49 Baby Boy Names That Mean Tender

Abdelfattahthe one being Servant of the One who treat others with tendernessBoy
Abdul HannanThe slave of Allah, one who is kind, compassionate and tenderheartedBoy
AltaafA graceful, tenderhearted, kind and compassionate beingBoy
AnsukaAn illuminating, brilliant rays of Sun who is also tender in natureBoy
AnthahkaranSympathy; Kindness; TendernessBoy
AuttiHardworking people; has imagination and tender natureBoy
AvitamosA tender hearted men; matureBoy
AwadReward; Compensation; Kind; Tenderhearted; CompassionateBoy
CatvrvgiA godly, understanding, tender and soulful personBoy
ClemeTender; gentle; good natured; lenient; understandingBoy
ClemmonsMerciful; pitiful; forgives easily; tenderBoy
ClemmyGentle; mild; soft; tender; merciful; pleasantUnisex
CutulfTender personBoy
CynestanA clean, tender and normal personBoy
DalaPetal, tender and warm - heartedBoy
DemarcusA soft and tender personBoy
DorinAn individual who is determined yet tender heartedBoy
DravanFlow; Tenderness of Heart; Kindness; GracefulnessBoy
FramecaA tender, agreeable and adorable beingBoy
GarythHonest and tender care person.Boy
GeldfrithA tender of peace and safetyBoy
GhazizA tender bud of a treeBoy
GhurnuqA delicate, tender personBoy
KaremeKareme means TenderheartedBoy
LotfiOne who is soft and tenderBoy
MaardavaA gentle, tender feelingUnisex
MadhuryaSweetness; Tender Affection; A derivative from Sanskrit word Madhu which means sweet;Boy
MalookA Boy with a tender and delicate personalityBoy
MarkoOne who is malny but tenderBoy
MelvinThe noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.Boy
MirdulA tender or a soft person, a delicate personBoy
MoisisThe noble Lord who is having or showing a kindly or tender nature.Boy
MridulSoft; Calm; Tender; Delicate; Warm; GentleBoy
MrithulA tender personBoy
NadevShowing a tender and plentiful.Boy
NarinGentle, tender, freshBoy
NazaakatThe delicacy or the tendernessUnisex
RaheemHe who is kind and tenderBoy
ShafeeqCompassionate, tenderBoy
ShafiqCompassionate, tenderBoy
SsukumarOne who is handsome, soft and tenderBoy
SukumaraVery tender, very delicateBoy
SundaA man of very tender natureBoy
TeranceA tender and gentle personBoy
ThuongOne who loves tenderlyUnisex
WaleedA newborn baby or of tender age.Boy
Yoo Joon (유준)Yoo is a variant of Yu or Yuu, meaning Tenderness, Evening, Friend, Qualified, Courage, Help, and Yoon means HandsomeBoy
Yuuto (ゆうと)Gentleness or Tender personBoy
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