226 Pakistani Baby Names With Meanings


Are you expecting a baby and so looking for some perfect Pakistani baby names with meanings? Then you’re at the right place. Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country where the naming process is strongly influenced by Islam, high-ranking clergy, and religious scholars (1). In Pakistan, names hold a deep significance and reflect the rich history and diverse cultural influences that have shaped the nation. In South Asian Muslim communities, some men may possess a hereditary honorific name or title, which signifies social standing or affiliation with a particular clan or region. On the other hand, Muslim women's names often include female honorific titles such as Begum, Khatoon, and Sultana, which indicate social status or respect. Naming Muslim children is often guided by family traditions, leading to diverse practices even within a single family. For instance, one child may adopt the father's name as a surname, while another might adopt the family name (2). Naming male babies after the prophets and female children after influential women featured in the Quran is common in Pakistan. Also, names derived from Turkish, Arabic and Persian languages are common. Baby boys can be given as many as two or three first names at the time of birth. Out of these names, one is selected to be the ‘most called name’. Baby girls are not given more than two names. Just like most Muslim nations, the use of surnames or family names is not as prominent as in Western countries. If the person has more than two given names, the full name would consist only of the given names. He may append his father's most-called name to his given name if he wants. Another convention is to prefix the given name with a title associated with their tribe. As for the women, the full name is composed of only the first names, appended to father’s most called names. After marriage, her full name is attached with the most-called name of her husband. With roots in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and regional languages, Pakistani baby names encompass a spectrum of meanings. Here’s a comprehensive list of Pakistani baby names with meanings to get you started on the naming journey.

Name Gender Meaning
heart image Alaya Baby Girl Sign Girl High Status; Exalted; Sublime; Superb; Extremely beautiful
heart image Aleena Baby Girl Sign Girl Sunray; Torch; Shining light; Fair; Delicate
heart image Ali Baby Boy Sign Boy Elevated; Prominent; Superior
heart image Anadia Baby Girl Sign Girl Something that's delicate, moist and tender
heart image Anaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Look up to God; God answered: Caring
heart image Ansharah Baby Girl Sign Girl The heart becomes open; Relief and relaxation
heart image Aqidah Baby Girl Sign Girl Faith; Belief in something.
heart image Aqsaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Utmost; Farthest; Pinnacle.
heart image Arafaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a mountain close to Mecca
heart image Arfaana Baby Girl Sign Girl Wise; Wisdom; Decisiveness
heart image Arham Baby Boy Sign Boy The one filled with compassion
heart image Aroofa Baby Girl Sign Girl Knowledgeable; Patient and wise woman
heart image Aroos Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is extraordinarily beautiful
heart image Arubiyyah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is fluent; Eloquent
heart image Aryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Illustrious; Honorable
heart image Asali Baby Girl Sign Girl Made of honey
heart image Ashofta Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is excited, anxious and confused in love
heart image Atafah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is affectionate and compassionate
heart image Ateebah Baby Girl Sign Girl Something that is soft, gentle and delicate
heart image Ateef Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is affectionate and compassionate
heart image Ateefah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is affectionate and compassionate
heart image Ateera Baby Girl Sign Girl Fragrant; Like perfume
heart image Atfah Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is compassionate and affectionate
heart image Atfat Baby Boy Sign Boy Affection; Compassion
heart image Atheel Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is high in status or nobility
heart image Atiyyaat Baby Girl Sign Girl Gifts
heart image Atiyyatullah Baby Girl Sign Girl The gift from Allah
heart image Attaf Baby Boy Sign Boy Protector of the weak and oppressed
heart image Attarah Baby Girl Sign Girl Perfume seller or perfume maker
heart image Atubah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is soft, gentle and delicate
heart image Auraq Baby Boy Sign Boy Dust colored, or sand colored
heart image Awadil Baby Boy Sign Boy Justice and fairness; One who is fair and just
heart image Awaidia Baby Girl Sign Girl A consoler
heart image Awaisha Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is having a good life
heart image Awaiza Baby Girl Sign Girl Consoler
heart image Awamil Baby Boy Sign Boy Active; Effective; One who has a role
heart image Awamila Baby Girl Sign Girl An active and industrious woman
heart image Awamira Baby Girl Sign Girl Long-lived
heart image Awamiri Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-lived
heart image Awan Baby Boy Sign Boy Moment; Time
heart image Awani Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper; Supporter
heart image Awarif Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is intelligent, wise, and knowledgeable
heart image Awdiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Valleys
heart image Awj Baby Boy Sign Boy Height; Pinnacle; Top
heart image Awja Baby Girl Sign Girl Pinnacle; Top; The highest point
heart image Awlya Baby Boy Sign Boy Good friend and companion
heart image Awmar Baby Boy Sign Boy Long-lived; One who has a long life
heart image Awrad Baby Boy Sign Boy Rose-colored; Rosy; One with healthy and youthful-looking skin
heart image Ayaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Watchful; Seeing
heart image Ayamin Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is blessed; The blessed one
heart image Ayaneh Baby Girl Sign Girl Like a long night
heart image Aynoor Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful and gorgeous woman
heart image Aysar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is better off; Living better
heart image Ayyubi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like prophet Ayyub; Patient; Humble; Virtuous
heart image Ayyubia Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is like prophet Ayyub in patience
heart image Azari Baby Girl Sign Girl Virgin; Maiden; God has helped
heart image Azayiz Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is mighty, powerful and respectable
heart image Azbah Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Azeebah; Fresh and sweet
heart image Azban Baby Boy Sign Boy Fresh and sweet; A variant of Azeeb
heart image Azeeb Baby Boy Sign Boy Fresh and sweet
heart image Azeebah Baby Girl Sign Girl Something or someone that's fresh or sweet
heart image Azrah Baby Girl Sign Girl Support; Help; Protection
heart image Azzaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Female gazelle
heart image Baarizah Baby Girl Sign Girl A prominent personality
heart image Baashir Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is known for his bravery and loyalty
heart image Badawi Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of good news or good tidings
heart image Badeea Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is smart, creative and innovative
heart image Badeeda Baby Girl Sign Girl Specimen or example
heart image Badiha Baby Girl Sign Girl Intuition or instinct
heart image Badrah Baby Girl Sign Girl To be early; To be ahead of others
heart image Baghisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Light rain affecting a small area.
heart image Baharan Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring or springtime
heart image Bahayah Baby Girl Sign Girl Beauty and radiance
heart image Baheela Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman.
heart image Baheenah Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman
heart image Baheerah Baby Girl Sign Girl An extremely beautiful and radiant woman.
heart image Bahiriya Baby Girl Sign Girl Brilliant; Prominent; Renowned
heart image Bahisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Seeker, explorer and learner
heart image Bahnaz Baby Girl Sign Girl The most lovable
heart image Bairbel Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious gemstones
heart image Bambad Baby Boy Sign Boy Early morning
heart image Barjabeen Baby Girl Sign Girl A bright star
heart image Berezat Baby Boy Sign Boy Exalted
heart image Birousk Baby Boy Sign Boy Light or radiance
heart image Bizhan Baby Boy Sign Boy A character in Shahnameh
heart image Buraid Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble man
heart image Chamali Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who serves water
heart image Changaz Baby Boy Sign Boy An extremely brave man
heart image Charlesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Chief of the tribe
heart image Chashida Baby Boy Sign Boy An experienced man
heart image Chawish Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader of the tribe
heart image Cheragh Baby Boy Sign Boy Lamp
heart image Darain Baby Boy Sign Boy Double
heart image Dastageer Baby Boy Sign Boy Helper or supporter
heart image Daumaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Sea or ocean
heart image Dayyaan Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty ruler; Judge ; Protector
heart image Durab Baby Boy Sign Boy A big door
heart image Durdanah Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold; Ruby; Pearl
heart image Durnaz Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful like pearls; Adorable
heart image Ebrah Baby Girl Sign Girl Wisdom to learn from experience
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Pakistani baby names with meanings encompass the rich cultural tapestry and diverse heritage of this vibrant nation. From religious names inspired by the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad to names derived from various regional languages, each name carries the essence of religious symbolism. Naming a Pakistani child is a cherished tradition that reflects a strong sense of identity and pride in the child’s cultural roots.

Infographic: Unique Pakistani Baby Names With Meanings

Pakistani baby names display a fascinating blend of culture, history, and religion. With a diverse array of choices inspired by Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and regional languages, each name carries its own unique charm and meaning. From traditional classics to modern innovations, this infographic will enable you to delve into some of the unique Pakistani baby name choices for your little one.

enchanting pakistani baby names for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some traditional Pakistani baby names?

Some traditional Pakistani baby names include Fatima, Muhammad, Aisha, Ali, Yusuf, Hamza, Maryam, Bilal, and Noor. These names often have Islamic origins and are widely used in the country.

2. What are some family traditions in Pakistan while naming a child?

In Pakistan, it is common for families to consult with relatives, elders, or religious leaders for guidance when naming a child. They may also name the child after a beloved family member or use names that have been passed down through generations.

3. How do Pakistani parents ensure their baby's name is appropriate and respectful?

Pakistani parents consider cultural norms and religious sensitivities to ensure the baby's name is appropriate and respectful. They may consult religious scholars and family members or use online resources to verify the name's meaning and cultural context.

4. What are some popular Arabic baby names used in Pakistan?

Ayesha, Omar, Khadija, Ali, Layla, Hasan, Huda, Zain, Salma, and Youssef are some popular Arabic names used in Pakistan. These names have religious significance in Islam and are widely used across different cultures.


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