45 Baby Boy Names That Mean Great And Starts With Letter D

DachenGreat joyBoy
Dae (대)The great one; shiningUnisex
Dae-Ho (대호)A great personality, greatBoy
Dae-Hyun (대현)Great and honorBoy
Dae-Jung (대정)Great and righteous, honest.Boy
Daeshim (대심)Greatest mindBoy
Daido ( 大同)The greatest way possibleBoy
DaininOne who has great patienceBoy
DaksayanOne who is brilliant and blessed with great knowledge;Boy
DakshehGift of God; Blessed from God; One who is blessed with great brillianceBoy
DaranGreat personality masterBoy
DarenGreat and powerfulBoy
DaronA great manBoy
DarranA great and superior individualBoy
DarrinA unique and great individualBoy
DarynGreat personBoy
DashaunYahweh is greatUnisex
DawidGreatest king of Israel; belovedBoy
DearanA great solitary being; quiet oneBoy
DearbornOne who has great mental and physical strengthBoy
DearbourneOne with great health; deep riverBoy
DedricOne who rules people and a great leaderBoy
DeenadayalanGreat Philanthropist; Humanitarian; Good Hearted Person;Boy
DemetriGreat one; a GoddessBoy
DenisonSon of Dennis; have great powerBoy
DharmaratnaOne whose greatness is because of being righteous; Great Principled ManBoy
DhrumilA great and majestic King; fortunateBoy
DhrushyaOne with great eyes; a fantastic beingBoy
DhruvikaA great and talented individualBoy
DiarmuidA great warrior who are without envyBoy
DiptakOne who destroys evil; great personBoy
DivleenA divine person; God is greatBoy
DivyatmaA superior person; they have a great personalityBoy
DonDark Brown; a mighty and great chiefBoy
DonaldA great chief who rules the worldBoy
DonnelGreat Chief; one who is mighty and strongBoy
DonnellA detailed person; a great chiefBoy
DonnellyThey have great valour and are born chiefBoy
DorrelThey are stranger and have a great sense of humourBoy
DraupadaGreat kingBoy
DronTeacher of great warrior; A serious minded and matured person.Boy
DrupadhThe great king.Boy
DurvishahaA great teacherBoy
DuryodhanaA very great warrior; difficult to fight withBoy
DyumnikOne who has a great mightBoy
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