51 Baby Boy Names That Mean Pride

AbhimaanPride; majestic; magnificentBoy
AbhimanPride; majestic; magnificentBoy
AbhimaneeFull of pride, A variant of AbhimaanBoy
AbhimanuyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat; PrideBoy
AbhimanyaThe Son of Arjun in Mahabharat; PrideBoy
AbhimanyuArjuna's Son; PrideBoy
AbhimanyusutaSon of Abhimanyu; PrideBoy
AgarvaOne who is free from pride, who is humble, generous, down to earth, sensible, realistic, pragmatic, commonsensible and logical.Boy
AnukaThey are wishful and maintain family's prideUnisex
AshmitPride; SuperiorBoy
AsmitPride; SuperiorBoy
BaviyanOne who is kind and generous and without any prideBoy
BharamEsteem, pride, reputationBoy
DarpakaOne who has prideBoy
DarroldName depicting pride and honourBoy
DiederikOne who a born ruler; full of pride and powerBoy
DurmadThe False Pride; Illusion; Unclear conceptionBoy
DurmadaOne who has a false prideBoy
FahrudinPride of faithBoy
FakaruddinOne who takes pride in his religionBoy
FakhriddinPride of the faithBoy
FakhruddinOne who takes pride in his religionBoy
FikharPride, prestige and gloryBoy
GarvProud; Symbol of Pride; Superior;Boy
GarveetProud; Garv; Symbol of Pride; SuperiorBoy
GarvishGarv; Pride; Superior; Haughtiness; VanityBoy
GarvitFeels Proud; Filled with Pride; Feeling superior; Haughtiness; VanityBoy
GarvpreetHonour; Pride; Respect; One who likes to feel superiorBoy
GaurabGlory; One who brings happiness and PrideBoy
GauravHonour; Pride; RespectBoy
GauravaPride; Respect; HonourBoy
GaureekantPride; Respect; HonourBoy
GhamandjeetThe victory of prideBoy
GhamandjotThe light of the prideBoy
GhamandpalOne who protects his prideBoy
GhamandpreetOne who loves his prideBoy
GhamandpremThe love of prideBoy
GourabHappy; Pride; Respect; One who brings glory; A variant of GauravBoy
GouravHappy; Pride; Respect; One who brings glory; A variant of GauravBoy
HabenPride, pleasure, satisfactionBoy
JeshPride of moneyBoy
KulbhooshanBrings honour to the Family; Brings pride to the clan or KulBoy
MilesantaA proud warrior, who takes pride in warBoy
MoreyA noble person who is a reason for prideBoy
NazratOne who is of great prideBoy
NirahankaraThe person who does not have the inflated feeling of pride in their superiority.Unisex
NitimanOne who is a pride of MoralityBoy
SharnazA name that means "a pride of the King"Unisex
ShernazThe pride of a lionBoy
TajudinnPride and honor of the religionBoy
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