124 Danish Baby Names With Meanings


If you’re expecting a bundle of joy and are thinking of giving him a Danish baby name, you have landed at the right place. Denmark, a country that embraces rules and regulations with huge enthusiasm, is very strict about the naming rules. A baby's first and last names are governed by law and must be approved by the Ministry of Family and Consumer Affairs and the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs. The laws are designed to protect children who are burdened with silly and preposterous names by their parents. So you must choose names from the 7000 Western European and English names pre-approved by the government (1). But if you like a name that’s not mentioned in the list, you have to get it approved by the government by applying.

There are certain parts of Denmark where only one given name is used, while in other parts of the country, more than one name can also be used. Danish names with hyphens also rose to popularity in the 1900s; for instance, names like ‘Anna-Lisa’ were quite popular.

Around the 19th century, a common naming practice was followed in Denmark and across Europe. The first-born daughter would be named after her maternal grandmother, and the second-born daughter after her paternal grandmother. Similarly, the first-born son would be named after his paternal grandfather, and the second-born son after his maternal grandfather.

Danish names may keep coming in and going out of style, but one thing is sure, you can never write them off. Some names, such as Eva, Karen, and Cristofer, have been popular for generations. So from the birthplace of the Little Mermaid, Danish cheese, and Norse mythology, we have got you an equally magnificent collection of Danish baby names with meanings. Check them out below.

heart image Alberte Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble and intelligent being
heart image Alfred Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf counsel
heart image Alma Baby Boy Sign Boy Nourishing; Fostering; Kind
heart image Amberson Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Emerson; Brave and vigorous
heart image Amelia Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking and industrious
heart image Andersen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Andrew
heart image Andriette Baby Girl Sign Girl Male
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Annaline Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful; Beautiful
heart image Anniken Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace
heart image Arne Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful ruler; Like an eagle; Stable person
heart image Axel Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of peace
heart image Balduin Baby Boy Sign Boy A bold friend
heart image Beorhtel Baby Boy Sign Boy He who shines with a bright light
heart image Betina Baby Girl Sign Girl My God is an oath
heart image Bjorn Baby Boy Sign Boy Bear
heart image Brede Baby Boy Sign Boy Glaciers
heart image Bugga Baby Boy Sign Boy A man of power
heart image Bugge Baby Boy Sign Boy A powerful man
heart image Caja Baby Girl Sign Girl Full of joy
heart image Carl Baby Boy Sign Boy Free man
heart image Carryn Baby Girl Sign Girl An unsillied and pure free woman
heart image Caryne Baby Girl Sign Girl An unsullied, pure woman
heart image Carynn Baby Girl Sign Girl Of pure nature
heart image Cesilie Baby Girl Sign Girl Blind; Talented musician
heart image Christensen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Derived from the son of Christian
heart image Christoffer Baby Boy Sign Boy He who holds the son of God, Christ, in his heart
heart image Clara Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Clear
heart image Dedric Baby Boy Sign Boy One who rules people and a great leader
heart image Dierk Baby Boy Sign Boy A ruler of the people
heart image Dierks Baby Boy Sign Boy A born ruler; powerful and confident
heart image Dorete Baby Girl Sign Girl A gift sent by God; Trustworthy
heart image Ella Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful light; Goddess
heart image Embla Baby Girl Sign Girl First woman on Earth
heart image Emil Baby Boy Sign Boy Rival
heart image Emma Baby Girl Sign Girl Whole; Universal
heart image Fyn Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light-skinned; Fair
heart image Gamel Baby Boy Sign Boy An old person
heart image Gro Baby Girl Sign Girl To grow; To heal
heart image GUrdun Baby Girl Sign Girl One with a strong mind
heart image Gyrth Baby Boy Sign Boy To gird with a sword
heart image Haki Baby Boy Sign Boy Justice; Claim; Right; Privilege; Name of a Slave
heart image Haralds Baby Boy Sign Boy The war commander's son
heart image Harthacnut Baby Boy Sign Boy A legendary king; A King of Denmark
heart image Heimericus Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is a part of the tribe
heart image Heimo Baby Boy Sign Boy Tribe
heart image Heremod Baby Boy Sign Boy A legendary King of Denmark
heart image Ida Baby Girl Sign Girl Hardworking; Industrious person
heart image Isabelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Devoted to God
heart image Jokum Baby Boy Sign Boy God is merciful; Variant of Joachim
heart image Jony Baby Boy Sign Boy Quick-deciding, best friends
heart image Jorality Baby Girl Sign Girl God's precious gift; Unifying, joyful
heart image Jozef Baby Boy Sign Boy Jehovah will increase
heart image Juanita Baby Girl Sign Girl God is gracious; Yahweh is gracious; Gift from God
heart image Juel Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Precious gem; Jewel
heart image Juliane Baby Girl Sign Girl Downy grace; Dedicated to Jupiter; Devoted to Jove; Youthful; Jove's child
heart image Juul Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Youthful; Downy
heart image Keersten Baby Girl Sign Girl The christian
heart image Kerith Baby Girl Sign Girl A Christian
heart image Kirsten Baby Girl Sign Girl A christian
heart image Knud Baby Boy Sign Boy Knot
heart image Laura Baby Girl Sign Girl Laurel; Victory
heart image Lauritz Baby Boy Sign Boy Laurel tree; Symbols of honor and fame
heart image Lego Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Play well
heart image Lieselotte Baby Girl Sign Girl Contraction of Lise- My God is my Oath; Charlotte - A warrior
heart image Lillemor Baby Girl Sign Girl Little mother; Danish name
heart image Line Baby Girl Sign Girl A brave woman warrior
heart image Lone Baby Girl Sign Girl Strenght; Tower
heart image Lorens Baby Boy Sign Boy A man from Laurentum; Ancient Italian city
heart image Lucas Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Lulla Baby Girl Sign Girl A legendary female warrior
heart image Lykke Baby Girl Sign Girl Of good fortune; Happy one
heart image Madsen Baby Girl Sign Girl Variation of the name Matthew; Gift of God
heart image Maiken Baby Girl Sign Girl Wished for child
heart image Majken Baby Girl Sign Girl A child that was dearly wished for
heart image Majlis Baby Girl Sign Girl A noble person who is born in May
heart image Malthe Baby Boy Sign Boy Power
heart image Mariela Baby Girl Sign Girl Sea of bitterness; Rebellious; Wished for child
heart image Merethe Baby Boy Sign Boy Danish form of Margaret, meaning pearls or the cluster of blossoms
heart image Nielsen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Neil; Champion
heart image Nilsa Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender; Titleholder; Champ; Winner
heart image Noah Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Rest
heart image Ole Baby Boy Sign Boy Framework that supports climbing plants
heart image Oliver Baby Boy Sign Boy Olive tree planter
heart image Orn Baby Boy Sign Boy Noorudeen radiance of trust, a glimmer of confidence
heart image Oscar Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer loving one; Friend of deer
heart image Osegod Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble landowner
heart image Paulsen Baby Boy Sign Boy The son of Paul; small one
heart image Pernille Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of Peter; Stone
heart image Petrine Baby Girl Sign Girl Pedar's feminine form; They focus on the details
heart image Poul Baby Boy Sign Boy A small, little person
heart image Rebekka Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who traps and baits
heart image Rebekkah Baby Girl Sign Girl She who traps and baits people
heart image Regitze Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty and distinguished person
heart image Regna Baby Girl Sign Girl To advise; To make a decision
heart image Reidun Baby Girl Sign Girl One who bestows the home
heart image Reno Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who was reborn
heart image Ricko Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty and distinguished man
heart image Rikke Baby Boy Sign Boy A mighty and rich ruler
heart image Rikki Baby Boy Sign Boy One who rules with a firm hand
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Danish baby names hold more than just labels. They can honor family ties and ancestors and mark important milestones. As Denmark has evolved, so have its naming trends, reflecting shifts in social norms and cultural influences. Today's Danish names mix old tradition with innovation, showing a balance between tradition and new ideas. These names tie people to their Danish heritage and show the culture's values, beliefs, and dreams.

Infographic: Insightful Danish Baby Names For Your Child

Danish baby names have much cultural significance, connecting individuals to their heritage and identity. They reflect traditional and modern elements and are often passed down through generations. These names also convey parents' aspirations for their children. Check out our hand-picked compilation of Danish names in this infographic to find one that fits your baby perfectly. You can even save it for later use.

thoughtful danish baby names with meanings (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Danish naming traditions differ from naming traditions in other cultures?

The people of Danish culture followed a specific naming pattern until the 1850s. According to this pattern, the first boy was named after the father’s father, and the first girl was named after the mother’s mother. Similarly, the second boy was named after the mother’s father, and the second girl was named after the father’s mother. They also followed a patronymic surname system.

2. What are some unique Danish baby boy names that are not commonly used?

Some of the unique Danish boy names include Absalonis (reward from the Gods), Christoffer (bearer of Christ), Halvor (the chosen son), Frederik (the ruler of peace), and Bertil (intelligent). Though Chistopher is used, the old variation Christoffer is not common in the modern days.

3. What are some popular Danish baby girl names that have Nordic origins?

Annegrete (meaning God has answered the prayers), Bodil (meaning battle maiden), Gudrun (meaning God’s secret), and Jensine (meaning God is gracious) are a few of the many examples of Danish feminine names with Nordic origins.

4. Are there any famous or notable Danish men whose names are commonly used for baby boys?

The list of famous Danish men who are an inspiration includes Hans Christian Anderson (famous poet and author), Niels Bohr (physicist who received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922), and Viggo Mortensen (actor, musician, and poet best known for his roles in the Lord of the Rings trilogy as Aragorn). Many Danish parents choose their names for their little ones.


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  1. What’s in a Name?: In Denmark It’s More Complicated Than You Think.
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