7 Baby Boy Names That Mean Crystal


Throughout history, the crystal has been associated with unique symbolism and a timeless allure. Baby boy names meaning crystal reflect aesthetic and spiritual qualities associated with these precious gems. Historically, crystals have been used for healing and protection in ancient civilizations from Mesopotamia to Greece. They incorporated crystals into ornaments, decorations, clothing, artifacts, and religious symbols. In ancient Greece, the crystal was considered a form of ice because it is derived from the word krystallos, meaning ‘coldness drawn together.’ The earliest evidence of crystals dates back to Mesopotamia, where they were ground and ingested as a medicinal treatment. In addition, they also wore these as talismans and amulets to protect themselves from evil. Crystals were used for healing in Chinese medicine and by Egyptians in various forms, even for cosmetic purposes. The Romans also had multiple uses for crystals, in addition to using them for prosperity and luck during wars. In Sumeria, crystals were associated with magical powers and potions. Green crystals and stones, in particular, were associated with the deceased and often included in burials in ancient Mexico (1). Greeks used amethyst as an amulet to aid hangovers or prevent intoxication. Thus, all these early civilizations used crystal-inspired names for healers, prophets, priests, and warriors. Names derived from crystals were considered to have protective powers when given to a baby. Ancient Egyptians used crystal jewelry for health and protection. They also used crystal amulets and jewelry for divine protection, as they were associated with Egyptian deities and their specific powers. They also named their children after such crystals and gods to bless them with mystical protection. According to Christianity, crystals manifest transcendence and symbolize purity, faith, and perfection. In Hindu culture, crystals are associated with purity and enlightenment. Names that mean crystal thus denote a unique divine connection. Therefore, consider the following baby boy names meaning crystal for your son if you wish to give him a name with rich spiritual, cultural, and historical significance.

Name Gender Meaning
heart image Bhasura Baby Boy Sign Boy The shining God; Crystal; Enlightened; Sacred; Divine; Holy; Pious
heart image Chrystal Baby Boy Sign Boy Crystal; A transparent clear solid
heart image Crisiant Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Crystal; Clear; Bright
heart image Fatik Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is like a crystal
heart image Jing Baby Boy Sign Boy Still; Crystal; Essence; Capital city
heart image Nevada Baby Boy Sign Boy White crystals of frozen water
heart image Prism Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A solid object of crystal or glass

Incorporating a rich blend of history, culture, and tradition, baby boy names meaning crystal capture the enduring allure of these precious gems. The quest for crystal names has persisted over time. Irrespective of whether they draw from ancient civilizations' mystical beliefs or other, more modern associations, these names encapsulate purity, clarity, and spiritual enlightenment. The above-given names have been picked from global cultures as they continue to shine as a testament to the timeless symbolism of crystals.

Infographic: Attractive Names Meaning Crystal For Boys

Baby boy names meaning 'crystal' hold significant historical and traditional connotations. These lustrous names reflect crystals' enduring beauty and symbolism across time and cultures. The following infographic contains attractive names that mean 'crystal.' Pick the one that resonates with you and your family's beliefs for your adorable son.

classic names that mean crystal for your charming son (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you recommend any baby boy names that mean a specific type of crystal, such as quartz or amethyst?

No, there are no masculine names that mean quartz or amethyst. However, two prominent baby boy names based on a gemstone include Jade and Onyx. Jade is a precious stone derived from the Spanish piedra de la ijada, meaning 'stone of the flank.' Onyx is another gemstone and a famous name that means claw and nail in Greek.

2. Are there any famous or well-known people with a name that means crystal?

Several famous personalities have names that mean crystal. Crystal Reed is an American actress known for her role as Allison Argent in the Teen Wolf franchise. Crystal Gayle is an American country music singer and Grammy Award winner. Crystal Hunt is an American actor and producer best known for appearing in the show Guiding Light. Crystal Chappell starred in the show Days of Our Lives.

3. Which gender is the name Crystal?

Crystal is a feminine name derived from the clear, colorless glass. It originates from the Greek word Krystallos meaning ice.


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  1. The structure of crystals. Early historical notes.
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