174 Baby Boy Names That Mean Righteous

Aadeelaadeel means Righteous and Just, it also means "one who acts with justice and fairness", "moderate", "virtuous", "excellent in characterBoy
Aadilaadil means righteous, high in moral and virtuous, suggesting sanctimoniousBoy
AbdulbarrSlave to righteous or honourable or good oneBoy
Abdur rashidAn individual who serves the righteous & good manBoy
AbuishaqFather of a righteous person who is on good deedsBoy
AdelRighteous; Upright; Sincere; Justice; Noble; Equal; AlikeBoy
AdioThe name inspires one to be righteous and walk on the correct path.Boy
Agamjeetone who wins the God with his love and righteousnessBoy
AghaghnaA devotee to God who is righteous, dutiful, commited, loyal, pious, spiritual, faithful and sincere.Boy
AgharrOne who is very handsome, brave, noble, dedicated, committed, faithful, dependable, righteous and obedient in nature.Boy
AnjaneyanHe is blessed with the power of righteousness of faithful spiritBoy
AramaniThe righteous oneBoy
AraneriThe righteous oneBoy
AransThe righteous one; a strong mountainBoy
ArashTruthfulness and righteousness. It's also the name of a famous archer of ancient Iran.Boy
AravaliRighteous; Morally Correct; Virtuous; Name of a HillBoy
AravanRighteous; Morally Correct; Virtuous; Name son of Arjuna in The MahabharatBoy
AravananThe holder of morality and righteousnessBoy
ArtinRighteous, Pure or Holy (also a name of a Median king)Boy
ArvanOne of the Moon's Horses; Righteous; Morally Correct; VirtuousBoy
AshparaTo live; filled with holiness and righteousnessBoy
BalamadaProud of One; Self-Righteous; SuperiorBoy
BaldharamMighty and Righteous, Strong and Courageous, Powerful and IntenseBoy
BhavukEmotion Full; One who is sentimental and righteousBoy
BratindraDevoted to right deeds; Righteous and Wise PersonBoy
ChogyalRighteous rulerBoy
Chung-Hee (정희)One who is righteous and dutiful.Boy
Chung-Ho (정호)A righteous lakeBoy
Dae-Jung (대정)Great and righteous, honest.Boy
DharamaDharm; Religion; RighteousnessBoy
DharamanandOne who is Happy in Following Dharma; One who rejoices in living righteouslyBoy
DharamendraRighteous; Virtuous Man; One who is compassionate and principledBoy
DharamputraYudhistar; Shine of Righteousness; One who is renowned for his PrinciplesBoy
DharmachandraDharma's Moon; Devoted; One whose luminance is for righteousnessBoy
DharmadaBestower of Dharma; Provider of RighteousnessBoy
DharmadattaGiven by Dharma; Present of a righteous deed; Provider of righteousnessBoy
DharmadevaGod of Justice; Lord of Dharma; Lord of RighteousnessBoy
DharmadhrtOne who Makes Dharma Realized; One who abides by righteousnessBoy
DharmadhvajaDharma Bannered; Extremely Virtuous; Religious; RighteousBoy
DharmaghosaLord of Law; The Voice of Dharma; One who abides by righteousnessBoy
DharmagopaProtector of Dharma; Defender of RighteousnessBoy
DharmamitraA Friend of Dharma; One who is companion of righteousness and principlesBoy
DharmanBearer of Dharma; One who Supports Dharma; One who abides by righteousnessBoy
DharmanabhaOne who is Happy in Following his Religion; One who is companion of righteousness and principlesBoy
DharmanandanaSon of Dharma; A righteous, compassionate, generous and kind personBoy
DharmanathDharmanath was the name of the 15th Tirthankara. It means Lord of Dharma and righteousness.Boy
DharmanathaLord of Dharma; Lord of Righteousness; Compassionate; Generous and Kind person in his deedsBoy
DharmanetraDharma Eyed; One who views everything with righteousnessBoy
DharmangadaOrnamented by Dharma; One who is renowned for his righteous deedsBoy
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