67 Baby Boy Names That Mean Knowledge And Starts With Letter A

AadishFull of Wisdom; Intelligent, Knowledgeable, NobleBoy
AalekhLearned; One of many names of Lord Shiva; to become informed; gain knowledgeBoy
Aalimthe one who is Knowledgeable, high scholor, very wiseBoy
AarifAcquainted, Knowledgeable, Devotee; Knowing; AwareBoy
AarikethGanesh ; God of Knowledge and Wisdom representing Lord GaneshBoy
AarivKing of Wisdom ; Knowledge; IntelligenceBoy
AaryavNoble Person; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
AbhajA person who is having a great wisdom of knowledge.Boy
AbhigyaanSource of Knowledge; WisdomBoy
AbhigyanMost Intelligent; Recollection; Wisdom; KnowledgeableBoy
AbhihavaMost Intelligent; Recollection; Wisdom; KnowledgeableBoy
AbhijaatWell Born; Wise and knowledgeableBoy
AbhijatNoble; Wise; Knowledgeable; Intelligent; BrightBoy
AbhijiatNoble and wise; knowledgeableBoy
Abhinandh (अभिनंध)One who is celebrating or acknowledgeBoy
AbidinHebrew - Father of Knowledge; My Father KnowsBoy
AbutalibFather of a knowledge seeker or studentBoy
AdarhoshangThe fire of knowledge and intelligence.Boy
AdhitScholarly; Intelligent; Wise; Bestowed with Knowledge; NobleBoy
AdhitaA Scholar; Bestowed with Knowledge; A derivative name from AdhitBoy
AgadhbodhIt means to have unfathomable knowledge. One who is very wise and clever, smart and intelligent.Boy
AgamaSanskrit - Knowledge; Wisdom;Boy
AgyeyaBeyond Comprehension; Beyond Knowledge; Unexplored; A variant of name AgyeyBoy
AhilanKnowledgeable; Commanding; One who has a controlling authority; Expert; MasterBoy
AjavinduOne who has the Knowledge of EternityBoy
AkaryatanayaKnowledgeable personBoy
Aleemone who has knowledgeBoy
AlimOne who has knowledgeBoy
AluuineA balanced nature combined with self knowledge and good judgement in personal and professional lifeBoy
AnnadasanThey are masters of knowledge and know- allBoy
AnnamalaiKnowledgeable; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
AntargyanThe one who has inner wisdom, knowledge and peaceBoy
AnuanshA charitable individual who has immense knowledgeBoy
AnubhavExperience; Skill; KnowledgeBoy
AnubodhAwareness; Responsiveness; Knowledge; UnderstandingBoy
AnuvaKnowledge; Brilliance; Intelligence; Well LearnedBoy
ArefKnowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;Boy
ArifKnowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage;Boy
ArivKing of Wisdom; Knowledge and IntelligenceBoy
ArivaliOne who is Brilliant; Smart; Intelligent and knowledgeableBoy
ArivarasuKing of Wisdom; Knowledge and IntelligenceBoy
ArivoliGlowing with Intelligence, Brilliance and KnowledgeBoy
ArivuKing of Wisdom; Knowledge and IntelligenceBoy
ArivumadhiIntelligent, Brilliant and KnowledgeableBoy
ArivumaniIntelligent Jem; One whose knowledge is preciousBoy
ArivunambiConfident, Brilliant, Knowledgeable and IntelligentBoy
AryashBrilliant; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; NobleBoy
AryavNoble Person; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
AshwatTree of Knowledge; Tree where Buddha medidated and Gained knowledgeBoy
AshwathTree of Knowledge; Tree where Buddha medidated and Gained knowledgeBoy
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