184 Baby Boy Names That Mean New

Aadhunik (आधुनिक)Modern; New; Latest; a name variant of AdhunikBoy
AbheenavNew; Fresh; strange or unaccustomedBoy
AbhinavBrand newBoy
AbhinavaNew; Young; Fresh; Modern; A Sakta Notable for his great learningBoy
AbhipalaThe fresh moment or the new timeBoy
AbinavA new and fresh person, one who is youngBoy
AbubashirA father of one who brings good newsBoy
AchirNew; Fresh; strange or unaccustomedBoy
AdhunikLatest; Modern; New; FreshBoy
AhdasNew; Novel; Fresh; someone who is uniqueBoy
AlexavierProtector of Mankind in bright new houseBoy
AlucardIt's Dracula spelled backwards and is powerful guardian of mankind in search of new opportunities.Boy
AnkurFlower; Blossom; Sprout; New Life; SpringBoy
AnkuraFlower; Blossom; Sprout; New Life; SpringBoy
ApoorvaQuite New; Unique; Rare; Exclusive; Matchless;Boy
ApoorveQuite New; Unique; Rare; Exclusive; Matchless;Boy
Arata (あらた)A fresh and new individualBoy
AvedisArmenian - Brings Good NewsBoy
AvinavNew AireBoy
AvishekInaugration of a new startBoy
BachirOne who announces the good newsBoy
BadawiBringer of good news or good tidingsBoy
BashaaratGood News, Glad TidingsBoy
BasheerOne Who Carries Good NewsBoy
BashirHarbinger Of Good Things, A Messenger Of Good NewsBoy
BashiyrOne who brings good newsBoy
BashsharBringer Of Good NewsBoy
BeothukAn ethnic group that is based on the island of NewhoundlandUnisex
BisharatGood NewsBoy
BukratA dawn, a new dayBoy
BusharatThe bearer of the good newsBoy
BushurThe news that bring happinessBoy
CasanovaA surname, meaning a new house, a new homeBoy
ChaitaleeNew year celebrationUnisex
CleophasUsed in the New Testament, he is the husband of a woman who saw Jesus being crucifiedBoy
CorbyA young, new born crow, that is a few weeks oldBoy
DanrelleNew and freshBoy
DarsaThe New Moon and Purna; Serene and Calm like New moonBoy
DavuStarting of a new ageBoy
DimbhaA new born young boyBoy
DoccA person who is quick and capable of assimlating new ideas easilyBoy
EpiktetosNewly acquiredBoy
Erjota new beginning.Unisex
FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
GodmannGood Man, It is the new version of Guðmund. The one with good qualities and abilities.Boy
GravadainGravadain means a creative person who loves to explore the world and do new thing.Boy
GredlanThey are very challenging and mentaly very strong.they have new ideas all the time.Boy
HadusNew; Fresh; YoungBoy
HarlemA variant of name Harlim; Name of a vibrant neighborhood in the New York cityBoy
HerviseRick Ross give Harvey a new name HerviseBoy
HiloFirst night after the new moonBoy
JanmayBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmeyaBoy
JanmeyaBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmayBoy
JaviarVariation of Javier or Xavier which means New house or brightBoy
JavonteA variant of name Javawnte which is newly invented nameBoy
JemuelThe new day which belong to the most high God.Boy
JervaineA newage English American name whose meaning is unknownBoy
Jimithe name fits to those who are independent , have urge to face new challenges in life and nenjoy their life. They are creative and focus on their physical appearance.Unisex
Jimmicoomunicative , out going, positive and full of energy people who struggle hard to achieve their goals. They love travelling, friendship and new things.Unisex
Jimmilhave good communication skills and curious to learn and adapt new things. Can easily convince other people and are good in politics.Boy
Jinanhave smooth ideas, well structured and versatile in nature. They keep on discovering new things and have no limits in their life.Unisex
Jinendracheerful , bright, curious. And disciplined persons. They are not superficil people and can easily adapt new situations.Boy
KandalaKandala means War, Battle, A New ShotBoy
KauriName of a tree found in NewZealanadBoy
KishalayaNew Leaf; Lotus; Blooming and Gleaming BudBoy
KishlayNew and fresh Leaf; Lotus; Blooming and Gleaming BudBoy
KishlayaNew and fresh Leaf; Lotus; Blooming and Gleaming BudBoy
KotaviOne with freshness and newnessBoy
KrishnavNew-age form of Krishna Avatara; An incarnate of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
LambrechtA symbol of the new life and hope, the lights of the new landsBoy
LateshNew; Fresh; Warrior; Defender; Protector; SoldierBoy
LexingtonTown of the new lawunisex
MainesOne from the new landBoy
MarignyA place name, a neighborhood of the City of New OrleanceUnisex
MubashirThe bringer of good news.Boy
NabaThe new or the fresh oneBoy
NabadipA new lightBoy
NabajitA new winner or a new winBoy
NabakumarNewly delivered baby Boy.Boy
NabanilA new, clear blue skyBoy
NabinaThe person who is new and fresh.Boy
NaotauNew born baby Boy.Boy
NaqeebA chief, a leader, one who announce or give newsBoy
NaubaharThe new or fresh springBoy
NaurozNew year day of Persians.Boy
NaurozeThe first day of new year for Persians.Boy
NavadeepThe new or fresh lampUnisex
NavadvipThe new lamp or nine lampsUnisex
NavagopalThe new or baby cow-herdBoy
NavajThe newly born babyBoy
NavakanthThe newly wed groomBoy
NavalA new modern personBoy
NavaljyotThe fresh or new lightUnisex
NavamaniThe fresh or new pearlBoy
NavaneethThe eternally newBoy
NavarajThe fresh or new empireBoy
NavarangA color Who will new everBoy
NavarathnaThe new or freshest GemBoy
NavaratnaThe new gemstone, that will remain freshBoy
NavarunThe new Lord of SunBoy
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