37 Baby Boy Names That Mean Rich And Starts With Letter E

EadbhardIt means rich protector.Boy
EadmaerThe one who comes from riches and greatnessBoy
EadmundOne who has riches and is a protectorBoy
EadredA rich, happy and eager personBoy
EadwaldDerived from the word eadweald it means 'Rich Ruler'.Boy
EadweardEd means 'Rich' and weard means 'Guardian'.Boy
EadwigIt means a rich or prosperous person.Boy
EdaferierhiThe rich have good destinyBoy
EddieOne who is rich in friendship; wealthy protectorBoy
EddyA wealthy guardian; rich and friendlyBoy
EdgardoA wealthy man who is known for richesBoy
EdlinA rich friend; popular and friendlyBoy
EdlynOne who is like a rich waterfallBoy
EdmodRich defender; they are born to defend and protectBoy
EdoardoRich guardian; they are responsible and efficientBoy
EdouardA happy rich protectorBoy
EduardGuardian of richess; one who spendsBoy
EduardoThe holder of rich propertyBoy
EduinRich friendBoy
EdvinOne who is friend for richesBoy
EdvinasA kind and rich friendBoy
EdwardOne who is like a rich guardBoy
EdwardaRich and famous personBoy
EdwenRich in friendship; a blessed friendBoy
EdwinRich friend; one who is blessed with richness and is wineBoy
EehithA rich, powerful and compassionate personBoy
EetuFinnish form of Edward; Guardian of richesBoy
EeviFinnish form of Edwin; rich friendBoy
EfemuayeThose intoxicated with richesBoy
EjaifeLet them be richBoy
EltjoRoyal; Rich;Boy
Emmerichit means powerful and rich.Boy
EnofeOne who is rich.Boy
ErueraEruera is the Maori form of Edward and means rich and happy guardian.Boy
EsharBlessed; Prosperous; Rich; Wealthy; GiftedBoy
EtuateEtuate is a form of Edward. It means rich guard.Boy
EwartA guard who is richBoy
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