15 Baby Boy Names That Mean Wolf And Starts With Letter L

LeiðolfrChief wolf.Boy
LiudolfA Famous Wolf, from the germanic word HludwolfBoy
LoboA person who is like a WolfBoy
LovelOne who is like a young wolfBoy
LovellA wolf cubBoy
LovettA person who has the qualities of a young wolfBoy
LoweA person who is like a young wolf, used as a surnameBoy
LupinFrom latin word "lupinus" meanin WolfUnisex
LyallA Scottish surname derived from the Old Norse given name Liulfr which means wolfBoy
LycanA werewolfBoy
LycidasWolf sonBoy
LyellA wolf from the islandBoy
LyfingA dear wolfBoy
LyulfA compound of "wolf" and "flame"Boy
LyulphA flaming wolfBoy
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