55 Roman Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AuroraA Roman Goddess; wonderful dawn and breezyGirl
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
GraceGrace, which means decency with a special beauty.Girl
JuliaLatin - Jupiter's Child; Julia is Youthful, DownyGirl
KatherineKatherine is a Greek name and means PureGirl
LucyEnglish variation of Lucia, meaning lightGirl
MayaUncertain; Perhaps Mother or Great One; Illusion; Imaginative; MagicalGirl
MelanieOld Greek - Black; Dark; Dark-Skinned; A variant spelling is MelaneyGirl
VictoriaVictory, conquerGirl
AciliaThe women of fire, one who is made of fireGirl
AeliaThe female form or Aelius; SunGirl
AemiliaExcel or emulate like sunGirl
AemilieEstonian form of Emily. It means work.Girl
AgrippaRoman cognomen of unknown meaningGirl
AmabilisBeautiful, loving people who are spontaneous and happy-go-luckyUnisex
AntooniaEstonian form of Antonia. It means highly praiseworthy.Girl
Barboraform of Barbara used in Czech and SlovakGirl
CeresGoddess of growth and agricultureGirl
CessilyIt means blind; they are the sixth oneGirl
CessyThe one who is blindUnisex
ClaritiaBright, attention gainer and clearGirl
ColumbaDove, a bird resembling pigeon and a symbol for peaceUnisex
ConcordiaHarmony, peace, tranquil and amityGirl
CybeleMythical GoddessGirl
DelphinaOne who came out of womb; a blessed oneGirl
DiGoddess of moon; huntressGirl
DianDivine lady; filled with beauty and brainsGirl
DianaA divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirthGirl
DianneA huntress who is also a GoddessGirl
DidoVirgin queen of a landGirl
DominicaOne who is very close to LordGirl
EcaterinaAn affectionate, innocent and pure chaste beingGirl
Esiliawife of Romulus in Roman mythology.Girl
FlorenceOne which means to blossom and bloomGirl
FloreneA variant form of 'florence' to signify blooming or blossomingGirl
FlorentiaA tailored form of 'Florence' which means 'to blossom'Girl
JanneFrom old Roman mythology, wife of JanusGirl
KamilaKamila name means a Youth Employed in Religious SevicesGirl
LaeliaA name of the special Flower type that resambles an OrchidGirl
LoricaBody armor of a Roman soldiersGirl
LunaMoon, one of the name of the Moon GoddesGirl
MarcellaA woman with the character of the warriorGirl
MarcelleA woman who is a warrior at heartGirl
OnaThe number one, the first and foremost.Girl
PalmyraName of city filled with Palm treesGirl
PerpetuaOne who has a continuous personalityGirl
PetroniusYokel; One with an interesting personalityGirl
ProserpinaRoman equivalent of the Greek goddess Persephone; Latin - To emergeGirl
ProsperFortune; Roman GoddessGirl
PrudentiaTo have a good judgementGirl
QuintellaFemale derivative of Quintus, meaning fifth.Girl
RomanitzaOne from Rome.Girl
SabynA person from the Sabine tribe, from central ItalyGirl
TiannaFrom Christiana, which means Follower of Jesus ChristGirl
TionnaFrom the clan of Roman empireGirl
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