179 Cambodian Baby Names With Meanings


Finding a baby name these days is such a dizzying task, especially for new parents. Apart from the numerous new responsibilities, such as purchasing baby gear and outfits, and taking repeated turns to hospitals, selecting a name that will be a crucial part of the child's identity can certainly seem overwhelming. However, you can rest easy as you read through this post about Cambodian baby names with meanings. The culture of Cambodia is heavily inspired by India. It was in the 1st century A.D. Cambodia adopted the culture from India and that was when the Funan Kingdom was founded. Today, 90% of Cambodians are Buddhist, and the religion is a source of names as well (1). The words representing the qualities that are regarded high in Buddhism like good conduct and the early epithets of Buddha are incorporated into Cambodian baby names. Elements of nature can also be seen in Cambodian baby names. Cambodian babies are usually given first names and last names. The middle names are reserved for aristocratic and elite people. Another point to note is that the Cambodians use their paternal grandfather’s first name as their surname, which explains the different surnames in one family. Cambodians usually have their surnames followed by their given names. The given name or personal name functions as a personal identifier and is given to the child when they are born. Today, most Cambodians give their babies the same last name as their fathers, quite similar to Western naming practices. But some Cambodians may have a traditional ‘patronymic’ as their last name, wherein babies get their father’s first name at birth. Exploring Cambodian baby names is a great way to uncover the place's culture, traditions, and history. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Cambodian baby names with meanings. Have a look!

heart image Achariya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is wonderful and marvelous
heart image Anchaly Baby Boy Sign Boy Cambodian word for hand
heart image Arunny Baby Girl Sign Girl The morning sun
heart image Atith Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunny day; Sunday
heart image Bopha Baby Girl Sign Girl Flowers
heart image Boran Baby Boy Sign Boy Thunderstorm
heart image Borey Baby Boy Sign Boy Country or great city
heart image Botum Baby Girl Sign Girl A princess
heart image Boupha Baby Girl Sign Girl Like a flower
heart image Bourey Baby Boy Sign Boy Country or great city; A variant of the name Borey
heart image Bunroeun Baby Boy Sign Boy Country
heart image Champei Baby Girl Sign Girl Frangipani flowers.
heart image Chamroeun Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Prosperity and success
heart image Chan Baby Boy Sign Boy Moon
heart image Chankrisna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A sweet-smelling tree
heart image Chanlina Baby Girl Sign Girl Moonlight
heart image Chanmony Baby Girl Sign Girl One who shines like the Moon
heart image Channary Baby Girl Sign Girl Face resembling the Moon
heart image Chanthavy Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl as beautiful as the Moon
heart image Chanthou Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A flower found in Cambodia
heart image Chantrea Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon; filled with light
heart image Chanvatey Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A scholar or an educated person
heart image Charaya Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is blue and pink in color
heart image Charya Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of good character
heart image Chea Baby Boy Sign Boy To be well and healthy
heart image Chenda Baby Girl Sign Girl Thought; Intellect
heart image Chhay Baby Boy Sign Boy An attractive and charming man
heart image Chhean Baby Girl Sign Girl Meditation
heart image Chhorvin Baby Girl Sign Girl A glamorous woman
heart image Chivy Baby Girl Sign Girl Life
heart image Chouma Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who is refreshingly beautiful
heart image Daevy Baby Girl Sign Girl Angel
heart image Dara Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealthy; Possessor of good; Oak; Wise
heart image Darany Baby Boy Sign Boy Star
heart image Darareaksmey Baby Girl Sign Girl A bright star
heart image Davuth Baby Boy Sign Boy Money
heart image Jorani Baby Girl Sign Girl Radiant jewel
heart image Kakada Baby Boy Sign Boy July
heart image Kaliyanei Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful and lovely woman
heart image Kanleakhana Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman of character
heart image Kannareth Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful quality
heart image Kannitha Baby Girl Sign Girl Angels
heart image Kesor Baby Girl Sign Girl A heavenly woman
heart image Khean Baby Boy Sign Boy A type of flute; Panpipe
heart image Khemera Baby Boy Sign Boy One from Cambodia
heart image Kiry Baby Boy Sign Boy Mountain
heart image Kolab Baby Girl Sign Girl A pretty rose flower
heart image Kolthida Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble-born woman
heart image Kong-Kea Baby Boy Sign Boy Big water
heart image Kongkea Baby Girl Sign Girl Big Water
heart image Kosal Baby Boy Sign Boy Clever or magical.
heart image Kravann Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A tiny golden brown flower.
heart image Kunthea Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet smelling or beautiful fragrance.
heart image Kyen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Mysterious; Unique
heart image Leakena Baby Girl Sign Girl Characteristic; Quality
heart image Leakhena Baby Girl Sign Girl An attribute; Characteristic; Quality
heart image Leap Baby Boy Sign Boy Good fortune; Success
heart image Malis Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of southeast Asian jasmine
heart image Maly Baby Girl Sign Girl Blossom
heart image Meaker Baby Boy Sign Boy Greatest
heart image Mealea Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower garland
heart image Mittapheap Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendship between the nations
heart image Mliss Baby Girl Sign Girl Resembling a flower
heart image Montha Baby Boy Sign Boy A charming man
heart image Mony Baby Girl Sign Girl A precious stone; Gem.
heart image Munny Baby Boy Sign Boy A smart man
heart image Nakry Baby Girl Sign Girl Night-blooming flower
heart image Narith Baby Boy Sign Boy Masculine
heart image Nearidei Baby Girl Sign Girl White four-leafed flower
heart image Neary Baby Girl Sign Girl A gentle girl
heart image Nemo Baby Boy Sign Boy Nobody
heart image Nhean Baby Boy Sign Boy Instinctive
heart image Nimith Baby Boy Sign Boy Transformation
heart image Nimo Baby Boy Sign Boy A person with wisdom
heart image Nimol Baby Boy Sign Boy Flawless
heart image Nisay Baby Boy Sign Boy Loved from afar
heart image Noreaksey Baby Boy Sign Boy Great power
heart image Nuon Baby Girl Sign Girl Soft and tender
heart image Oudom Baby Boy Sign Boy Supreme or magnificent
heart image Panha Baby Girl Sign Girl A sage-like, innocent, and important person
heart image Peou Baby Girl Sign Girl The youngest daughter in the family
heart image Phala Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperous
heart image Pheakdei Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Loyalty and honesty
heart image Pheakkley Baby Girl Sign Girl To have faith
heart image Phhoung Baby Girl Sign Girl Wreath
heart image Phirum Baby Boy Sign Boy Peacefulness; Serenity
heart image Phirun Baby Boy Sign Boy Drizzle
heart image Pich Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Diamond
heart image Piseth Baby Boy Sign Boy Rare in power or quality
heart image Pisey Baby Boy Sign Boy Little darling or beloved
heart image Poeu Baby Boy Sign Boy The youngest one
heart image Ponleak Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength and endurance
heart image Ponleu Baby Boy Sign Boy Light or illumination
heart image Ponlok Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Darling or dear
heart image Ponnleu Baby Girl Sign Girl Light or illumination
heart image Prak Baby Boy Sign Boy Silver
heart image Pros Baby Boy Sign Boy Boy or man
heart image Punthea Baby Girl Sign Girl A gentle spirit
heart image Puthyrith Baby Boy Sign Boy Merciful power
heart image Putrea Baby Girl Sign Girl Cambodian word for plum
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This list of Cambodian baby names with meanings is packed with culturally significant names. You will find that these names signify everything from nature to good virtues and traits. Every name has its unique past and history. So study the options you shortlist thoroughly to make sure they have no negative associations. Speak them aloud and find out if you like the sound and feel of them. The name you finally select will indeed be a cherished one, always adored by your child.

Infographic: Elegant Cambodian Names For Babies

The land of Cambodia is known for its verdant forests and historical structures. The names from the country have a sweet sound, making them unique. Inspired by nature and celestial bodies, these names will undoubtedly make you smile. Take a look at the following infographic and pick the one that you sense goes best for your baby.

classy cambodian names for your bundle of joy (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Cambodian names reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country?

Cambodian or Khmer names play a significant role in protecting the country's rich cultural heritage. Cambodian names are deeply rooted in their history, language, religion, and traditional beliefs. For instance, owing to their dominant Buddhist population, the use of Sanskrit and Indic words as names continues with names like Vanna, Vibhol, Chan, and Dara.

2. What are the unique qualities and characteristics associated with Cambodian names?

The Khmers historically lived in close-knit kinship, and ancestry was not established by surname. The surname was restricted to legal and administrative affairs, imposed during the French colonial era in 1910. The meanings of Khmer names are typically reasonably straightforward, linked to positive traits, and primarily drawn from Sanskrit. Women continue to use their maiden names after marriage, and surnames can occasionally be identical to Chinese and Vietnamese surnames.


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