36 Celtic Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter C

CullenHandsome boyBoy
CairbreA Celtic Boy nameBoy
CaractacusOne who is lovedBoy
CarantokThe name is derived from the Celtic word karant, which means friend.Boy
CaratacusHe is loved and cared forBoy
CarsA person who has war like characteristics; a fighterBoy
CasekA form of Cadok, meaning battle.Boy
CasworonAn old Cornish name meaning battle hero.Boy
CatavignusA Celtic male nameBoy
CatguallaunA leader of the Coeling dynastieBoy
CeltA musical and exotic nameUnisex
CelticAn exotic name for a musicalUnisex
ChadA saint; they protect and are defenderBoy
ChaddName of a saint who protects othersBoy
CinuchanOne who is a chiefBoy
CinueduPerson who is a leader, a chiefBoy
CistumucusCeltic Boy name, one who is chiefBoy
ClelandA land that is made up of clay; claylandBoy
ClvtorigiA monument of ClutorrixBoy
ClydeA term used for men living near, or on the bank of the river ClydeBoy
CommiusA historical king of the Belgic nationBoy
ConHeroic and wise; one who has lots of wisdomBoy
ConalMighty; ferocious; high in rank and looked upon by peopleBoy
ConnA high, mighty and wise person, who is also a brave advisorBoy
ConnalHigh, mighty, respectful, ferocious, respected by allBoy
ConnellMighty, high and is admired by all; one who is strong at battleBoy
ConroyPersistent knowledge in all aspects; a wise person who has knowledge in every fieldBoy
ConwayThe hound or gaint of the mountains or plainsBoy
CowenTwins; Hillside indentBoy
CuinnA leaderBoy
CulannMythical nameBoy
CunacenniA doerBoy
CunobelinusA HoundBoy
CunopectusA diplomatic, pleasant personBoy
CunotamusName of the son of CunotamusBoy
CynwrigA born heroBoy
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