79 Malayalam Baby Boy Names With Meanings

DhanvineA name of Lord Rama. It means charity doer.Boy
DhavalThe fair one, a fair childBoy
DheemanAn intelligent man.Boy
IdhantBright and luminousBoy
IjayA name of Lord VishnuBoy
IkshuA Malayali word for sugarcane.Boy
IndeevarA blue lotusBoy
IpsitDesired, the desirable oneBoy
IravanThe king of ocean.Boy
NairThe leader or the soldierBoy
PranalA waterway, estuary, creekBoy
PrayaagThree secred river's confluence: Ganga-Jamuna-SaraswatiBoy
ShardoolA man brave as a lion, lionBoy
ThakshakName of a cobraBoy
UdbhavCreation or to arise from.Boy
UlhasDelight or joy.Boy
UmakantA name of Lord Shiva. It means husband of Uma.Boy
UpanshuChanting the hymns or mantras in a low toneBoy
UpendraA name of Lord Vishnu. It means an element.Boy
UshapatiHusband of dawn or sunBoy
UtpalBeginning, or a water lilyBoy
UttamThe best from the rest.Boy
VachanSpeech or promiseBoy
VachaspatiLord of speechBoy
VadishLord of the bodyBoy
VagindraLord of speechBoy
VagishVagish is a name of Lord Brahma. It means God of speech.Boy
VaidyanaathMaster of medicinesBoy
VatsalAn affectionate person.Boy
VeydantThe sum of the VedasBoy
ViamrshA name of Lord Shiva.Boy
VibhaakarThe moonBoy
VrisiniName of Lord Shiva.Boy
VyomaangPart of the sky.Boy
VyomakeshA man with sky like hair.Boy
VyomdevA name of Lord Shiva.Boy
VyomeshLord of the sky, cloud and water.Boy
VyshnavThe worshipper of Lord Vishnu.Boy
YadavendraLeader of the YadavasBoy
YaduName of an ancient king.Boy
YadunandanSon of Yadu. A name of Lord KrishnaBoy
YagyasenName of king DrupadBoy
YagyeshLord of the sacrificial fireBoy
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