116 Danish Baby Names With Meanings

If you’re expecting a bundle of joy and are thinking of giving him a Danish baby name, you have landed at the right place.

Denmark, a country that embraces rules and regulations with huge enthusiasm, is very strict about the naming rules. The first and last names for a baby are governed by law and must be approved by the Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs and Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs. The laws are designed to protect children who are burdened with silly and preposterous names by their parents. So you have to choose names from the 7000 Western European and English names pre-approved by the government. But if you like a name that’s not mentioned in the list, you have to get it approved by the government by filing an application.

Danish names may keep coming in and going out of style, but one thing is certain, you can never write them off. Some of these names such as Eva, Karen, and Cristofer have been popular for generations. So from the birthplace of Little Mermaid, Danish cheese, and Norse mythology, MomJunction has got you a collection of Danish baby names with meanings. Check them out below.

AlberteA form of albert; a noble and intelligent beingBoy
AlfredFriend of the elvesBoy
AmbersonVariant of Emerson who are filled with bravery, vigour and powerBoy
AmeliaThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertileGirl
AndrietteThey are strong, fearless, brave and limitlessGirl
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
AnnikenThe graceful beings which is a variant of HannahGirl
ArnePowerful ruler like an eagle; stable personBoy
AxelOne who likes peaceful environmentBoy
BalduinIt is the danish version of Baldwin. It means a bold friend.Boy
BeorhtelHe who shines with a bright lightBoy
BetinaA woman who finds God in her promiseGirl
BredeGlaciers; a form of iceBoy
BuggaA man of powerBoy
BuggeA powerful manBoy
CajaTo be full of joyGirl
CarlA mainly free manBoy
CarrynAn unsillied and pure free womanGirl
CaryneAn unsullied, pure womanGirl
CarynnShe of pure natureGirl
CesilieBlind; they are talented musicianGirl
ChristofferHe who holds the son of God, Christ, in his heartBoy
ClaraOne who is distinguished, clear and brightGirl
DedricOne who rules people and a great leaderBoy
DierkA ruler of the peopleBoy
DierksA born ruler; powerful and confidentBoy
DoreteA gift sent by God; trustworthyGirl
EllaOne who is a beautiful fairy; one who enjoys lifeGirl
Emblaaccording to Norse mythology Embla was the first woman on earth.Girl
Emilthis means a person who is lively and eager.Boy
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
GamelRefers to an old person.Boy
GroTo grow, to heal, The one who will cure in each type of environment and to grow and heal easily.Girl
GUrdunThey are dedicate to build their live on solid foundation.They have strong mind and decision taking power.Girl
GyrthTo gird with a swordBoy
HakiJustice; Claim; Right; Privilege; Name of a SlaveBoy
HaraldsThe war commander's sonBoy
HarthacnutA legendary king, A King of DenmarkBoy
HeimericusOne who is a pat of the tribeBoy
HeimoA finnish word for tribeBoy
HeremodA legendary King of DenmarkBoy
IdaA woman who is hardworkingGirl
IsabelleFrom Elisabeth, which means My God is an oath, My God is abundanceGirl
JokumGod is Merciful; God is Gracious; A variant of JoachimBoy
Jonyit means jenovah will increase. These people prove to be very best friend and take quick decisions.Boy
Joralityit means God precious gift and God has been Gracious. They bring people together and give proper time to their friends. Their joy have no bounds.Girl
Jozefit means jenovah will increase. These people prove to be very best friend and take quick decisions.Boy
Juanitait means God precious gift and God has been Gracious. They bring people together and give proper time to their friends. Their joy have no bounds.Girl
Julianeyoung and fearless.such people are easy going and have urge to seek knowledge. They have a lot of qualities and love their family and friends.Girl
KeerstenKeersten means The CHristianGirl
KerithThe name means a ChristianGirl
KirstenKirsten means a ChristianGirl
KnudKnud means KnotBoy
LauraPerson crowned with laurelsGirl
LauritzLaurel tree, the symbols of Honor and FameBoy
LieselotteContraction of Lise- My God is my Oath, and Charlotte - A warriorGirl
LillemorLittle mother, Danish nameGirl
LineA brave woman warriorGirl
LoneShort of Ablone - strenght , or Magdalone - towerGirl
LorensA man from Laurentum, ancient Italian cityBoy
LucasOne who gives lightBoy
LullaA legendary female warriorGirl
LykkeOf good fortune, happy oneGirl
MadsenDanish variation of the name Matthew meaning gift of GodGirl
MaikenA wished for childGirl
MajkenA child that was dearly wished forGirl
MajlisA noble person who is born i MayGirl
MaltheFrom the word Helmold, which means PowerBoy
MarielaOne who is like the star of the seaGirl
MeretheDanish form of Margaret that means pearls or the cluster of blossomsBoy
NilsaDefender or titleholder or champ or winnerGirl
NoahRelaxation, restful, harmony, calm.Unisex
OleA framework that supports climbing plants (Bower)Boy
OliverThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.Boy
OrnNoorudeen radiance of trust, glimmering of confidence.Boy
OscarNoorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.Boy
OsegodA noble landownerBoy
PaulsenThe son of Paul; small oneBoy
PernilleThe one who is the daughter of Peter; stoneGirl
PetrinePedar's feminine form; they focus on detailsGirl
PoulA small, little personBoy
RebekkaA girl who traps and baitsGirl
RebekkahShe who traps and baits peopleGirl
RegitzeA mighty and distinguished personBoy
RegnaTo advise and to make a decisionGirl
ReidunOne who bestows the homeGirl
RenoThe one who was rebornBoy
RickoA mighty and distinguished manBoy
RikkeA might and ritch rulerBoy
RikkiOne who rules with a firm handBoy
SaffiA wise personGirl
SibbiA victorious hero, a warrior who wonBoy
SigfridA beautiful, fair victoryGirl
SigneTo bring victoryGirl
SigrunnThe secret victoriesGirl
SilleShe who is blindGirl
SireA victorious womanGirl
SisseShe who has no sight, a blind womanGirl
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