46 Baby Boy Names That Mean Mother


A name is more than just a tag of identity; it is a reflection of the bearer's heritage, family, and personal traits. Baby boy names meaning mother most beautifully honor the woman who gave them life. Because of the mother, the child can witness a world and be fortunate to have varied experiences. Studies also reveal that a mother's presence has a positive influence on the well-being of their sons. Consequently, baby boys with insecure attachments with their mothers could have a higher risk of developing behavioral problems later. A close connection with their moms when boys are young is thus crucial for them to become emotionally balanced humans.
Mothers help their sons develop good virtues and characteristics. They give the essential advice, encouragement, and love that makes the child navigate life's challenges with strength and confidence.
Furthermore, mothers help their boys learn self-control early, a proven predictor of future relational, professional, and academic success (1). As mothers do so much for their boys, names that indicate this caring and prominent figure can also be an excellent way to express gratitude and appreciation for their hard work. Also, parents may choose such a name to show their love for their own mother. It can also be meaningful if the relationship between the parent and son is close.
Furthermore, these names are derived from various cultures and languages and embody the tender and nurturing elements associated with motherhood. Some among this list also draw inspiration from renowned goddesses and maternal figures in different religious and spiritual contexts, highlighting their profound significance. Last but not least, names signifying mother are quite unique and may make your child stand apart from the rest. Your son is bound to admire such a distinctive yet meaningful name for life!

heart image Aaditey Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Aditi; Son of the Earth; Son of Mother of God
heart image Aaditeya Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Aditi; Son of the Earth; Son of Mother of God
heart image Abrie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother of many
heart image Accolon Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is from the mother of God
heart image Aenheri Baby Boy Sign Boy The mother of Eleanor
heart image Ambi Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother; One of the many names of Goddess Parvati
heart image Amma Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother; God-like
heart image Ammu Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother; Happiness; God-Like
heart image Anjana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dusky one; Name of Lord Hanuman's mother
heart image Bes Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A dwarf god known for representing the protection of households, mothers, and children
heart image Concetto Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother Mary's Immaculate Conception in Her mother's womb
heart image Demetri Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth mother
heart image Devaki Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Divine, Motherly, Auspicious
heart image Dimitar Baby Boy Sign Boy A female variant of Demetrius, Mother or earth mother
heart image Dimitrij Baby Boy Sign Boy Slovene form of Demetrius; Mother earth
heart image Dmitrei Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth mother
heart image Dugga Baby Boy Sign Boy Bengali Dialect for Mother Goddess Durga; Variant of name Durga
heart image Dvaimatura Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has two mothers
heart image Ecgi Baby Boy Sign Boy A stable; Warm and motherly being
heart image Eema Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother
heart image Emzara Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother of a princess
heart image Evva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life-giving; Mother
heart image Floramaria Baby Boy Sign Boy Flower of Mary, the mother of Jesus
heart image Gurbar Baby Boy Sign Boy Big chubby like kids; Body resist like mother
heart image Huwa Baby Boy Sign Boy Mankind's mother; A mother to everyone
heart image Jasoda Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother of Lord Krishna
heart image Jasodhra Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother of Lord Buddha
heart image Lamere Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The mother; The feminine
heart image Maaksharth Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious part of a mother's heart
heart image Madara Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother Earth
heart image Mitron Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who loves his mother
heart image Mokshagna Baby Boy Sign Boy The divinity representing motherhood
heart image Nye Baby Boy Sign Boy Power of a mother
heart image Occa Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is categorized by his mother land
heart image Ormeman Baby Boy Sign Boy Mother of prettiness, motherhood of loveliness
heart image Pruthvij Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the son of mother earth
heart image Qureshi Baby Boy Sign Boy A Muslim family name belonging to the Quraysh tribe believed to be the Ancestor of Muhammad; Muhammad's Mothers Community name
heart image Rhina Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Motherly; Nourishing
heart image Sambu Baby Boy Sign Boy He who was attended by the Divine Mother
heart image Takis Baby Boy Sign Boy Follower of demeter; Earth mother
heart image Umama Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Motherly, caring, nurturing
heart image Umme Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother, servant, respected
heart image Ummehani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother of desire
heart image Ummi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex My mother
heart image Yaba Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mother of joy
heart image Yashoda Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Motherly or Goddess of compassion

Having a baby boy name meaning mother is a great way to celebrate the presence of a motherly figure. These names are also perfect for paying homage to maternal deities, one's homeland, or lineage. They will also help your son to connect better with their roots and not forget them even when they grow up or leave their place of birth. You can explore a variety of long and short terms in this list. We hope you discover an option that resonates with everyone in your family.

Infographic: Heartwarming Baby Boy Names Meaning Mother

Instill a caring, strong, and nurturing spirit in your boy with a name that means 'mother.' They will also remind your child to remain emotionally connected to their mother no matter how old they get. We compiled the best options in the infographic below to make your search easier. Bestow your best-loved name on your child to show your affection.

Endearing Baby Boy Names That Mean Mother (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which baby boy names symbolize or honor the role of a mother?

Ecgi is an English name that embodies the warmth of a mother. Dar in Hebrew means 'mother of pearl' and emphasizes mothers' importance and elevated status. Similarly, Norris, from the Old French term norrice, means 'foster mother,' representing nurturing and motherhood.

2. Which famous personalities or historical figures have names that relate to 'mother'?

Italian politician Concetto Gallo bears the name Concetto which means 'Immaculate Conception' or 'her mother's womb.' Maia Sandu, the President of Moldova, carries the name Maia, which means 'good mother.'

3. What is the significance behind baby boy names that mean 'mother'?

Naming a baby boy with a name that means 'mother' can be a way to demonstrate respect and adoration for the mothers and their efforts in nurturing life. These names can also act as a source to reflect the deep bond a mother and her child share. In some cultures and religions, these names are specifically used to highlight motherhood's significance.


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  1. Self-control may lie at the heart of student success.
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