218 Pakistani Baby Names With Meanings

Are you expecting a baby and so looking for inspiration for a perfect Pakistani name? Then you’re at the right place.

Naming male babies after the prophets and female children after important women featured in the Quran is a common practice in Pakistan. Apart from that, names derived from Turkish, Arabic and Persian languages are also common. Baby boys can be given as many as two or three first names at the time of birth. Out of these names, one is selected to be the ‘most called name’. Baby girls are not given more than two names.

Just like most of the Muslim nations, the use of surnames or family names is not as prominent as in Western countries. If the person has more than two given names, the full name would consist only of the given names. If he wants, he may append his father’s most called name to his given name.

Another convention is to prefix the given name with a title associated with their tribe. As for the women, the full name is composed of only the first names, appended to father’s most called names. After marriage, her full name is attached with the most called name of her husband.

Here’s a comprehensive list of pakistani girl names and pakistani boy names to get you started on the naming journey.

AlayaArabic - High Status; Exalted; Sublime; Superb; Extremely Beautiful;Girl
AleenaVariation of Alina which means Bright and BeautifulGirl
AliElevated, prominent, superiorBoy
AnayaWithout a Superior; Look Up To God; Hebrew - God Answered; God was gracious; A variation of Aniya;Girl
ArhamThe one filled with compassionBoy
AryanBeyond anyone's strengthBoy
AyaanThey are inclined towards GodBoy
FaizanOne who is charitableBoy
Hamzastrong, steadfast, LoinBoy
HaniyaPleased, HappyGirl
HuzaifaA name of the one who acipmanies the ProphetBoy
InayaConcern, CareGirl
IrhaaTo make calm or To make sereneGirl
LiyanaA tender and delicate womanGirl
MairaShe who is light and swiftGirl
RayanBrilliant; Bright and radiant; Heaven; A variant of name RayBoy
RohaanOne who is as pure as a spiritBoy
SanayaPraise-worthy, deserving of admirationGirl
ZimalA large item of clothing that covers the entire body.Girl
AnadiaSomething that's delicate, moist and tender.Girl
AnsharahWhen the heart becomes open, relief and relaxation.Girl
AqidahFaith or belief in something.Girl
AqsaaUtmost, farthest or the pinnacle.Girl
ArafaaName of a mountain close to Mecca.Girl
ArfaanaWise, wisdom and decisiveness. A wise and intelligent woman.Girl
AroofaKnowledgeable, patient and wise woman.Girl
AroosOne who is extraordinarily beautifulGirl
ArubiyyahOne who is fluent, eloquent.Girl
AsaliMade of honeyGirl
AshoftaOne who is excited, anxious and confused in love.Girl
AtafahOne who is affectionate and compassionate.Girl
AteebahSomething that is soft, gentle and delicate.Girl
AteefOne who is affectionate and compassionate.Girl
AteefahOne who is affectionate and compassionate.Girl
AteeraFragrant, or like perfume.Girl
AtfahShe who is compassionate and affectionate.Girl
AtfatAffection, compassion.Boy
AtheelOne who is high in status or nobility.Boy
AtiyyatullahThe gift from Allah.Girl
AttafProtector of the weak and oppressed.Boy
AttarahPerfume seller or perfume maker.Girl
AtubahOne who is soft, gentle and delicate.Girl
AuraqDust colored, or sand coloredBoy
AwadilJustice and fairness, one who is fair and just.Boy
AwaidiaA consolerGirl
AwaishaOne who is having a good life.Girl
AwamilActive, effective, or one who has a role.Boy
AwamilaAn active and industrious woman.Girl
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