107 Pakistan Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Pakistan is a multi-ethnic and multi-language Islamic country that has unique values and customs. Located on the western border of India, Pakistan has a history of conquest and migration and is diverse in many ways.

Pakistani names are derived from Arabic or Indo-Persian roots and could be based on the ethnic, familial, regional, and religious traditions. Pakistanis’ respect for their tribes and the family identity reflects in how they name their children.

A child is given his father’s name as the last name, with the first name being a common or general one shared by several others. They may include their tribe’s name as well in some cases. In this MomJunction post, we give you a list of beautiful Pakistani baby boy names with their meanings. Choose one that suits your baby boy the best.

AliElevated, prominent, superiorBoy
ArhamThe one filled with compassionBoy
AryanBeyond anyone's strengthBoy
AyaanThey are inclined towards GodBoy
FaizanOne who is charitableBoy
Hamzastrong, steadfast, LoinBoy
HuzaifaA name of the one who acipmanies the ProphetBoy
RayanBrilliant; Bright and radiant; Heaven; A variant of name RayBoy
RohaanOne who is as pure as a spiritBoy
AtfatAffection, compassion.Boy
AtheelOne who is high in status or nobility.Boy
AttafProtector of the weak and oppressed.Boy
AuraqDust colored, or sand coloredBoy
AwadilJustice and fairness, one who is fair and just.Boy
AwamilActive, effective, or one who has a role.Boy
AwanMoment, or timeBoy
AwaniHelper, or supporterBoy
AwjHeight, pinnacle, topBoy
AwlyaGood friend and companion.Boy
AwmarLong-lived, one who has a long lifeBoy
AwradRose colored, or rosy, one with healthy and youthful looking skin.Boy
AyaminOne who is blessed, the blessed one.Boy
AysarOne who is better off, or living better.Boy
AyyubiOne who is like prophet Ayyub, patient, humble and virtuous.Boy
AzbanFresh and sweet. A variant of Azeeb.Boy
AzeebFresh and sweetBoy
BaashirOne known for his bravery and loyalty.Boy
BadawiBringer of good news or good tidingsBoy
BairbelPrecious gem stones.Boy
BambadEarly morning.Boy
BirouskLight or radiance.Boy
BizhanName of a character in Shahnameh.Boy
BuraidA noble man.Boy
ChamaliThe one who serves water.Boy
ChangazAn extremely brave man.Boy
CharleshChief of the tribe.Boy
ChashidaAn experienced man.Boy
ChawishLeader of the tribe.Boy
DastageerHelper or supporterBoy
DayyaanA mighty ruler, judge , protector,Boy
DurabA big door.Boy
EjlaalTo honor, To exaltBoy
ElafSafety, or securityBoy
EsfandyarName of a character in Shahnameh.Boy
EtizaazTo become mighty, to become honored.Boy
FahmiAn understanding man.Boy
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