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17 Baby Boy Names That Mean Dear And Starts With Letter H

Habeeb Sweetheart, beloved, dearest Boy
Hakampreet Love for Authority; One who considers his authority dear Boy
Hanshith Like honey, Sweetie, dearest Boy
Hansinguaq Sweet dear. Boy
Hari kant Dear to indra Boy
Harikant Beloved by Indra; Dearmost to Lord; Loved by Lord Vishnu Boy
Harikanta Beloved by Indra; Dearmost to Lord; Loved by Lord Vishnu Boy
Harivallabh Dear of Hari; Beloved of Lord Vishnu Boy
Harivatsa Loved by Lord Vishnu; One who is dear to Lord Vishnu; Beloved one of Lord Vishnu Boy
Harlaal Beloved of God; Loved by God; Dearmost of God; Boy
Harpiara God's Beloved; One who is dearmost to God; One who is loved by God Boy
Harsajjan God's Friend and Beloved; A companion of God; Dearmost to God Boy
Hartley Dear Field Boy
Harwill Well for male dear (stags) Boy
Hibb Darling, Dear Boy
Hotriya Heart Throb; Beloved; Dearmost; Dear to Heart Boy
Hridyesh Beloved; Dearmost; One who is dear to heart; Boy
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