44 Baby Boy Names That Mean Divine And Starts With Letter A

Aaminthe one having A great grace of God, the one who is divineBoy
AlhmanicDivine, heavenly, marvelousBoy
AmarikaThe one who is divine like a God and immortalBoy
AmatA divine name for a female meaning wonderful love for God like a slave who are alertUnisex
AmbrogioOld Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name AmbroseBoy
AmbrosOld Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name AmbroseBoy
AmbrosioA Spanish name for divine beingBoy
AmbrosiosSpanish name for divine and immortalBoy
AmbrosiusOld Greek - Immortal, Divine; A variant of the name AmbroseBoy
AmbrusGreek name meaning divine and immortal beingBoy
AmeenDivine Grace; Honest; Faithful; TrustworthyBoy
AmeriA divine rulerBoy
AmitayusThe one who has infinite age and a divine being like GodBoy
AmmerieThey are divine rulers of the universe who are noble, inoffensive and belovedUnisex
AmoryThey are powerful, brave has divine leader qualitiesBoy
AnangamAn immortal being; beaded lamp which is divineBoy
AngesvaraAnother name of Karna; the one longing for divine and heavenly lightBoy
AnsilaAn amiable divine messenger who is naughtyBoy
AnsilloDivine messenger who is naughty and amiableBoy
AntarjotInner Light; Divine light within you; Flame of your heartBoy
AnudeepDivine Light; Eternal Lamp; God's LightBoy
AnugayasA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightBoy
AnukeertanaA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightBoy
AnukulikaA divine messenger who is naughty and amiableUnisex
AnynagaA flawless and divine human beingBoy
ApuPure, Virtuous, Divine, FlawlessBoy
AracanaA praiseworthy individual who is divine lightBoy
ArdakhorehA boy with holy and divine luster.Boy
ArjaDivine; Religious;Boy
ArkkaGodlike, divineBoy
ArsyaDivine offspringBoy
ArvinderA person who is the divine lord of horsesBoy
AsbiomA divine bear.Boy
AsbjornOld Norse - Divine BearBoy
AsgautName of a mythical divine goth.Boy
AshvaniSon of the divine sunBoy
AshvinSanskrit - Light; The first star in Evening Sky; Name of the divine twins; Considered to be Lord of VisionBoy
AskelA term used for divine cauldron.Boy
AslakA divine sport.Boy
AtanuSanskrit - Divine; Formless; CupidBoy
AtasaThe divine soul of a personBoy
AthalieLord or the divine spirit id greatBoy
AthanasiosThe immortal divine soulBoy
AtinThe divine and the great oneBoy
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