Can You Eat Grapes While Breastfeeding?

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Did you always follow your eating patterns while you were pregnant? Are you looking at the same health concerns now that you are breastfeeding? Do you worry that what you eat may affect your baby while feeding, and want to be doubly sure of everything that you drink or eat during this time?

Are grapes somewhere on your safety checklist too? If yes, read this post and learn whether or not you can have them while breastfeeding and whether they have their health benefits.

Can You Eat Grapes While Breastfeeding?

Grapes are highly nutritious fruits that do not have any known side effects while you are breastfeeding. However, in some cases, research concludes that moms who ate grapes while breastfeeding notice that their babies have stomach problems. In some cases, babies who are colic suffer from further complications when the breastfeeding mother consumes grapes.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Eating Grapes While Breastfeeding:

It is important to have a healthy and well-balanced meal while you are breastfeeding, as you what you eat or don’t will highly affect your baby’s health and taste preference. If you are interested in eating grapes during breastfeeding, make sure to keep the following points in mind:

  • As with anything you eat or drink while breastfeeding, make sure you speak to your doctor first and only eat grapes once you have a confirmation. If you have had a cesarean operation, your doctor may ask you to stay off grapes for a few months after delivery. It is because grapes are acidic in nature and may slow the healing process. In some cases, it can also lead to an infection around the stitches.
  • Eating grapes while breastfeeding can sometimes cause stomach upsets in your baby. If you are eating grapes when breastfeeding, make sure you do not eat any other fruit for at least two to three days. It will help you notice any change in your baby’s stool or general behavior. If your baby does develop an upset tummy or pain, and if you have had no other fruit or new food except grapes, you will know for sure if it was caused by eating grapes.

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  • If your baby is colic, it is important for you to monitor everything that you eat while breastfeeding and note its effect on her. Apply the same rule; when you are eating grapes for the first time while breastfeeding, stay away from eating any other fruits or new foods. It will give you time to note if eating grapes increases your baby’s discomfort or colic.
  • Whenever you eat grapes while breastfeeding, make sure you do so in moderation. While eating a few grapes should not be a cause for concern, too much of anything is bad, and the same applies to eating grapes too.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Grapes:

Once your doctor has given you the go-ahead to eat grapes while breastfeeding, start eating them in moderation to enjoy the following health benefits:

  • Protects Against Cancer:

Grapes are loaded with powerful antioxidants that are known as polyphenols. They help to slow down and even prevent the onset of different types of cancer, including cancer of the mouth, colon, prostate, lungs and even pancreas.

  • Prevents Heart Disease:

Grapes contain the flavonoid quercetin, which has anti-inflammatory properties and keeps your cholesterol in check.

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  • Regulates Blood Pressure:

Grapes are rich in their potassium content that helps to keep your blood pressure in check.

  • Relieves Constipation:

The high water content in grapes helps to keep you hydrated and prevents constipation, which is a common occurrence during and after pregnancy.

Eating grapes does have a lot of health benefits, so eat it in moderation while breastfeeding once your doctor has given the approval.

Did you eat grapes while breastfeeding? Do share your experience here.

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