111 Igbo Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AchikeGive praise to GodBoy
ChibuikemGod is my powerBoy
ChidinduShow the world that God is aliveBoy
ChimamandaMy God Will Not Fall or Fail MeBoy
ChizutereGod's envoyBoy
ChukwuebukaGod is greatBoy
EkeneThe one who recieves a lot of praiseUnisex
IfeanyichukwuGod is most powerful or no one is greater than God.Boy
KamsiyochukwuGod gave me exactly as I askedBoy
ObimnaetochukwuMy heart praises GodBoy
OnochieThe one who can replace the status of father.Boy
AbaezeBranch of the kingsBoy
AchebeOne who is protected by the GoddessUnisex
AfamefunaMy name will not be lost.Boy
AkachukwuThe hand of God.Boy
AkunnaFather's wealth.Boy
AmaechiWho knows tomorrow?Boy
AmakaQueen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by natureUnisex
AmandiTrust no one, one who doesn't trust anyone easily.Boy
AmaraImmortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or BitterBoy
AmobiWho knows the heart of man?Boy
AnozieWe are now settled or well positioned.Boy
ArinzechukwuThanks be to God.Boy
AzubuikeStrength gained from experiences of the past.Boy
BunkechukwuThe one who belongs to God.Boy
ChetachiOne who always remembers God.Boy
ChetachukwuOne who always remembers God.Boy
ChibuikeGod is strength.Boy
ChibunduGod is lifeBoy
ChibunnaGod is my fatherBoy
ChibuzorGod first or God leadsBoy
ChidiadiThere is GodBoy
ChidiebereGod is mercifulBoy
ChidiebubeGod is glorious and great.Boy
ChidozieMay God fix it and make it good for me.Boy
ChiekezieGod has made it good for me.Boy
ChiemekaGod has done well.Boy
ChiemelieGod has won.Boy
ChiemezieGod has made it good for me.Boy
ChikanmaGod is better than any other thing.Boy
ChikezieMay God appease.Boy
ChimankpaGod know my wants.Boy
ChimaobiGod knows the heart.Boy
ChimezieLet God do it.Boy
ChinakaGod decides or God schedules.Boy
ChinecheremGod thinks and worries on my behalf.Boy
ChiokeGift of GodBoy
ChukwudumagaGod leads me.Boy
ChukwuemerieGod has won.Boy
ChukwuenekaGod is kind to us.Boy
ChukwumaGod knows, God knows better than anyone.Boy
ChuwudubemLead me, oh God.Boy
DebareOne born during good times.Boy
DiarachukwunduLive for GodBoy
EbubechukwuThe glory and greatness of God.Boy
EchezonannaDon't forget your God and your father.Boy
EjikemeIt's not by power.Boy
EkenedilichukwuThanks be to GodBoy
Emekain Igbo this name means great deeds or god has done a lot.Boy
EmenikeIt's not by might or power.Boy
EnyinnayaHis father's friend.Boy
EsomchiWalking with the lord or one who follows GodBoy
EwelikeIt's not by powerBoy
EzesinachiThe chief is from God.Boy
EzeudoKing of peace.Boy
GaniruGood luckBoy
GolibeRejoice, a joyous fellow.Boy
GosifechukwuShow the light of God to all.Boy
HanyechukwuLeave it for God.Boy
IfechiThe light of God.Boy
IfechukwudeWhat God has written.Boy
IfekristiThe light of Christ.Unisex
IfemyolunnaWhat I asked of the lord.Boy
IgwebuikeStrength in numbers.Boy
IheanachoPrecious or what everyone seeks.Boy
IkechukwuThe power of God.Boy
IkembaStrength of the nation.Boy
IlozumbaNigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.Boy
IlozumbaNigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.Boy
IsinachiOne who is sent from God.Boy
JachikeGive praise to God or Hail God.Boy
JayammaPraise to the lord.Boy
JideoforNigerian term meaning, you are justified.Boy
KachisichoGod's desireBoy
KachisideAs God has written it or the will of God.Boy
KaetochukwuMay God be praised.Boy
KainyechukwuekeneLet's praise the Lord.Boy
KaluKalu means God of ThunderBoy
KambiliLet me live or I shall live.Boy
KamdilichukwuLet me live for God.Boy
KamfeechiLet me worship God.Boy
KanayochukwuLet's keep begging from the lord.Boy
KaodinakachiLeave your destiny to God.Boy
KelechiGlorify God.Boy
KristibuezeChrist is the king.Boy
KufreabasiDo not forget God, one who always remembers God.Unisex
KwentoOne who protects the family name from destructionUnisex
LotachukwuRemember GodBoy
LotannaRemember the father or the GodBoy
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