48 Baby Boy Names That Mean Great And Starts With Letter B

BaaodhavHumanitarian; One who has great respect for human valuesBoy
BaecgaOne who is in great love of natureBoy
BahaaldinOne who has great faith in GodBoy
BahaudeenOne who has great faith in AlmightyBoy
BahiliStudent of Great MuhammadBoy
BahubalaWith Great Strength; Power; MightBoy
BahuraiWith Great Riches, Possessions, Assets, TreasuresBoy
BalajMeans shine or glitter. It symbolizes the great heights the child will reach in life.Boy
BaldricIt means a brave and courageous ruler. It symbolises great heights and a fearless warrior.Boy
BaradwajOne who has strength and Vigor; Descendant of Bharadvaja; Name of one of the great sagesBoy
BaseerBorn with a great visionBoy
BazirEducated; A Great PersonBoy
BerickGrain farm; one who can reach great heightsBoy
BhagavanOf Great Fortune; King; LordBoy
BhagavanaOf Great Fortune; King; Lord; The God; The Supreme Lord; Creator and Ruler of this UniverseBoy
BharadvajaSkylark; Strong and Fast; One who has strength or Vigor; Name of one of the great sagesBoy
BharathVery Clever; Great Good Person; Being maintained; Name of Agni; Name of brother of Lord RamBoy
BhimasenaHaving a Formidable Army which is active, quick and does things at great speedBoy
BhimavegaOne who is active, quick and has a great speed to do thingsBoy
BhimsainBrave; A Man of Great Size;Powerful, Mighty and Courageous ManBoy
BhringiName of an ancient Saint who was a great devotee of Lord ShivaBoy
BhurisravasBhurisravas was a prince of the Balhikas and an ally of the Kauravas, who was killed in the great battle of the Mahabharata.Boy
BichuThe Great PersonBoy
BiphulExtensive; Huge; Large; A Lot; Great; ImmenseBoy
BipulExtensive; Huge; Large; A Lot; Great; ImmenseBoy
BiraatExtensive; Huge; Large; A Lot; Great; ImmenseBoy
BirendarLord of Warriors; A Great Warrior; Great Defender and ProtectorBoy
BirinderLord of Warriors; A Great Warrior; Great Defender and ProtectorBoy
BishmeetA Boy who is greatly blessedBoy
BodicciusHe who is a great victorBoy
BogomirGod is great.Boy
BolekTo achieve great gloryBoy
BoleslavOne who has the greater gloryBoy
BomaniAfrican Swahili - Great WarriorBoy
BorenyaOne who is a great personBoy
BoreyCountry or great cityBoy
BorreHe who is a great helpBoy
BoureyCountry or great city. A variant of the name Borey.Boy
BreidOne who is born to achieve great depths and heightsBoy
BrhadatmaOne with a great and wise soulBoy
BrhadgruThe great teacher or mentorBoy
BrhadrajaThe great king or emperorBoy
BrhadvisaThe great protectorBoy
BryA man of great strenght and powerBoy
BrynmorOne who comes from the great hillBoy
BuleshGreat; Huge; Large; A Lot; ImmenseBoy
BullOne who has great phisical strenght, a bull-manBoy
BulwinderA king who has great powerBoy
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