103 Baby Boy Names That Mean Victory And Starts With Letter J

Jai krishnaLord Krishna's victoryBoy
JaibhusanaOrnament of Victory; Adornment of Victory; Embellishment of VictoryBoy
JaibhushanOrnament of Victory; Adornment of Victory; Embellishment of VictoryBoy
JaibirVictory of the Brave; Victory of the Mighty and Courageous warriorBoy
JaichandVictory of the Moon; Honour of the Moon; Salutation to the Moon;Boy
JaicharanVictory of Flowers;Boy
JaideepVictory to the Light; Victory to the Brightness and Radiance of a Flame;Boy
JaidevA victory of the divineBoy
JaidevaLord of Triumph; Lord of Victory;Boy
JaidharaHe who is the bearer of the victoryBoy
JaidhwajFlag of Victory; Symbol of Victory; Flag of TriumphBoy
JaighosaShout of Victory; Echo of Triumph; Voice of the WinnerBoy
JaigopalVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaiguptProtected by Victory; Defended by Triumph; Guarded by SuccessBoy
JaikaraVictory belongs to meBoy
JaikiranThe sunrays of the victoryBoy
JaikrishVictory of Lord Krishna; Triumph of Lord Krishna; A Salutation to Lord KrishnaBoy
JaikrtaOne who is causing the victoryBoy
JaikumarVictory of the Lord KrishnaBoy
JainandJoy of Victory; Delight of Triumph; Happiness of the winnerBoy
JainarayanTo achieve great victoryBoy
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of Blue; Triumph of Lord VishnuBoy
JaipidaAn adaptable, imaginative and patient person; A great victoryBoy
JaiprajHe who is the Lord of victoryBoy
JaipratanHe is a jewel of victoryBoy
JaipreetThe big victory of loveBoy
JairajThe God of victoryBoy
JairasSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairasaSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairathChariot of Victory; Chariot of Triumph; Chariot of Success;Boy
JaisekharaCrest of Victory; Summit of Triumph; Pinnacle of SuccessBoy
JaishankarLord Shiva's great victoryBoy
JaisnavaOne who desires victoryBoy
JaisudhanNectar of Victory; Nectar of TriumphBoy
JaisukhaJoy of Winning; Joy of Success; Happiness from Victory; Delight of TriumphBoy
JaithraLord Vinshu led him to victoryBoy
JaitikOne who has thoughtful nature; victory; To winBoy
JaitraLeading to Victory; One who will lead us to success;Boy
JaivahaCarrier of Victory; One who will lead to victory; One who will carry us to triumphantBoy
JaiwantVictory; Triumph; Success; To winBoy
JanjeetVictory of the People; Triumph of People; Success of PeopleBoy
JapjeetAdored victoryBoy
JashanjeetCelebration of Victory; Rejoicing Success; One who is celebrated as triumphBoy
JasjeetA grand victoryBoy
JasjitA glorious victoryBoy
JasminjeetVictory of Flower; Triumph of FlowerBoy
JatinderjeetPure Victory of the Lord; Divine Triumph of the LordBoy
Jaya prateekA symbol of victoryBoy
JayachandVictory of the MoonBoy
JayachandranMoon's victoryBoy
JayadOne who has brought victoryBoy
JayadevaGod of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JayaganeshPerson who achieved victoryBoy
JayakamalFlower of Vicotry; Lotus of VictoryBoy
JayakantaLight of Victory; Radiance and Luminance of VictoryBoy
JayaketanThe symbol of victoryBoy
JayakumarVictory will be his sideBoy
JayaprakashLight of victoryBoy
JayarajBrilliant lord of victoryBoy
JayaramGreatness of Lord Rama; Victory to Lord RamaBoy
JayaramanA pleasing victoryBoy
JayarathAbsorbed in Victory; Engrossed in Victory; Immersed in VictoryBoy
JayasekharOn the top of the victoryBoy
JayashekaraCrest of Victory; Pinnacle of Victory; Peak of VictoryBoy
JayashekharCrest of victoryBoy
JayashishVictory with blessingBoy
JayateerthHoly Victory; Divine and Sacred VictoryBoy
JayatheerthaHoly Victory; Divine and Sacred VictoryBoy
JayatraLeading to Victory; One who will lead us to success;Boy
JayatsenCrest of victoryBoy
JayatsenaOne who Increase Victory; Conqueror of the Army; One who will lead us to successBoy
JayavelAlways claiming victoryBoy
JayawantTriumphant, winning a victoryBoy
JayawardhanWho Increases Victory; One who brings victoryBoy
JayayVictory; Triumph; Success; To winBoy
JaydebGod of victoryBoy
JaydeepLight of victoryBoy
JaydevThe lord of victory or hailBoy
JayendaLord of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JayendraLord of victoryBoy
JayisnuDesiring Victory; One who wishes to winBoy
JayleshThe Lord of VictoryBoy
JaynilVictory over Gems; Victory over precious stonesBoy
JayramSuccess or victory to Lord Rama.Boy
JaysukhPleasure of victoryBoy
JeerSuccess or victory or triumph.Boy
JeeteshLord of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JeetheshThe Lord or victory or winsBoy
JemanHaving Victory; One who is Victorious; One who is triumphantBoy
JeyandranIndran is god, indran means victoryBoy
JigishuJigiishu means strifes of triumph. A sign of victory.Boy
JigisuJigisu means strifes of triumph. A sign of victory.Boy
Jinabhadrait means having victory in the right way. such people have leadership and motivational skills. They can easily direct people or audience towaards themselves.Boy
Jinadevit means victory of lord.Full of energy and creative people. they can find the best solution of everything and posess the unique character. They are idealistic in nature and have listening skills.Boy
JinenLord of Victory; God of TriumphBoy
JishWinner; Victory; Triumph; SuccessBoy
JitheshJithesh is an Indian male name, a variation of the name Jitesh. The meaning of the name is Victory or Winner.Boy
JoydeepVictory Light; Light of happiness, joy and delightBoy
JoyenduCarrier of victory light; One who brings happiness, joy and delightBoy
JuggyMeans Victory of BlueBoy
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