202 Baby Boy Names That Mean Rich

AbdulghaniUnique personality who helps rich, dignified and most highBoy
AbdulmughniServant of those who are rich and prosperousBoy
AbimolaOne who is born to be richBoy
AbizerFather of Wealth; richnessBoy
AdalricA wealthy or rich noble personBoy
AedithA riches and blessed warBoy
AeduinA rich or blessed friendBoy
AeduuardA rich guard of wealth and fortuneBoy
AeduuinA blessed friend, a rich oneBoy
AfolabiChild of high status; Born rich and with luxuryBoy
AldeaWealthy and prosperous being; welloff, richBoy
AlghaniOne who is richBoy
AltynbayOne who is rich and wealthyBoy
AmericoRuler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name AmerigoBoy
AmerigoGerman - Work; Ruler; Powerful; Rich; A variation of name EmmerichBoy
ArgentoThe one filled with treasures and richesBoy
AsulWealth; Rich; Abundance; AmpleBoy
AudieEnglish - Guardian of Riches; Noble Strength; Variant of name AudeyBoy
AvenIniquity; Force; Riches; Sorrow; Gaelic - Powerful RiverBoy
BaasuRich; Wealthy; Well-off; ProsperousBoy
BahuraiWith Great Riches, Possessions, Assets, TreasuresBoy
BaibhavProsperity; Richness; WealthyBoy
BaizhanA rich soulBoy
BanhimanHas Plenty; Blessed with richness and wealthBoy
Bertienobly famous; famous Northman; bright raven, wise person; bright famous one; famously famous; angle; hook; army-bright, bright army; famous landowner; rich, powerful, ruler; bright shield; will.Boy
BhagadityaSun which grants riches, wealth and ProsperityBoy
BhageshLord of richnessBoy
BhagsinghOne who is blessed with richness and prosperity; FortunateBoy
CenericA brave, fierce and rich rulerBoy
CheliyanRich; Resourceful; Prosperous; Wealthy; Well to doBoy
ChellvanA rich and wealthy personBoy
ChemianRicher; Wealthier; ProsperousBoy
ChezhianProsperous; Rich; WealthyBoy
ChitravajOwning Wonderful Riches; Prosperous; WealthyBoy
ChitravasuOne with Many Treasures; Rich and prosperous personBoy
ChitrayudhName of a King who is blessed with richness, prosperity and wealthinessBoy
CitravasuOne who is very rich and has lots of treasuresBoy
DahraRich individualBoy
DarehA rich personBoy
DarioRich and healthy personBoy
DariusRich and KindBoy
DarriusA rich, kind and daring individualBoy
DarryRed haired, richBoy
DattravatThe one who is rich in gifts and presentsBoy
DaulahA vast empire filled with richesBoy
DawlahRiches, splendor and happiness.Boy
DhanaMoney; Wealth; Richness; Prosperity; Good FortuneBoy
DhanajiWealth; Richness; Prosperity; Good FortuneBoy
DhanajitaWealth; Richness; Prosperity; Good FortuneBoy
DhanamanName of a King; One who is very wealthy and rich; Prosperous PersonBoy
DhanamaniOne who is very wealthy and rich; Prosperous PersonBoy
DhananjayaFire; Winning Wealth; One who conquers over richness; Victorious over wordly objectsBoy
DhanapalRichman; Wealthy; Prosperous PersonBoy
DhandarOne who is very wealthy and rich; Prosperous PersonBoy
DhanhanjayWinning Wealth; One who conquers over richness; Victorious over wordly objectsBoy
DhanikhOne who is very wealthy and rich; Prosperous PersonBoy
DhaninWealthy; With a Bow; Rich; Prosperous; Good FortunedBoy
DhanjayWinning Wealth; One who conquers over richness; Victorious over wordly objectsBoy
DhanjeetWinning Wealth; One who conquers over richness; Victorious over wordly objectsBoy
DhanumaniBow Man; Wealthy; Rich; Prosperous; Good FortunedBoy
DhanvaWealthy; With a Bow; Rich; Prosperous; Good FortunedBoy
DhutakaAn agitator; They are rich and famousBoy
DickiePet form of Richard; tough personBoy
DickinsonA powerful ruler; pet form of RichardBoy
DickonDerived from name Richard; powerful personBoy
DicksonRichard; strong ruler; a leaderBoy
DicunA diminutive of Richard, meaning powerful ruler.Boy
DiogoA wandering explorer; rich in giftsBoy
DivesOne who is a rich man; wealthy oneBoy
DixonRichard's son; a fighter who has courageBoy
DolatRich; Money; Wealth; ProsperityBoy
DuartrA rich guard.Boy
EadbhardIt means rich protector.Boy
EadmaerThe one who comes from riches and greatnessBoy
EadmundOne who has riches and is a protectorBoy
EadredA rich, happy and eager personBoy
EadwigIt means a rich or prosperous person.Boy
EdaferierhiThe rich have good destinyBoy
EddieOne who is rich in friendship; wealthy protectorBoy
EddyA wealthy guardian; rich and friendlyBoy
EdgardoA wealthy man who is known for richesBoy
EdlinA rich friend; popular and friendlyBoy
EdlynOne who is like a rich waterfallBoy
EdmodRich defender; they are born to defend and protectBoy
EdoardoRich guardian; they are responsible and efficientBoy
EdouardA happy rich protectorBoy
EduardGuardian of richess; one who spendsBoy
EduardoThe holder of rich propertyBoy
EduinRich friendBoy
EdvinOne who is friend for richesBoy
EdvinasA kind and rich friendBoy
EdwardOne who is like a rich guardBoy
EdwardaRich and famous personBoy
EdwenRich in friendship; a blessed friendBoy
EdwinRich friend; one who is blessed with richness and is wineBoy
EehithA rich, powerful and compassionate personBoy
EetuFinnish form of Edward; Guardian of richesBoy
EeviFinnish form of Edwin; rich friendBoy
EfemuayeThose intoxicated with richesBoy
EjaifeLet them be richBoy
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