49 Fun Double Date Ideas That Every Couple Should Try

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Dates are fun, exciting, and all things romantic. How about doubling the fun? We bring you double date ideas that are all the more thrilling.

Simply said, a double date adds icing to the cake of your romance and allows you to bond with another couple. But you need to ensure that you pick a couple who gels well and has kickass chemistry; otherwise, things can go downhill. Here are some fun double date ideas that you may consider while planning your next outing.

49 Fun Ideas For Double Dates

1. Host a potluck

While dates are usually associated with restaurants, a potluck with your partner and friends can be fun. The concept is that everyone brings one or more dishes to the event and enjoys a grand feast. A casual environment will let you show off your culinary talent and give you lovely moments to rejoice.

2. Go for a picnic

Picnics are romantic, and you can double the fun with your favorite couples. You could pack drinks and snacks, pick a picturesque location, and unwind in the company of your partner and friends. Making it a tradition or habit will keep improving your connection.

3. Have a game night

Playing board games in groups can be entertaining. Simple board games such as Monopoly, Life, or even Ludo can give you a great time. If board games aren’t your thing, you can enjoy social games such as charades, which can be exciting even in small groups.

4. Go to the arcade

Who says arcades are for children? As a group, you can head down to the local arcade and play with or against each other. The atmosphere of the arcade and the competitive spirit will make it memorable and intense. Plus, you can always win fun toys and collectibles with your arcade winnings/tickets and take a souvenir back home.

5. Head to the movies

The movie theatre experience becomes playful when you have friends around. A double date with your partner and two close friends watching a movie together can give you long-lasting memories. Keep an eye out for movies you’ve been looking forward to, and you can always grab dinner or drinks later.

6. Take a road trip together

A double date vacation has many advantages. It is exciting, and the overall cost of the  trip goes down with more people onboard. Instead of booking a room for you and your partner, you can reserve a villa for everyone for an unforgettable experience.

7. Go go-karting

Even if you aren’t a fan of go-karting or not good at it, it doesn’t matter on a double date. You will be caught up in the adrenaline rush and competitiveness with your friends and significant other. If you do like go-karting, you will have an absolute blast, trying to race past each other and beat each other’s lap records.

8. Play at a laser tag arcade

Have a mini-war with a laser tag outing. Whether it’s against each other or versus another group, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. With the pulsing lights and exciting music, the atmosphere will ensure you have fun, regardless of whether you win or lose.

9. Check out the local planetarium

While most people associate planetariums with school trips or science, it can be a great experience to revisit as an adult. Immersing yourself in the atmosphere as you’re guided through a tour of our solar system and the universe can be a visually stunning and educational experience for everyone.

10. Head for a bowling night

Bowling is one of those activities that can be equally fun with friends or as a couple. If you’re not good at it or not used to it, don’t worry, as the fun and laughter will never end. Great music, a pleasant atmosphere, and yummy snacks will make it a satisfying evening for everyone.

11. Head out for drinks

Drinking alone is seldom fun. Add your partner and another couple to make it much better. You can have a mini party on your hands! Pick a good bar and go out for a night to have a great time.

12. Go clubbing

Just like drinking, clubbing is best enjoyed in a social setting. Dress up, get some great drinks, and paint the town red as you and your double date hit the dance floor together!

13. Take a bicycle trip together

While a car will get you from point X to Y faster, bicycles have their charm. Pick a weekend, meet early to beat the morning traffic, and cycle out to a picturesque spot to have a good time and get some great exercise. That would be a unique double date experience.

14. Go on a hike

Like bicycling, going on a hike can be the perfect combination of a fun and healthy lifestyle. Pick out a nice trail that is convenient for everyone to meet and hike to your heart’s content with your favorite people.

15. Have a barbecue

Nothing screams “weekend” like a good old fashioned barbecue in the backyard. These days, it’s even possible to rent a grill if you don’t own one. Marinate your favorite food and toss it on the grill as you relax with your partner and friends.

16. Check out the local bookstore

More often than not, we end up ordering our books online or reading them on devices such as Kindle or iPad. Take a walk down memory lane by going out to some nice and old bookstores together and enjoy reading, discussing, and buying books as a group.

17. Meet up before the big match

Regardless of the sport or whether you’re into it or not, having a sports night can be a fun couples’ activity. It could be anything from a much-hyped boxing match to the world cup finals of a sport. Regardless, it is not something that only men will enjoy.

18. Go to a museum

While it can be fun to do it alone or as a couple, you get different perspectives and viewpoints on the pieces of art or exhibits you look at at a museum on a double date.

19. Attend a social commitment together

Whether it’s a co-worker’s wedding or a family occasion you’re not looking forward to, going for it on a double date will make it much more bearable and even fun!

20. Browse old pictures together

Taking a stroll down memory lane can be an enjoyable experience with your partner and friends. Whether it’s embarrassing childhood pictures from school or college, you will have plenty to bond over and laugh at as you look at them. It’s a sweet double date idea!

21. Play a drinking game

While drinking with friends is fun by itself, you can up the stakes by adding a competitive element to it on a double date. Simply put, the loser has to drink more. It would be a fun activity for all, regardless of who’s “winning” or “losing.”

22. Watch a play

Take your partner and friends out for a double date to a play. Since it is live and more interactive and engaging than movies, it makes for a great outing.

23. Take a dance class together

It can be entertaining if it’s a couples dance since you already have partners. Doing this with another couple will make it more enjoyable.

24. Learn a skill

Going for a pottery workshop or a woodworking class can be an exciting double date activity!

You can learn something and take home souvenirs as a reminder of the great time you had.

25. Help each other out with big tasks

A double date doesn’t have to be all fun and games. You can be a helping friend or a partner. It could be something such as packing or moving to a new house or spending the day house hunting for one of you. Together, any of these things can make a good time, and it wouldn’t be tiring as well.

26. Learn a martial art

While we won’t expect you to become martial arts masters, it can be an engaging activity to do on a double date.

27. Have a weekly sports match against each other

Whether it’s double tennis or squash or even a casual game of basketball, meeting as couples to engage in sports can be emotionally and physically rewarding.

28. Time your workouts together

Working out as two couples will give you more time to bond and help you inspire and help each other stay fit.

29. Play video games together

Get some controllers for a night of competitive fun, playing video games against each other! It is something that will bring back old memories and help you make new ones to cherish.

30. Take a yoga class

Yoga is a healthy activity that you all can do together to relax after an intense week at work. A wholesome meal later can make it even more relaxing.

31. Break out of an Escape Room

With its focus on communication and teamwork, Escape Room activities are perfect for double dates as you work together to solve puzzles and break out.

32. Explore the city

 Sometimes, the best plan is ‘not having a plan.’ Meet and randomly explore the city. You might find some great spots you would never have seen otherwise!

33. Attend a concert or music festival

If your favorite artist or a big music festival back in town, you should consider attending it as a double date. With music and a festive atmosphere, it is the perfect mix of romance and amusement.

34. Attend a stand-up comedy show

Attending a stand-up comedy show gives you a healthy laughing session. Take your partner and another couple and add pleasure to the experience.

35. Walk your dogs together

What better way to introduce your four-legged friends to new friends while you get to know them as well? Walking dogs on a double date will lead to great conversations in the fresh air. 

36. Visit a flea market together

Flea markets host a variety of artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs—all in the same spot. Head out to the closest flea market to enjoy a day out with another couple. Don’t forget to take selfies! 

37. Vacation together

Vacationing as couples on double dates has been around since the inception of double dating! Romantic vacations involve a good mix of socializing, exploring, and feasting—something both couples desire and look forward to during their courtship period.

38. Attend a cooking class

Attending a cooking class as a couple is great, but when you add another couple to the activity, it would add more magic to your recipes!

39. Stay up all night

Pop a bottle of your finest wine, dim the lights, and stay up all night discussing your plans, dreams, and future with your close friends and beloved. You and your partner will end up forming a strong bond with another couple. 

40. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Are you and your friends fond of animals? If yes, nothing would be as special as volunteering at an animal shelter together. The activity brings kind and compassionate people together—people who can make the world a better place.

41. Binge watch a series or do a movie marathon

Put on some old classic flicks or the latest trending TV series to binge-watch with another couple for an entertaining and cozy night.

42. Stargaze

Pitch a tent in your backyard or put a few chairs on your balcony and create the perfect environment to enjoy nature’s romantic setting with another lovely couple.

43. Go to the zoo/national park

A great way to enjoy a day out for animal lovers and adventurers would be to appreciate some diverse wildlife. You can have a great time ahead.

44. Go rock climbing

A fun activity to enjoy with another couple is rock climbing. It will keep both couples happy and exhausted.

45. Participate in adrenaline-filled activities

If you want to indulge your adventurous streak, consider sports that will make your heart leap.  You could try bungee jumping or sky diving. Having another couple to push your limits is the perfect motivation to help you overcome your biggest fears!

46. Plan a candlelit dinner together

Set up a romantic night by cooking all your best-known recipes. Each couple can choose their course in advance and plan the night’s cuisine to ensure all the items complement each other. Lay your table with scented candles and set the mood.

47. Visit the farmers market

You are what you eat! Cooking meals is often a big part of every couple’s life, and the best meals require the best ingredients. Visit a farmers market with another couple and pick fresh and organic foods together that will eventually go into your meal. Doing this with another couple can lead to recipe swapping and exchanging helpful cooking tips.

48. Hit the beach

Sun, sand, and surfing will ensure your day hits the right blues. Plan a fantastic double date with your favorite couple, and bring in a few beach mats, sunglasses, and hats. Enjoy some drinks and food while you listen to the waves on repeat—guaranteed recipe to feel thoroughly rested and rejuvenated by the end.

49. Go pub-hopping

Create a list of pubs you want to visit and spend a chunk of your evening with another couple checking them back-to-back. You will feel exhilarated by this action-filled night! 

Although spending time with friends and family is great, couples may sometimes look for people who share a similar lifestyle and thought process. Hence, they may try going on a double date. When you go out with another couple, the fun and excitement double, and you have someone to share your struggles, complaints, and joys with. These double date ideas blend outdoor and indoor fun, so you can pick the one that best suits both couples. Try a new one for every date to make it memorable and form meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Key Pointers

  • Taking your partner and your favorite couple on a picnic is a great way to double the enjoyment.
  • Drinking and partying is never fun alone, so a double date is perfect for hitting the dance floor.
  • Other exciting double date ideas are backyard barbeque, going to the arcade, bowling night and timing workouts together, and more.

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