63 Baby Boy Names That Mean Divine And Starts With Letter D

DadheechiDivine Rishi; One who has attained enlightmentBoy
DadhikraA divine horse; SunBoy
DaivanshOf Divine Origin; Religious; Godly; Sacred BeingBoy
DaivikReligious; Godly; Divine; Holy; SacredBoy
DangeloDivine messengerBoy
DanteDivine comedyBoy
DantiThe divine comedyBoy
DeiviganSpiritual; Divine; Religious; Pious; Holy; SacredBoy
DeshikGuru; Spirutual Leader; One who guides us in divine pathBoy
DevaCelestial Spirit; Divine and Spiritual BeingUnisex
DevabodhWith Divine Knowledge; Religious WisdomBoy
DevachandA Bright and Divine Necklace; Ornament of God;Boy
DevadeepLamp of the Gods; God's Light; Divine Light; Flame of GodBoy
DevagarbhA Divine Child; Religious and Pious OffspringBoy
DevagyanA Divine Song; Spiritual knowledge; Religious WisdomBoy
DevahridhayDivine Heart; Pious and Sacred soul;Boy
DevainReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevakalpaGod Like; Religious; Divine;Boy
DevamshPart of God; One who is considered part of the Divine Lord;Boy
DevanDivine, divinity or like a godBoy
DevanaReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevanamanDivine Joy; Sacred name of God; Pious and Religious PersonBoy
DevanesanReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevanshaEternal Part of God; Aura of God; Divine Light of GodBoy
DevapadThe Feet of the God; Divine FeetBoy
DevapuspaKing of Devdas; Indra; Flower of the Gods; Divine FlowersBoy
DevaramName of a Divine Scripture; Divine verses in praise of Lord ShivaBoy
DevasreeOne of many names of the divinely beautiful Goddess LakshmiBoy
DevasurA Divine Hero; Warrior of God;Boy
DevavidhKnowing of the Gods; One who is religious and spiritual; Acquired Divine KnowledgeBoy
DevkusumDivine Flower; Flower of the Gods; Garland of the GodBoy
DevprasadOne who has the divine favour; God's Blessings; Gift of GodBoy
DevramAbsorbed in Divine Needs; Virtuous; Spiritual and Religious PersonBoy
DevrathReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DevyaDivine Power; Spiritual Wisdom; Pious and Religious KnowledgeBoy
DevyanshPart of God; Part of the Divine Light; Radiance and Luminance of GodBoy
DharmapalaOne who is Attracted by Religion; Guardian of Dharma; One who abides by the spiritual and divine rules;Boy
DharmdasServant of Religion; One who is controlled by the Spiritual and Divine RulesBoy
DharmedraPure-souled; Righteous; One who abides by spiritual and divine rulesBoy
DharmeeReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmicReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharmishthaWants Religion; One who abides by spiritual and divine rulesBoy
DharmveerReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DharshanaReligious; Pious; Sacred; Holy; Divine; SpiritualBoy
DibyanshA variant of name Divyansh which means Part of Divine Light; Gods Own DivineBoy
DilveenDivine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DionysiusThey are the God of Wine; fertile; touched by divinelyBoy
DiuinA stable and firm person; part of divineBoy
DivaasFrom Divine; Spiritual; Religious; Pious; SacredBoy
DivamPure; Divine; Spiritual; Pious; ReligiousBoy
DivaymDivine; Spiritual; Superhuman; UniqueBoy
DiviyanshPeace of God and Divine Light; Spirituality; Pious and ReligiousBoy
DivleenA divine person; God is greatBoy
DivrajDivine; Spiritual; Right of KingBoy
DivyaanshDivine Part; Spiritual WisdomBoy
DivyadehaOne with a divine body; strong and powerfulBoy
DivyamA Part of Divine; Smart; Talented; Cute; One who is spiritualBoy
DivyangDivine Body; Religious; Spiritual; Pious;Boy
DivyangaDivine Body; Religious; Spiritual; Pious;Boy
DivyanshPart of Divine; Spiritual Wisdom; Religious; PiousBoy
DivyansuOne with a divine light; SunBoy
DivyasanuOne who has a divine glow on his faceBoy
DiyanshuSun; they have a divine and bright lightBoy
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