529 Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings


India is a country where culture and tradition hold great significance. Naming a child is an important ceremony in the country where family members gather to welcome the new member into the family with an appropriate title. Hindi baby girl names are rich in meaning, reflecting the country's diverse heritage and history. These names have deep meanings and often represent the parents' hopes for their daughters. Many Hindi names come from Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest languages, giving them a timeless appeal (1).

Hindi names are rich in meaning and are rooted in society, making them great options for young girls. For instance, Eshwari signifies 'supreme goddess’ or ‘most powerful,' reflecting devotion and reverence. Aanya means 'The one who is kind and warmly courteous,' celebrating the child's uniqueness.

Religion holds significant sway over naming customs in India. Parents often choose names based on their religious beliefs, seeking auspicious meanings and blessings from deities. For instance, names like Rua (Goddess Parvati), Trishika (Goddess Lakshmi), and Rukmi (one of the names of Lord Krishna) are used to express their deep devotion and reverence.

Nature-inspired names are also popular choices among parents who seek to connect their daughters with the natural world. These names often draw inspiration from the elements such as plants, animals, and celestial bodies. For instance, Hemabindu represents a snowflake, Kritika refers to ‘a cluster of stars in a constellation,’ and Menali means 'beautiful fish.'

Hindi baby girl names are not only popular in India. These names are recognized globally, thanks to the Indian diaspora spreading unique cultural elements across the world. People from diverse backgrounds, including Bollywood celebrities and famous personalities, have chosen Hindi names for their daughters, adding to their appeal and popularity. To help you find the perfect name for your little one, we have compiled an extensive list of Hindi baby girl names with their meanings and cultural significance.

Name Gender Meaning
heart image Aabharana Baby Girl Sign Girl Valuables; Jewels; Ornaments; The person who brings prosperity, happiness, and honor
heart image Aanya Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is kind and warmly courteous
heart image Aadarsha Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is ideal; Optimal; Perfect
heart image Aadarshini Baby Girl Sign Girl One who adheres to idealism; Idealistic
heart image Aadav Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Leader; Powerful
heart image Aadhila Baby Girl Sign Girl Honesty; The one who is Scrupulous with regard to telling the truth
heart image Aadhya Baby Girl Sign Girl The first power; The beginning; Another name of goddess Durga
heart image Aadhyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex First power; Beginning of meditation
heart image Aadishri Baby Girl Sign Girl First; More important; Eminent
heart image Aadita Baby Girl Sign Girl The act of commencement of action
heart image Aaditri Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name of Goddess Laxmi; The person who brings wealth and prosperity
heart image Aadrika Baby Girl Sign Girl A cluster of mountains; The feminine version of the male name Aadrik
heart image Aadvika Baby Girl Sign Girl one who is unique in all aspects
heart image Aadya Baby Girl Sign Girl The first; Mother Earth; Name of goddess Durga
heart image Aagraha Baby Girl Sign Girl to request or please with respect
heart image Aagya Baby Girl Sign Girl consent or formal permission to do a job
heart image Aahana Baby Girl Sign Girl Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun
heart image Aahlaadita Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is cheerful, delightful, and joyous
heart image Aainah Baby Girl Sign Girl Mirror
heart image Aaiza Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Respected, noble, and charming
heart image Aakanksha Baby Girl Sign Girl Eagerness; Inordinate desire for someone or something; An object of ardent desire
heart image Aakarshaka Baby Girl Sign Girl the quality of attracting by inherent force
heart image Aakarshana Baby Girl Sign Girl The force of attraction
heart image Aakarshika Baby Girl Sign Girl the one having the force of attraction to influence others
heart image Aakashi Baby Girl Sign Girl Heaven; The sky color; Destiny
heart image Aakruthi Baby Girl Sign Girl Appearance or shape; Female form of a person who is unmoldable
heart image Aaloka Baby Girl Sign Girl Lustrous; The very beautiful one
heart image Aalta Baby Girl Sign Girl The Lac dye; The one very colorful or joyous
heart image Aamaya Baby Girl Sign Girl the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hope
heart image Aamrapali Baby Girl Sign Girl A mango tree leaf
heart image Aanandamayi Baby Girl Sign Girl the one who is very happy and joyous in nature
heart image Aanandi Baby Girl Sign Girl A very happy Woman
heart image Aanandita Baby Girl Sign Girl A very happy woman; The one bringing fortune
heart image Aangi Baby Girl Sign Girl The act of decorating God or a person close to god
heart image Aapti Baby Girl Sign Girl The state of being fulfilled; Act of consummating
heart image Aarati Baby Girl Sign Girl Prayer; a kind of worship toward God
heart image Aarika Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is admired for her looks
heart image Aarna Baby Girl Sign Girl Wave; Ocean; Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
heart image Aarohi Baby Girl Sign Girl The musical note; Being very sound
heart image Aaruhi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Divine, melodious, ascending
heart image Aaryanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Powerful and complete who is renowned by the Lord
heart image Aashalata Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is the creator of hope or is very optimistic
heart image Aashita Baby Girl Sign Girl The one who is the creator of hope or is very optimistic
heart image Aashiyana Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful house
heart image Aashni Baby Girl Sign Girl a lightning bolt
heart image Abdhija Baby Girl Sign Girl Born in the sea; Goddess Lakshmi
heart image Abeedha Baby Girl Sign Girl Stands for constant; Wonder girl and permanent
heart image Abheesha Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess of ambitions or goals
heart image Abhigna Baby Girl Sign Girl Valuable; Clever mind or glowing
heart image Abhignya Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is sage and sensible
heart image Abhigya Baby Girl Sign Girl Skilful or expert or adroit
heart image Abhijaata Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble birth or high class born
heart image Abhilasin Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is full of desires and wishes
heart image Abhimanini Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has a self-respect or pride
heart image Abhinetri Baby Girl Sign Girl The female actor of a film or drama
heart image Abhipsha Baby Girl Sign Girl A strong desire of wish
heart image Abhipuspa Baby Girl Sign Girl Covered with fresh flowers
heart image Abhirami Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is delighted or loved by many; Goddess parvati
heart image Abhiruca Baby Girl Sign Girl Delightful; Desire; Pleasure
heart image Abhiruchi Baby Girl Sign Girl One who have or keep desires
heart image Abhisala Baby Girl Sign Girl An act of moving towards unity
heart image Abirami Baby Girl Sign Girl A pleasant and beautiful girl
heart image Absidy Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Phonetic spelling of Abcde
heart image Achuta Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure; Untouched; Firm
heart image Adhaita Baby Girl Sign Girl A unique person; Without duality
heart image Advet Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Another name for Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu
heart image Aeny Baby Girl Sign Girl The husband of Radha from Hindu mythology
heart image Ahuka Baby Girl Sign Girl Offerer; Sacrificer; A person who can offer sacrifice
heart image Ahuti Baby Girl Sign Girl Sacrifice; Give up; Forgo; Surrender
heart image Aikyan Baby Girl Sign Girl Unity; One alone
heart image Aileena Baby Girl Sign Girl Torch; Corposant; Moon
heart image Aimiah Baby Girl Sign Girl perfect
heart image Aireen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Graceful; Elegant; Noble
heart image Aishaanya Baby Girl Sign Girl beautiful life
heart image Aishani Baby Girl Sign Girl Hindu goddess Durga
heart image Aishi Baby Girl Sign Girl God's gift
heart image Aishini Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Lakshmi
heart image Aisiri Baby Girl Sign Girl Wealth; Prosperity
heart image Aiva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life giver
heart image Aklima Baby Girl Sign Girl The first step
heart image Alfiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Exalted; Noble
heart image Aliyanna Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Graceful and noble
heart image Alizia Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Kind-hearted; Graceful
heart image Anahat Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unbeatable
heart image Anaiza Baby Girl Sign Girl Unique; Strong; Feminine
heart image Anvee Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Vibrant; Iintelligent
heart image Anvie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique and powerful
heart image Anysha Baby Girl Sign Girl Eternal; Constant
heart image Areena Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Peaceful; Serene
heart image Arshaan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Golden ruler
heart image Balee Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is an extrovert, analytical and ethical
heart image Bali Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A soldier; Patriot
heart image Balwant Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Full of might; Immense strength
heart image Bandhura Baby Girl Sign Girl pretty
heart image Banee Baby Girl Sign Girl Guru'S Word
heart image Banhi Baby Girl Sign Girl Fire
heart image BanhiSikha Baby Girl Sign Girl A tongue of fire
heart image Bani Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Saraswati
heart image Banita Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman
heart image Banmala Baby Girl Sign Girl a garland of wild flowers
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Hindi baby girl names are unique for several compelling reasons. They have a rich history and carry profound meanings and a timeless charm. Whether traditional or modern, these names offer a wide range of choices. The poetic beauty and melodic nature of Hindi names make them popular among parents worldwide. Hence, choose a name that carries love, blessings, and the timeless essence of Hindi traditions for your little one. You may also use modernized versions of these names to keep up with the peasant trend.

Infographic: Charming Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Hindi baby girl names have a mesmerizing and musical quality that allures people to them. Our carefully handpicked Hindi names have it all, whether you desire a name with strength, sweetness, joy, connection to nature, divinity, or beauty. Discover the perfect name for your little one with this captivating infographic.

Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Hindu baby girl names that mean lucky?

There are many Hindu baby girl names that mean lucky. Some popular ones are Bhagyashri, which means lucky. Dhanushri, Jiya, Kamya, and Eshma are other names that signify luck.

2. Which Hindu girl names mean beauty?

There are many Hindu girl names that signify beauty. These names have Sanskrit origins. The names that symbolize a beautiful woman are Ashmika, Abhiruchi, Ashinya, Abhinoor, Gruhini, Ghatala, and Brinda.

3. Which Hindu girl names mean sunshine?

The sun signifies life, power, and positivity. You can find many Hindu names for girls symbolizing the sun. Anshu means sun, and Aruna means dawn. Arunima is the reddish hue of early morning sunlight. Bhanavi means the energy of 12 suns,’ while Didhiti implies ‘rays of the sun.’

4. Which Hindu girl names mean protector?

There are many girl names in Hindu culture that mean defendant or protector. These include Ashima, Aasima, Isha, Haroona, Pushana, Rakshika, and Sarani.

5. Which Hindu girl names mean fearless?

Anika is a popular girl name that means ‘fearless.’ Apart from this, Yodhini means ‘ a fierce warrior’ while Dhriti, Nirjara, Aasira, Ishwasa and Virusha mean ‘brave’ or ‘fearless.’

6. Which Hindu girl names mean strong?

Adhira, Jiaan, Levinika, and Virya are some Hindu girl names that mean strong. Anvika means ‘powerful and complete,’ while Asvitha means ‘strong.’ Indali and Baltishna are some other names that mean powerful or strong.

7. How do Hindi baby girl names reflect the diversity of Indian culture and heritage?

Hindi baby girl names reflect regional and linguistic influences. People from different places choose from a specific set of names only. For instance, Hindi names like Jaanvi and Neerja are spelled Jahnavi and Neeraja in the south of India and have different pronunciations, though they have the same meaning. Apart from that, many Hindi names are inspired by deities such as Lakshmi and Saraswati and ancient Indian religious texts such as Vedas and Upanishads.


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