376 Baby Boy Names That Mean Victory

Aadijay (आदिजय)The First Victory ; Success;Boy
AbdulnasserServant of the one who is granting victoryBoy
AbhaijeetVictory over Fear; Brave; FearlessBoy
AbhejayThe one who brings victory.Boy
AbhibhuTo Overcome; Conquer; To gain a victory; masterBoy
AbhijayaConquest; Complete Victory; triumph; successfulBoy
AbulfathThe father of the victoryBoy
AbunasrFather of the victoryBoy
AcharjeetThe victory of an inanimate objectBoy
AdalwinThe victory of a noble personBoy
AdarfirozFire of victory in Zoroastrian religion.Boy
AethelsigeThe win or victory of noble snakeBoy
AethelwinThe victory of the noble snakeBoy
AgamjitThe meaning of Agamjit is the victory of God or rather the trophy of God, the golden child; the most precious one chosen by God.Boy
AjaideepVictory to the lightBoy
AlamjeetVictory of the universe.Boy
AmaljeetName signifying pure victory over the negativesUnisex
AndronikosAndronikos is a form of Andronicus. It means victory of a man.Boy
AnokhjotThe one who has wondrous victoryBoy
AnujayGraceful VictoryBoy
AsjitaA person who is bearing victoryBoy
AtamjeetVictory of the selfBoy
AtamjitVictory of Spirituality Knowledge ; Victory of Soul or SelfBoy
AttamjitVictory of Spirituality Knowledge ; Victory of Soul or SelfBoy
AvajayVictory; one who always winsBoy
AvtarjeetVictory of GodBoy
AzfaarVictory and triumphBoy
BahadurjeetVictory of the Brave and CourageousBoy
BahadurjitVictory of the Brave and CourageousBoy
BalbinderjitVictory of Power, Strength, Courage, Bravery and MightBoy
BalwinderjitVictory of Strength, Power, Might and CourageBoy
BanjeetVictory Of The Forest; One who conquers and succeedsBoy
BeorhtsigeThe victory of light over the darknessBoy
BhagatjeetDevotee's Victory; Worshipper's successBoy
BhagwantjeetVictory of God; Success in name of GodBoy
BhajanjeetVictory of Devotion; One who succeeds with devotionBoy
BhalinderjitVictory of the Lord of Light; One who succeeds with guidance of God's radianceBoy
BhavanjeetPleasing Victory; success;Boy
BhupinderjeetVictory of Supreme GodBoy
BhushanjeetVictory over OrnamentsBoy
BikramjeetVictory for ValourBoy
BimaljeetVictory of the PureBoy
BipinjeetVictory over ForestBoy
BirinderjeetLord's VictoryBoy
BirjeetVictory of the BraveBoy
BishanjeetVictory for Supreme GodBoy
BiswajeetVictory on the WorldBoy
BrahamjeetThe triumph or victory of God against devilBoy
BrahmajeetGod's Triumph; Victory of GodBoy
BrahmjeetGod's victory against evilBoy
BudogA variant of Budog, meaning victoryBoy
CalenPeople's victoryBoy
ChalermchaiA celebrated victoryBoy
ChamanjeetVictory of the gardenBoy
ChananjeetThe one who achieves victoryBoy
ChananjitThe victoryBoy
ChanchaljeetVictory; the active oneBoy
ChandanbirSandalwood victoryBoy
ClaasVictory of the People; winning of the peopleBoy
ClausThe victory of the men; victory of the people; represents triumphBoy
ClaysonDerived from 'Nicholas', meaning victory of the peopleBoy
ColA short term for Nicholas; meaning victory of the menBoy
ColasThe Argentinian version of Nicholas. It means victory of the peopleBoy
Colben"Col" stands for the victory of men and "ben" stands for son ofBoy
ColeThe victory or rejoice of the people; winning in a competitionBoy
ColenTriumph; win; victory; to defeat the opponentBoy
ColinThe triumph or victory of the people against the enemyBoy
CollinsThe victory or triumph of the menBoy
CovinPeople's victory; Dove, CubBoy
CuyleThe person who brings victoryBoy
DalajitVictory of heart and mindBoy
DayajeetVictory; the one who is compassionate and victoriousBoy
DebjitOne who has achieved victory over GodsBoy
DeepinderThe highest one; victory of the lightBoy
DharamvirOne who Gets Victory on Religion; Warrior of SpiritualityBoy
DiljitVictory of the heart; feet of GodsBoy
DupinderVictory of radiant GodBoy
EasharjeetIt means God's VictoryBoy
EkanjeetGod's Triumph; Victory of God;Boy
Eshwarjeetgod's victory.Boy
Estebancrowned in victory.Boy
Estefana Spanish word which means someone who is crowned in victory.Boy
FatehchandSuccess; Triumph; Victory; WinnerBoy
FatehdeepA victory's lampBoy
FatehdharamA victory of righteousnessBoy
FatehkaramGood deed's victoryBoy
FatehnaamThe naam's victoryBoy
FatehpalProtector of Victory; Defender and Guardian of Success; Friend of ProsperityBoy
FatehroopHe who is an embodiment of the victoryBoy
FauziArabic - Success; Victory; Triumph; A variant of FawziBoy
FawzyA victory, a great triumphBoy
GhamandjeetThe victory of prideBoy
GhilibbaArabic name for victoryBoy
GhulubbaAn Arabic name meaning victoryBoy
GlorThe name Glor means Glory, Victory.Boy
GulshanjeetVictory of the Rose GardenBoy
GunjeetVictory of VirtueUnisex
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