33 Baby Boy Names That Mean Knowledge And Starts With Letter D

DaanaA knowledgeable personUnisex
DaanishFull of knowledgeBoy
DaksayanOne who is brilliant and blessed with great knowledge;Boy
DakshakAble, Brilliant and Knowledgeable personBoy
DanishWisdom and knowledgeBoy
DansithFull of knowledge and wisdomBoy
DarshanikA Philospher; Knowledgeable; LearnedBoy
DattadriA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; WiseBoy
DebangshuOne who is philosophical; Wise and KnowledgeableBoy
DeenanOne who knows; Wise; Knowledgeable;Boy
DeenbandhuPoor's Friend; One who knows; Wise; Knowledgeable;Boy
DejanOne who imparts knowledge; GodBoy
DevabodhWith Divine Knowledge; Religious WisdomBoy
DevagyanA Divine Song; Spiritual knowledge; Religious WisdomBoy
DevamaruOne of many names of Lord Ganesha, One Who Acknowledges All Pertances;Boy
DevavidhKnowing of the Gods; One who is religious and spiritual; Acquired Divine KnowledgeBoy
DevvratBhishma; Wise and Knowledgeable PersonBoy
DevyaDivine Power; Spiritual Wisdom; Pious and Religious KnowledgeBoy
DhadheechiA Sage; Learned; Knowledgeable; Wise; Saint LikeBoy
DhayalIntellectual; Wise; Knowledgeable; Intelligent;Boy
DheemanthWise; Thoughtful; Sage Like; KnowledgeableBoy
DhikshitInitiated; Provider of knowledgeBoy
DhillipIntelligent; Smart; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DhimatPossessed with Wisdom; One who is Intelligent; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DikshitDedicated; Provider of Knowledge; Initiated into a Religious OrderBoy
DikshithDedicated; Provider of KnowledgeBoy
DnyandeepA Lamp of Knowledge; Source of WisdomBoy
DnyaneshName of Saint,wealth of spirutual knowledgeBoy
DnyaneshwarName of a Saint; One who is knowledgeable; Giver of WisdomBoy
DolaSwing , Oscillating; one who is eager for knowledgeUnisex
DousikIntelligent; Smart; Brilliant; Bright; KnowledgeableBoy
DurvasasName of a Rishi; filled with knowledgeBoy
DwivediOne who has knowledge of two vedas; A surname most commonly found in the caste of Brahmins in IndiaBoy
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