176 Cambodian Baby Names With Meanings

Finding a baby name these days is such a dizzy task, especially for new parents. They have to purchase baby gear, outfits, take repeated turns to hospitals and most importantly, select a baby name. We can’t really help you on the first three fronts, but if you’re looking for Cambodian baby names, we can provide you with plenty of excellent name options.

Cambodian culture is heavily inspired by India. It was in the 1st century A.D. Cambodia adopted the culture from India and that was when the Funan Kingdom was founded. Today, 90% of the Cambodians are Buddhist, and the religion is a source of names as well. The words representing the qualities that are regarded high in Buddhism like good conduct and the early epithets of Buddha are incorporated into Cambodian baby names. Elements of nature can also be seen in Cambodian baby names.

Cambodian babies are usually given first names and last names. The middle names are reserved for aristocratic and elite people. Another point to note is that the Cambodians use their paternal grandfather’s first name as their surname, which explains the different surnames in one family. For your help, MomJunction has compiled a list of Cambodian baby names with meanings. Have a look!

AchariyaOne who is wonderful and marvelous.Girl
AnchalyCambodian word for hand.Boy
ArunnyThe morning sun.Girl
AtithSunny day or SundayBoy
BoreyCountry or great cityBoy
BotumA princessGirl
BouphaLike a flowerGirl
BoureyCountry or great city. A variant of the name Borey.Boy
ChampeiFrangipani flowers.Girl
ChamroeunProsperity and successUnisex
ChanThe gracious GodBoy
ChankrisnaA sweet-smelling treeUnisex
ChanmonyOne who shines like moon.Girl
ChannaryFace resembling the MoonGirl
ChanthavyA girl as beautiful as the moon.Girl
ChanthouA flower found in Cambodia.Unisex
ChantreaMoon; filled with lightGirl
ChanvateyA scholar or educated person.Unisex
CharayaThe one who is blue and pink colorGirl
CharyaA man of good character.Boy
CheaTo be well and healthy.Boy
ChendaThought, intellectGirl
ChhayAn attractive and charming man.Boy
ChhorvinA glamorous woman.Girl
ChoumaA woman who is refreshingly beautiful.Girl
DaraOne with many talentsBoy
DarareaksmeyA bright starGirl
DavuthCambodian word for money.Boy
JoraniA radiant jewelGirl
KaliyaneiBeautiful and lovely woman.Girl
KanleakhanaA woman of character.Girl
KannarethA beautiful quality.Girl
KesorA heavenly woman.Girl
KheanA type of flute, panpipe.Boy
KhemeraOne from Cambodia.Boy
KiryKiry means MountainBoy
KolabA pretty rose flowerGirl
KolthidaA noble-born womanGirl
Kong-KeaThe big water.Boy
KongkeaBig WaterGirl
KosalClever or magical.Boy
KravannA tiny golden brown flower.Unisex
KuntheaSweet smelling or beautiful fragrance.Girl
LeakenaCharacteristic and qualityGirl
LeakhenaAn attribute, characteristic, qualityGirl
LeapGood fortune, success.Boy
MalisName of southeast Asian jasmine.Girl
MealeaFlower garlandGirl
MittapheapFriendship between the nations.Boy
MlissCambodian - Resembling a flowerGirl
MonthaA charming man.Boy
MonyA precious stone, gem.Girl
MunnyA smart man.Boy
NakryNight-blooming flowerGirl
NarithManly or masculine.Boy
NearideiWhite four-leafed flower.Girl
NearyA gentle girlGirl
NemoFrom the dale or valley.Boy
NisayLoved from afar.Boy
NoreakseyGreat power.Boy
NuonSoft and tenderGirl
OudomSupreme or magnificent.Boy
PanhaA sage like, innocent and important personGirl
PeouThe youngest daughter in the family.Girl
PheakdeiLoyalty and honestyUnisex
PheakkleyTo have faith.Girl
PhirumPeacefulness, serenityBoy
PisethRare in power or quality.Boy
PiseyLittle darling or belovedBoy
PoeuThe youngest one.Boy
PonleakStrength and enduranceBoy
PonleuLight or illuminationBoy
PonlokDarling or dearUnisex
PonnleuLight or illuminationGirl
ProsBoy or manBoy
PuntheaA gentle spirit.Girl
PuthyrithMerciful powerBoy
PutreaCambodian word for plum.Girl
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