159 Polish Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Polish boy names have been popular all around the world because they are easy to pronounce and have unique meanings. The oldest Polish names are of Slavic origin, and were referred to as common names. These names were derived from a person’s occupation, geographic location, personal traits, and even nature.

Back in the day, there were also a group of names called the ‘double-barrel’ names, which consist of two names combined into one. In Polish culture, Christian, Germanic, and Lithuanian names are also common. According to Polish naming traditions, the wives and children take up the family name of the husband or the father. They can also use both the maternal and paternal family names. However, the woman’s family name usually has a feminine suffix with it.

In Polish culture, the child is given two names, a given name, and a surname. Most of the Polish female names end with a vowel -a and most males end with a vowel other than- a. The names are bestowed on the child’s baptism and the names are often inspired by the names of saints or a Biblical figure. The name days are celebrated on the Patron saint day and these celebrations are usually intimate. The parents may also choose the given name of a popular character from a book, TV show, film, or even after a national hero or heroine (1).

Polish baby boy names are a beautiful blend of family traditions, cultural heritage, and modernity. As Poland is a country with a rich and vibrant culture, the baby names also reflect its complex history. The Polish names are not restricted to Poland and its people, they are one of the most common choices for baby names in many countries. For example, the name Nicholas which means ‘the conqueror of the nation’ was one of the most popular baby names in the US in 2020 (2). Below we have provided a list of Polish baby boy names for you. Have a look.

heart image Aleksander Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Antoni Baby Boy Sign Boy Priceless; Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony
heart image Filip Baby Boy Sign Boy A horse lover
heart image Franciszek Baby Boy Sign Boy Frenchman; Free one
heart image Jakub Baby Boy Sign Boy Holder of the heel; Supplanter; May God protect
heart image Jan Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Kacper Baby Boy Sign Boy Treasurer
heart image Nicholas Baby Boy Sign Boy People's victory
heart image Szymon Baby Boy Sign Boy A man who hears everything
heart image Wojciech Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is happy in battle
heart image Adorjan Baby Boy Sign Boy Person from Hadria; A variant of Adrian
heart image Adrean Baby Boy Sign Boy Man from Hadria; Dark One; A variant form of Adrian
heart image Adriano Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Hadria; Dark one; A variant form of Adrian
heart image Adrianus Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Hadria; Dark one; A variant form of Adrian
heart image Adrien Baby Boy Sign Boy Man from Hadria
heart image Adrion Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Hadria; Dark one; A variant form of Adrian
heart image Adron Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Hadria; Dark one; A variant form of Adrian
heart image Alohilani Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright sky
heart image Anatol Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunrise; East; A variant form of name is Anatoli
heart image Andrzej Baby Boy Sign Boy Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of the name Andrew and Andreas
heart image Antek Baby Boy Sign Boy Priceless, Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony
heart image Antonin Baby Boy Sign Boy Priceless; Inestimable; A variant of name is Anthony
heart image Arek Baby Boy Sign Boy Enlighted; Mountain of strength; A variant of name Aaron
heart image Arkadiusz Baby Boy Sign Boy Archer; Dedicated to God
heart image Armia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Army
heart image Artek Baby Boy Sign Boy Stone; Bear; Thor; The eagle; A variant of the name Arthur
heart image Aurek Baby Boy Sign Boy A bold, blond person; golden haired
heart image Aurelian Baby Boy Sign Boy An emperor who is golden colored; Broadminded
heart image Bakula Baby Boy Sign Boy One who lies
heart image Balint Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong and healthy
heart image Barley Baby Boy Sign Boy Woodland clearing; Grower or seller of barley
heart image Bartholomeus Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer's Son
heart image Basile Baby Boy Sign Boy Royal; Kingly
heart image Bazyli Baby Boy Sign Boy Kingly
heart image Bedrich Baby Boy Sign Boy A Peaceful Ruler
heart image Bendek Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed
heart image Benedetto Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessed; Similar to Latin Benedict
heart image Beniamino Baby Boy Sign Boy Right-hand Son; Similar to Benedict; Son of the Right Hand
heart image Benoni Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of my strength; Son of my sorrow
heart image Berty Unisex Baby Sign Unisex High-born; Brilliant; Shining brightly
heart image Betzalel Baby Boy Sign Boy In God's Shadow
heart image Binak Baby Boy Sign Boy Eye; Vision
heart image Birger Baby Boy Sign Boy Rescue; To Save; To Help; To Protect
heart image Bogdi Baby Boy Sign Boy Given by God; A derivative of Bogdan
heart image Bogumil Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is dear to God
heart image Boguslav Baby Boy Sign Boy God's glory
heart image Bolek Baby Boy Sign Boy To achieve great glory
heart image Bonifacy Baby Boy Sign Boy A man whose faith is good
heart image Borys Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a short snow lepard
heart image Brada Baby Boy Sign Boy An Ukrainian surname; Affectionate and compassionate being
heart image Bronislaw Baby Boy Sign Boy A protector of glory
heart image Casimir Baby Boy Sign Boy To destroy; World; Peace
heart image Celestyn Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Person from heaven
heart image Cezary Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Caesar; Hairy and cut out of womb
heart image Chestibor Baby Boy Sign Boy Battle honor
heart image Curie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Scientific brilliance or genius
heart image Czeslaw Baby Boy Sign Boy Glory; stable
heart image Demian Baby Boy Sign Boy One who can be tamed and polished
heart image Dobry Baby Boy Sign Boy Good
heart image Edek Baby Boy Sign Boy A guardian of property; owner of many spears
heart image Edmunda Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has prosperity; name of a king
heart image Emalia Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Industrious; Determined
heart image Emeryk Baby Boy Sign Boy Work power
heart image Emeryth Unisex Baby Sign Unisex An industrious leader with work power
heart image Eryk Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is a ruler for eternity
heart image Eugeniusz Baby Boy Sign Boy Nobility; High born
heart image Felicjan Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of good fortune
heart image Feliks Baby Boy Sign Boy A lucky and successful man
heart image Ferdynand Baby Boy Sign Boy One who starts a brave journey
heart image Fil Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who loves horses
heart image Furman Baby Boy Sign Boy A driver of a horse-cart for delivery
heart image Gabryjel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my shelter
heart image Genek Baby Boy Sign Boy Upper class birth
heart image Geralt Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior; Protector; Son of strength
heart image Gerek Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Gerald; Ruling by spear
heart image Gertrud Baby Boy Sign Boy Who holds a spear for hunting
heart image Hainrich Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of a place; Home ruler
heart image Henio Baby Boy Sign Boy Little ruler of the estate
heart image Holleb Baby Boy Sign Boy Dove
heart image Jacek Baby Boy Sign Boy Like a hyacinth flower
heart image Januarius Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is born in January
heart image Janusz Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Jasek Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
heart image Jazon Baby Boy Sign Boy One who gives medication in order to get well soon
heart image Jedrek Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong, powerful, leader
heart image Jedrick Baby Boy Sign Boy Man or soldier; A strong Man
heart image Jedrzej Baby Boy Sign Boy A manly warrior; Brave
heart image Jeny Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer who owns a paddy field
heart image Jerzy Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer; Earthworker
heart image Jezyk Baby Boy Sign Boy Tongue; Taste giver
heart image Juliste Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A name with strong spirit
heart image Jurek Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer; Earthworker; A variant form of the English George
heart image Kania Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wild goose
heart image Kaz Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved; Peacemaker; Empty
heart image Kazimierz Baby Boy Sign Boy To destroy the peace and the world
heart image Klemens Baby Boy Sign Boy Merciful
heart image Kornel Baby Boy Sign Boy A man with horns
heart image Kortez Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Courteous; Polite
heart image Krysztof Baby Boy Sign Boy The name means He carries Christ in his Heart
heart image Krzy Baby Boy Sign Boy Christ or the follower of Christ, short form of Christopher
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Polish baby names are rooted in the country’s rich culture and history. These names are a beautiful representation of the country’s traditions, historic events, and deeply ingrained values. They reflect virtues like strength, power, hope, and determination. Along with a rich history, deep-rooted meaning, and melodic sounds make Polish baby names a perfect choice for baby boys. Whether you choose these names for the meanings or because of their Poland links, they will surely leave a lasting impression on one and all.

Infographic: Fabulous Polish Names For Your Little Boy

Discover some alluring Polish baby boy names, each with its own story. These names often have historical and cultural significance, giving them deep-rooted meanings. From classic to contemporary names, there is a diverse range of Polish names. Go through this infographic and choose the one that fits your baby’s personality the most.

attractive polish baby boy names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Polish boy name means strong?

The Polish masculine name Brajan, derived from Brian, means ‘strong,’ ‘virtuous,’ and ‘honorable.’ Leon, originating from the Greek word for 'lion,' represents strength and is widely favored.

2. What is the Polish name meaning peace?

The Polish name Alfred signifies 'old peace.' Casmir, derived from Kazimierz, signifies a 'peacekeeper.' Fryderyk, a Polish variant of Frederick, conveys the idea of a 'peaceful ruler.' Salomon, the Polish rendition of Solomon, denotes a 'man of peace.'

3. What are some traditional Polish names?

Some traditional Polish names include Aleksey, stemming from Greek Aléxios, meaning 'Defender of mankind,' Antoni, with Latin and Greek origins, which means 'Invaluable,' Borys, a Polish variant of Boris, symbolizing 'warrior' or 'snow leopard,' and Brajan, derived from the Celtic Brian, meaning ‘strength,’ ‘virtue,’ and ‘honor.’ These names reflect the rich Polish heritage and history.

4. What is the significance of family names in Polish culture?

In Polish culture, family names hold great importance as they are inherited and typically passed down through generations. Family names in Poland often indicate territorial connections or other ancestral origins. Although individuals have the choice to keep their surnames or adopt their spouse's, the traditional custom involves a married woman taking her husband's name, and the children carrying their father's surname. The suffix '-ski/-ska' is commonly found in Polish surnames, historically linked to nobility.

5. What is the meaning behind the name Janusz?

The name Janusz, a Polish variant of Jan, is derived from Johannes, which has roots in various languages. Johannes is the Latin form of Ioannes, a Greek name originating from the Hebrew name Yochanan, meaning 'Yahweh is gracious,' reflecting reverence to the Hebrew God.

6. What is the significance of religious names in Polish culture?

Religious names in Polish culture hold great significance. They reflect a strong connection to God and symbolize divine blessings and protection. Names such as Betzalel, Bogdi, Bogumil, Boguslav, Gabryjel, Janusz, Jan, and Lazor convey the belief that individuals are dear to God, bestowed by Him, and find shelter and grace in His presence.

7. What are some Polish names for boys that are easy to pronounce?

Some easy-to-pronounce Polish names for boys include Jan meaning 'gift from God,' Metody, which means 'with the road,' Lazor, implying 'God has helped,' and Cibor, denoting 'honor battle.'


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