104 Bosnian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdemVirtuous, fair, pure, moral.Boy
AdemirNoble protectorBoy
AjdinHe who is bright, happy and lucky.Boy
AjnurMoonlight, glow of the oon.Boy
AlijaBosnian form of Ali. It means highly regarded.Boy
AzemBig or largeBoy
BahrudinGlow of faithBoy
BasicHead or headmanBoy
BasichHead or headman. A form of Basic.Boy
BegA title of respectBoy
BehremMars planetBoy
BerberichBosnian surname meaning barber.Boy
BesimA happy soul.Boy
BoryaBattle or war.Boy
ĆamilHe who is perfect or complete.Boy
ĆazimOne who is calm and controls his anger.Boy
DautA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DavudA variant of David, meaning beloved.Boy
DedicBosnian term, meaning grandfather.Boy
DžaferCamel that gives milk or small river.Boy
DžananA variant of Dženan, meaning he who is loved.Boy
DželilOne who is respected, famous, glorious.Boy
DžemalA variant of Jamal, meaning beauty of faith.Boy
DžemaludinA variant of Jamaluddin, meaning beauty of faith.Boy
DženanHe who is lovedBoy
DževadHe who is noble or generous.Boy
EdhemDark-skinned, blackBoy
EjubBosnian version of the name Ayub. It means returning to God, repenting.Boy
EkremHe who is most noble or most respected.Boy
ElvedinBenevolence of faith or gift.Boy
EnesHe who is sociable.Boy
EnisOne who is friendly.Boy
EsadOne who is very lucky.Boy
FahrudinPride of faithBoy
FerizOne who is lucky or fortunate.Boy
GanibBlessed by rich loot or winningsBoy
HamdijaThe praised one.Boy
HusnijaBosnian form of Husain, meaning handsome.Boy
ImadPillar, support or mainstayBoy
IsmetInnocent, saved from sin.Boy
IzetGreatness, gloryBoy
IzudinPower, glory of faithBoy
JusufGod increases (in strength, power)Boy
KauzlarichScreeching owlBoy
LjiljanLily flowerBoy
MesichTurkish form of Mohammed. It means praise or praiseworthy.Boy
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