100 Gujarati Baby Names With Meanings


Gujarat, a state on India's western coast, proudly embraces a rich heritage and is a home for the indigenous Gujaratis who converse in their native language, Gujarati. Consequently, Gujarati baby names carry rich historical significance and hold profound traditional value, making them a perfect choice to honor the state’s cultural heritage and distinctive identity.

Naming a child is one of the most important decisions parents have to make. In Gujarati culture, the baby-naming process holds immense significance, emphasizing the selection of a meaningful and auspicious name. It involves active participation from elders and family members, fostering stronger family bonds and a shared sense of responsibility for the child's welfare. Suggestions pour in from friends, relatives, and neighbors even before the birth of the baby, making the decision more difficult. Some parents also consult priests and astrologists to guide them in the right direction for choosing a name. The priest or astrologist narrows down the process by giving them the first alphabet. The parents then have to select one name from the same initial. However, in Gujarati tradition, the responsibility of naming the baby is bestowed upon the baby’s paternal aunt. Parents may give a list of names to the aunt to let her choose one from the options provided.

Gujarat's baby names are often derived from Hindu deities, mythological figures, and scriptures and hold profound spiritual meaning. For instance, Hinal (the Goddess of beauty and wealth), Jaisnavi (the Goddess of victory), Taniska (the Goddess of gold), Muralidhar (the name of Lord Krishna), Preetesh (the God of love), and Naomika (Goddess Durga or Lakshmi) are cherished examples of culturally-rich and popular names.

From the land of incomparable beauty, rich literature, and heritage, we present a comprehensive list of top Gujarati baby names. Our list offers a diverse mix of traditional and modern, long and short Gujarati baby names to cater to everyone’s taste. Just keep scrolling!

heart image Dhaval Baby Boy Sign Boy The fair one; A fair child
heart image Fullara Baby Girl Sign Girl Kalketu's wife
heart image Haanish Baby Boy Sign Boy Delighted; Pleased; Happy
heart image Havya Baby Girl Sign Girl To be invoked
heart image Henish Baby Boy Sign Boy God of weather
heart image Herik Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler of an enclosure or home
heart image Hetvi Baby Girl Sign Girl Love
heart image Hinal Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of beauty and wealth
heart image Iditri Baby Girl Sign Girl One who praises
heart image Inika Baby Girl Sign Girl Little earth; Small earth
heart image Jaimini Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a born victor
heart image Jaisnavi Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of victory
heart image Jigar Baby Boy Sign Boy Heart; A beloved individual
heart image Jiger Baby Boy Sign Boy God's name; God
heart image Jigish Baby Girl Sign Girl Superior; Supreme being; Mighty
heart image Jigishu Baby Boy Sign Boy Striving for triumph; A sign of victory
heart image Jigisu Baby Boy Sign Boy Fearless
heart image Jigna Baby Girl Sign Girl An intellectual girl who is always curious for everything and want to discover the whole world
heart image Jignasa Baby Girl Sign Girl An intellectual girl who is curious and eager to explore the world
heart image Jignesh Baby Boy Sign Boy An intellectual boy who is curious and eager to explore the world
heart image Jigruksha Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl with a thirst for knowledge
heart image Joshil Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful
heart image Kalindee Baby Girl Sign Girl Yamuna river
heart image Kavia Baby Girl Sign Girl Poetry in motion; Poem
heart image Kavisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord of poets; A small poem
heart image Khevna Baby Girl Sign Girl Wish
heart image Manorma Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Mayawati Baby Girl Sign Girl Full of Illusion
heart image Minaxi Baby Girl Sign Girl One with eyes as a fish
heart image Mukund Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Vishnu; Freedom-giver
heart image Munjal Baby Boy Sign Boy King of Gujarat
heart image Muralidhar Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Krishna; One who bears the flute
heart image Nanku Baby Boy Sign Boy Harmless or innocent
heart image Naomika Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Durga; Lakshmi
heart image Narshimha Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion among men
heart image Neelja Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright blue color
heart image Neesh Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who is quiet and calm
heart image Nippu Baby Boy Sign Boy Producing in abundance
heart image Nutan Baby Girl Sign Girl New; Fresh
heart image Odoti Baby Girl Sign Girl Dawn
heart image Oresh Baby Boy Sign Boy Expression of religion or writer
heart image Paru Baby Girl Sign Girl Master; Furnished
heart image Pinal Baby Girl Sign Girl God of child
heart image Prakat Baby Boy Sign Boy A manifested, demonstrated, revealed person
heart image Prakhya Baby Girl Sign Girl One of very pleasant appearance and looks
heart image Prakhyat Baby Boy Sign Boy A famous individual
heart image Pramukh Baby Boy Sign Boy One with the qualities of a chief or leader
heart image Prana Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is full of spirit
heart image Pranad Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma
heart image Pranauthi Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is like the lamp
heart image Pratul Baby Boy Sign Boy One who owns plenty
heart image Pravan Baby Boy Sign Boy A modest person
heart image Praveen Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is an expert in something
heart image Pravi Baby Girl Sign Girl An incredible, affectionate person
heart image Prayadarshi Baby Boy Sign Boy A person that everybody likes
heart image Preetesh Baby Boy Sign Boy The God of Love
heart image Prerit Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is deeply inspired by something
heart image Prinit Baby Boy Sign Boy A very pleased and gratified person
heart image Pritul Baby Boy Sign Boy He who can't be compared to others
heart image Privrata Baby Boy Sign Boy Satarupa's son
heart image Priyadarshi Baby Boy Sign Boy A likable person
heart image Pujesh Baby Boy Sign Boy A worshipped object
heart image Pulakesh Baby Boy Sign Boy A joyous, happy, and cheerful person
heart image Purab Baby Boy Sign Boy Eastern; Oriental person
heart image Purnanada Baby Boy Sign Boy A god-like individual
heart image Puruvi Baby Girl Sign Girl A classical eastern melody
heart image Radheyshyam Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Krishna
heart image Raghubeer Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Rama
heart image Ramila Baby Girl Sign Girl Lover
heart image Ravinandan Baby Boy Sign Boy Child of the Sun
heart image Romil Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is renowned in the lands
heart image Romila Baby Boy Sign Boy A heartfelt woman
heart image Salmavati Baby Girl Sign Girl She is peaceful
heart image Samta Baby Girl Sign Girl Equality
heart image Sanam Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Shashikala Baby Girl Sign Girl Phases of the Moon; Crescent; Moon's arc
heart image Sonth Baby Girl Sign Girl Spring
heart image Sudarsini Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Swara Baby Girl Sign Girl Tones or self shining
heart image Taniska Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the Goddess of gold; Daughter
heart image Upasana Baby Girl Sign Girl Veneration; Worship
heart image Vaishnavi Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu
heart image Vaishvi Baby Girl Sign Girl A worshipper of Lord Vishnu; A variant of Vaishnavi
heart image Vamshi Baby Girl Sign Girl Flute
heart image Vanshi Baby Girl Sign Girl Flute
heart image Vedang Baby Boy Sign Boy Part of the sacred knowledge
heart image Vedanshi Baby Girl Sign Girl A part of Vedas
heart image Vimala Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Clean; Holy; White
heart image Virali Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is priceless; Rare; Valuable
heart image Virika Baby Girl Sign Girl Bravery; A brave woman
heart image Vishva Baby Boy Sign Boy Earth; Universe
heart image Vrishti Baby Girl Sign Girl Rain
heart image Vritika Baby Girl Sign Girl Success in life; Thought
heart image Vyomini Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is divine
heart image Yaksh Baby Boy Sign Boy Representative of God, a demi-God
heart image Yakshit Baby Boy Sign Boy Who is made forever; Permanent; God
heart image Yansh Baby Boy Sign Boy God name
heart image Yauva Baby Boy Sign Boy Young or youth
heart image Yug Baby Boy Sign Boy Age; Generation
heart image Yuvan Baby Boy Sign Boy Youthful

Gujarati baby names offer a treasure trove of cultural, linguistic, and historical choices. Their melodic sounds, intricate meanings, and deep-rooted cultural associations make them an adored choice for parents wishing to associate their children with a unique identity. The names encapsulate the essence of Gujarat, reflecting its age-old traditions and contemporary sensibilities. Furthermore, they aim to bestow a promising and fulfilling future for the little ones with these beautiful titles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any traditional Gujarati naming customs or rituals?

Yes, Gujarati culture has its own traditional naming customs and rituals. In numerous Gujarati households, it is customary for the paternal aunt, known as "foi," to name the newborn after their birth. The name starts from a letter that is based on the baby’s Rashi-Vedic astrological sign. Many families even invite a Vedic astrologer to assist in selecting their baby's name.

2. How do Gujarati baby names compare to names in other Indian languages?

Gujarati names primarily originate from the Gujarati language. The names may reflect cultural and regional attributes and heritage. Since Gujarat is home to people of many castes and religions, the names may have religious bases too. Many Gujarati names, such as Krishna, Rishabh, Parshva, Ram, and Rahim, are based on the names of different Gods. Moreover, Gujarati names have a unique sound, using a unique pattern of consonants and vowels.

Infographic: Energetic Gujarati Names For Your Precious Child

Gujarati has been spoken for centuries in Gujarat and its surrounding regions. Many Gujaratis moved to different countries for business- and occupation-related opportunities, bringing their language with them. This has made Gujarati baby names popular in various countries. In this infographic, we list some of the top baby names originating from the vibrant Gujarati culture.

traditional and charming gujarati baby names (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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