBoy
PramodDelight; Happy; Cheerful; Joy; GloryBoy
PrataapOne who has heat, splendor and gloryBoy
PratapGlory; Vigour; Brilliance; Dynamism; Splendour; HeartinessBoy
PratapaGlory; Vigour; Brilliance; Dynamism; Splendour; HeartinessBoy
PratibhanuOne whose glory is compared to the SunBoy
PribislavBroken glory.Boy
PugalTo have glory or fameBoy
PugalendhiAn admirable man who reached gloryBoy
RadosHappy gloryBoy
RadoslavGlorious work or eager gloryBoy
RakaMoon at Full Glory; Full moon; A variant spelling is RaakaBoy
RakalaMoon Beam; Moon at Full Glory; Full moon; A variant form of RakaBoy
RochHe who seeks and finds gloryBoy
RostekThe usurper of gloryBoy
RostislavOne whose glory growsBoy
RostyslavTo increase gloryBoy
RounakA Boy who reached fame and gloryBoy
SaebeorhtOne who is the glory of the seaBoy
SeabrightGlory at seaBoy
SebertGlory at seaBoy
SlavcoOne who brings glory to the family.Boy
SlavenFrom a serbian; croatian word "slava", means GloryBoy
SlavikOne who finds glory in the armyBoy
SobeslavGlory for oneselfBoy
StanislasA man who achieves gloryBoy
StankoDiminutive of Stanislav, meaning to stand with glory.Boy
StannesHe who achives glory in militaryBoy
SvetoslavBlessed gloryBoy
TejbirThe glory of the brave oneBoy
ThemistoclesGlory of the lawBoy
ThemistoklesGlory of the lawBoy
ThoukydidesThe glory of God.Boy
TolulopeTo God be the glory.Boy
ToluwalogoThe glory belongs to God.Boy
TomislavTomislav is derived from the Slavic element tomiti, which means torture combined with slava meaning glory.Boy
TorbertThe glory of thor or glorious as ThorBoy
VeaceslavRomanian form of Vaclav, meaning more glory.Boy
VeceslavMore gloryBoy
VecheslavA variant of Veceslav, meaning more glory.Boy
VekoslavEternal gloryBoy
VenceslausMore gloryBoy
VincislauVariant of the name Wenceslaus. It means more glory.Boy
VjekoGlory of the ages.Boy
VjekoslavGlory of the ages.Boy
VratislavTo return gloryBoy
WenceslausGreat gloryBoy
YashVictory or gloryBoy
YeshwanthA Person who attains fame and gloryBoy
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