481 Baby Boy Names That Mean Life

AaddharFoundation, Ground work of anything, Base of LifeBoy
Aadi (आदि)First; Most Important,Beginning; Starting; Source form of lifeBoy
AanavHumane; pertaining to life qualitiesBoy
AarurdossOne who is in Everyone; present in everyone's lifeBoy
AaushLong Life; A variant name of AayushBoy
AayuLifespan; Long Life; A variant of AaushBoy
AayushLong Life; Blessing; A variant name of aaushBoy
AayushmaanBlessed with long life; A variant name of AaushBoy
AayushmanBlessed with Long Life; A variant name of AaushBoy
Abahijeevan (अभईजीवन)Someone leading a fearless lifeBoy
Abdul baithServant of Resurrector that means to bring back to lifeBoy
Abdul muhyeOriginated from Arabic language; Means slave of the life giverBoy
Abdul muhyiActual meaning of Muhyi is servant of the giver of lifeBoy
AbdulmuhyeeServant of the one who completely give his life for some work and maintain itBoy
AbdulmuhyiA person who gives his life for anythingBoy
AbdulmuizUnique personality who serves those individuals that gives up life for the almightyBoy
AbdulmutiOne who works for the giver of lifeBoy
AbhaijeevanAn individual who has fearless lifeBoy
AbuamrFather of the life or father of the enlivenBoy
AbuldunyaThe father of the worldly lifeBoy
AcyutayuOne who has an imperishable age or lifeBoy
AdamoSon of Red Earth; First man to come to lifeBoy
AgavoliAn intelligent person who seeks excellence and excels in every field in life; brilliantBoy
AhaladEnjoy; Joy; Causing Delight; Refreshing; one who experiences joy and pleasure in lifeBoy
AhaladitJoyous Person; One who enjoys life; A variant of name AhaladBoy
AhladEnjoy; Joy; Causing Delight; Refreshing; one who experiences joy and pleasure in lifeBoy
AhladitJoyous Person; One who enjoys life and is always delighted; A variant of name AhladBoy
AhladithJoyous Person; One who enjoys life and is always delighted; A variant of name AhladBoy
AiseLife and AliveBoy
AishAn indirect Quranic name means life, livelihood. Derived from the AIN-Y-SH rootBoy
AkalmashStainless. Having bubbling spontaneous nature and happy-go-lucky outlook that helps smooth the pathway of lifeBoy
AkhanYogi; One who practises principled lifeBoy
AkpobomeMy own lifeUnisex
AkpofureLife is now peacefulBoy
AkporovwovwoGood life in later yearsUnisex
AlaoisFamous in war; enjoys perks of lifeBoy
AlifeletiAlifeleti is Tongan form of Alfred. It means elf counsel.Boy
AlthafElegant and graceful often restless but good in communication, socialization and optimistic attitude towards life.Unisex
AluuineA balanced nature combined with self knowledge and good judgement in personal and professional lifeBoy
AmaarImmortality; the one who prays 5 times and fasts a great deal leading a very prosperous long lifeBoy
AmalanandPure Joy; unadulterated happiness; Blissful life;Boy
AmanjeetPeace Attainder; one who wins peace in his lifeBoy
AmanjeevanLives a Peaceful Life; one who is blessed with peace all throughout his lifeBoy
AmarLong LifeBoy
AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AmaranThe Immortal; one who is blessed to have a long life with no endBoy
AmarineA gem called Aquamarine finding the purpose and meaning of lifeUnisex
AmarjeevanThe everlasting life who lives foreverBoy
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