208 Baby Boy Names That Mean Small

AanickAtom; smallest source of existenceBoy
AbhiratraSmall; Humble; SoftnessBoy
AcalanA small narrow and long rowing boatBoy
AdnahA small or delightful or pleasurableBoy
AftonA name of a small Scottish riverUnisex
AhuatziSmall oakBoy
AksudraNot small or lowBoy
AlpeshTiny; small; little;Boy
AnnuAtom; Smallest source for existence;Boy
AnumanSmall patienceBoy
AsgharSmaller, youngerBoy
AtheronSpring Season; one who is fromm a small town near riverBoy
AtomThe smallest part of somethingBoy
AyyannanOne who finds happiness in smaller things in lifeBoy
BaghishLight rain that affects just a small area.Boy
BahiranName of a small island near the seaBoy
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small ChildUnisex
BalakkSmall Baby; Infant; Child; Young Little oneBoy
BalaknathChild Master; Small Baby; Infant; Child; Young Little oneBoy
BanningSmall and Fair; One who Reads the Banns; Blond Child; Small Fair One or Son of the Fair OneBoy
BassShort, small, petitBoy
BeaggaHe who is smallBoy
BirnySmall River; Stream with an Island; Island with a BrookBoy
BjarkiA small bearBoy
BoghosA small and humble personBoy
Bourna small river.Boy
Bournea small seasonal riverBoy
Bowit means a small son. it is a diminutive of the name "Bowden"Boy
BriarOne who is like a shrub or a small treeUnisex
BroganOne with small shoesBoy
BromA person from a small broom meadowBoy
BrookieA person who is from the small brook, a small streamBoy
BrooxOne from the small water creekBoy
BrunelA small brown personBoy
BulusA small and humble personBoy
BulusuA person who is humble and smallBoy
ByueA man who is like a slow, small stream of waterUnisex
CabalA small secret group of peopleBoy
CadeTo fight in a small battleBoy
CantrellSmall bellBoy
CarlingA Boy who is a small championBoy
CarnigHe is like a small lambBoy
ChecheA small thingUnisex
ChecoA small childBoy
CheenuSmall; SweetBoy
Chibi (ちび)Japanese - Short Person or Small ChildBoy
ChinnarajSmall King; A pampered young PrinceBoy
ChinnuSweet Baby; Small little one; Pampered young oneBoy
ChintuThe small one; SunBoy
ChinuThe small oneBoy
ChittiSmall; Young; Little; Pampered oneBoy
ChotuSmall; Young; Little; Pampered oneBoy
ChuluLittle Bit; Small;Boy
CiqalaSmall one; tiny one; little oneBoy
CitraksaOne whose eyes have small patches or small spotsBoy
CitvanaTo glance at; to look at something hurriedly; to take a small peepBoy
ClarkeA word for clerk; one who does small time workBoy
ColemanA small and stocky bird, that resembles a pigeonBoy
CollinA child; a little more than a baby; a small Boy,girlBoy
ColmanA small, little, tiny doveBoy
ColumDove, a small bird that is a symbol for peace and harmonyBoy
ColumbusA small white bird, Dove, used as a symbol of peaceBoy
CortlandA short, small piece of landBoy
CroftonA variant of "Croften"; referring to a town with small enclosed field; Cottage townBoy
DayanA judge and a peacemaker; who finds joy in small thingsUnisex
DellA place name; small valleyBoy
DentinSmall town in a valleyBoy
DhruvanshSmall part of a Pole starBoy
DilvanshdeepA small part of the heartBoy
DinasA fort in a small city; tallBoy
Esnein Anglo-Saxon culture a labourer or a small class person.Boy
FirthA small inlet or estuary of a seaBoy
FulcoA community of people smaller than a town.Boy
GakereSmall muscle, muscular.Boy
GiampaoloA small gift from GodBoy
GilliganThe name Gilligan is a male Celtic name. The name means Small Boy and is used in English speaking countries.Boy
GilsOld Norse - Father of Hedin; A variant form of Gisle and Gisli; Small goat; Son of the bishop's servant;Boy
GirvanRough; Small Rough One; A variant of GirvenBoy
GirvenRough; Small Rough One; A variant of GirvanBoy
GoldinGoldiin means a little piece of gold. Small but very valuable and precious.Boy
GoldinaGoldiin means a little piece of gold. Small but very valuable and precious.Boy
GoldineGoldiin means a little piece of gold. Small but very valuable and precious.Boy
GoldingGoldiin means a little piece of gold. Small but very valuable and precious.Boy
GossamerThe thin substance found in small cobwebs.Boy
GreeleaThey are very ambitious and always try to impress others.They start with a smaller way and build with their patience.Boy
HamnettFrom the small HomeBoy
HeutteA wise small manBoy
HewetSmall, The IntelligentBoy
HillockFrom the Small HillBoy
HoltiHe who comes from the small forestBoy
HusianA small, short good-looking manBoy
JaafarHe who comes from the small riverBoy
JohnnyJohn means God is gracious and kind,pal means small and humbleBoy
JubalHebrew - Ram's Horn ; A small stream; Joobal is a variant form of JubalBoy
JunaydJunayd means Small ArmyBoy
JuspaulA small or humble person, a just humble personBoy
KahnKahn name means Small BoatBoy
KechikSmall or littleBoy
KeeganKeegan name means A thinker, Small FireBoy
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