Is It Safe To Take Apple Cider Vinegar While Breastfeeding?

Apple Cider Vinegar While Breastfeeding

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Pregnancy and breastfeeding can have you salivating for specific foods. And, while many of these foods are safe, some aren’t. So, if you love the tangy flavor of apple cider vinegar and are skeptical about the safety of using it in a fresh salad, well, fret not!

Here, we at MomJunction have compiled some useful information about the safety of using apple cider vinegar while breastfeeding. So, read on and get informed.

What Is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular ingredients in several ancient cuisine and medicines. Manufacturers ferment the apple juice through various methods to produce the vinegar. In the slow traditional fermenting method, it takes almost two years to manufacture the ACV. After the apple juices ferment and become converted into apple cider, commercial producers further ferment it with acid-forming bacteria to produce the vinegar (1).

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Is It Safe To Take Apple Cider Vinegar While Breastfeeding?

When you nurse your newborn baby, you should remain extremely cautious about the food you intake. The elements of your ingested food can readily pass into your breastmilk and then to your baby. You should strictly avoid consuming unpasteurized apple cider vinegar while nursing, as it can easily carry the harmful bacteria that leads to intestinal illnesses. When you get sick with such intestinal problems, you may also suffer from dehydration which can hamper your breast milk supply.

You can incorporate a small amount of pasteurized apple cider vinegar into your cooking, and it can cause no harm to your breast milk supply or your feeding baby. Pasteurization destroys the harmful bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella, and Cryptosporidium. Apples used in the vinegar or cider production can easily get contaminated with the harmful bacteria. So, it is advisable to opt for pasteurized apple cider vinegar while you are nursing your baby.

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Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar While Breastfeeding:

Here are some of the noticeable health benefits of apple cider vinegar:

1. Fights Diabetes:

  • Scientific studies conclude that taking Apple cider vinegar while breastfeeding helps lower glucose levels and treats type 2 diabetes.
  • The vinegar serves as an anti-glycemic ingredient, which plays a significant role in reducing the blood sugar levels.
  • The acetic acid present in the vinegar lowers the blood sugar level by inhibiting the complete digestion of complex carbohydrates.
  • Vinegar also inactivates certain digestive enzymes. As a result, the conversion of complex carbohydrate into sugar gets hampered, and your sugar level remains under control.

2. Improves Heart Health:

  • Vinegar helps restore your heart health and protects you from cardiovascular diseases.
  • The polyphenols and chlorogenic acid in apple cider vinegar prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterols and boosts heart function.

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3. Lowers ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Level:

  • Apple cider vinegar can significantly eliminate the harmful blood lipids from your body.
  • It reduces the level of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol.

4. Cures Stomach Disorders:

  • When you suffer from stomach disorders due to bacterial infections, you can use diluted apple cider vinegar as it has the antibiotic property.
  • The element pectin, present in Apple Cider Vinegar soothes intestinal spasms.
  • You can mix one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into one cup of water, or clear juice.

5. Weight Loss:

  • Apple cider vinegar is one of the ingredients that promotes quick weight loss.
  • After childbirth, most mothers complain about sudden weight gain and turning obese.
  • Taking 15ml and 30ml of apple cider vinegar diluted with plain water, you can notice significant weight loss including the decrease in body weight, waist circumference, and abdominal fats.

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6. Aids Digestion:

  • Apple cider vinegar improves the digestion process, particularly when you suffer from bloating and indigestion.
  • For better digestion, you can either make a salad dressing using the vinegar or intake one teaspoon of diluted pasteurized apple cider vinegar before your mealtime. (2)

Simple Recipes Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Breastfeeding Mothers:

Here are some simple homemade recipes that you can safely consume during lactation:

1. Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar Drink:

You Will Need:

  • 2 cups of water
  • ½ teaspoon of organic honey
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • A dash of red pepper
  • Ice cubes

How To:

  1. Pour the water into a glass and add the ingredients to the solution. Mix well.
  1. Add ice cubes to flavor it. Your detox drink is ready.

2. Herbal Tea With Apple Cider Vinegar:

You Will Need:

  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice
  • 2-3 drops of honey
  • 1 cup green tea
  • Sliced ginger strips
  • A dash of cinnamon

How To:

  1. Prepare the green tea and steep it in water for about 3-4 minutes,
  1. Filter the tea in a cup and add the remaining ingredients.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing:

You Will Need:

  • ¼ cup cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 teaspoon red pepper
  • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

How To:

  1. Whisk all the ingredients like apple cider vinegar, red pepper, lemon juice in a small bowl.
  1. Slowly add the olive oil to the mixture and let it emulsify.
  1. Season the salad dressing with salt and pepper.
  1. You can also refrigerate the content in an air-tight container and mix it with freshly chopped salad vegetables.

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A Word Of Caution:

  • Don’t consume too much apple cider vinegar as it can be harmful to both you and your baby. Excess consumption can lead to low mineral density and low potassium levels.
  • Never take concentrated apple cider vinegar, as the acidic element can burn the tissues of your mouth and throat. You need to dilute ACV and water in the ratio of 1: 10 and use in cooking or preparing the salad dressing.
  • ACV can often damage the enamel of your teeth. To overcome such scenario, always intakes diluted ACV, and rinse your mouth with plain water after drinking the apple cider vinegar.
  • You should always buy organic and pasteurized apple cider vinegar from trusted stores. If required, read the product label to know more about it.

Did you consume apple cider vinegar during breastfeeding? Did you experience any side effects? Tell us about it here. Leave a comment below.

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