25 Baby Boy Names That Mean Great And Starts With Letter F

FaakhirHe is a great personBoy
FaarisA cavalier who is a great horsmanBoy
FadyHe is a great savior of menBoy
FaheelA man of great intelligence and knowledgeBoy
FahmOne who posesses a great intellectBoy
FaisiOne who is greatly abundantBoy
FakhruddaulahA greatness of GodBoy
FalahOne who has great successBoy
FalihOne with great successUnisex
FarhadA feeling of great happinessBoy
FarhalA man of great prosperityBoy
FarhatA great feeling of joyBoy
FarnazOne who is from hgh status and greatBoy
FarzanA man with great experience and intelligenceBoy
FatmirA Boy of great luckBoy
FawzyA victory, a great triumphBoy
FayyadhA man of great generosityBoy
FearghusTo have great man-strenghtBoy
FikhamGreat; Illustrious; Bright; LuminousBoy
FillipA person who greatly loves horsesBoy
Fintan"white-fire" or "white-bull"; deemed to be the only suvivor of Great FloodBoy
Fionntan"White-inferno" or "white-bull"; legendarily, the sole suvivor of Great FloodBoy
Fiontan"White-fire" or "white-bull"; only one to endure the Great FloodBoy
FolcaHas great nature; a good looking person; folkBoy
FradoFirst; One who has won great HonorsBoy
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