207 Baby Boy Names That Mean Glory

Euclidglory; also a very famous mathematician.Boy
Eudafit means glory.Boy
FakhrOne who loves gloryBoy
Fakhr-ud-dinGlory of the faithBoy
FakhriGlory; Honorary; Glorious; Proud; Excellence; NobilityBoy
FarbodOne who protects the gloryBoy
FarnbagGod's glory. It's also the term for the first sacred Fire of Sassanian Iran.Boy
FikharPride, prestige and gloryBoy
FolarinWalk with gloryBoy
FravindadObtaining Glory; Renowned; Well Known; HonouredBoy
GaurabGlory; One who brings happiness and PrideBoy
GlorThe name Glor means Glory, Victory.Boy
GourabHappy; Pride; Respect; One who brings glory; A variant of GauravBoy
GouravHappy; Pride; Respect; One who brings glory; A variant of GauravBoy
GuriqbalGuriqbal collaborated with two words guru and iqbal. Guru means master or lord and iqbal means glory So guriqbal means glory of guru.Boy
HadarGlory, magnificence, splendorBoy
HarijasGlory of Lord; Splendour of Lord; Brilliance of Lord; Magnificence of Lord;Boy
HarpratapGlory of God; Splendour of God; Brilliance of LordBoy
Heraclesglory of heraBoy
HerakDivive GloryBoy
HeraklesGlory, HeroBoy
HerculesGlory of HeroismBoy
HimajyotiWith snow like Light; Brightness, Radiance and Glory of SnowBoy
IzetGreatness, gloryBoy
IzudinPower, glory of faithBoy
IzzThis name symbolizes honor, glory and power.Unisex
JaikirtiThe glory found in victroyBoy
JalaalGlory of the faithBoy
JalalaLoftiness; Sublimity; Glory; Grandeur; Glory of the FaithBoy
JalaluddinGlory of the faithBoy
JalorGlory; To exult with triumph; Rejoice proudly;Boy
JasbhoopKing with Glory; Famous Ruler; A magnificient and splendid rulerBoy
JasdayalGlory of Kindness; Renowned for Benevolence; Well Known for his compassionBoy
JasdeepThe lapm that radiates God's gloryBoy
JasdevLord's gloryBoy
JashFame; Popularity; Glory; Eminent; Distinct; RenownedBoy
JasjeevTo live a life of gloryBoy
JasjinderGlory of God; Honour of God; Fame of God; Magnificence of GodBoy
JasjotFlame of Glory; Brightness of Splendidness; Radiance and Luminance of MagnificenceBoy
JaskamalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskanwalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskeeratSing God's Praises or Glory; One who worships God and adores him with his songsBoy
JaskiritPraises of the Lord; Glory of the God; Splendidness of LordBoy
JaskirpalGod's gloryBoy
JasmelGlory with the union of GodBoy
JasminderLord of Glory; God of Splendidness; Magnificent GodBoy
JasmohinderGlory of the LordBoy
JasnamShaning glory of naamBoy
JaspinderLord's gloryUnisex
JaspremLove of gloryBoy
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