67 Baby Boy Names That Mean Treasure

AdiyaJewel; Gods Treasure; precious possession; A gem stone to treasureBoy
AgapitoOne who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one's favourite.Boy
AjanidhaTreasure or ocean of InstigationBoy
AmanathTreasure; one who is precious and valuable to be treasuredBoy
AndvariName of a mythical treasure guardian.Boy
ArgentA prized treasureBoy
ArgentoThe one filled with treasures and richesBoy
AtamnidhanSpiritual treasureBoy
AziziArabic - Beloved; Precious One; Treasure; ValuableBoy
BahuraiWith Great Riches, Possessions, Assets, TreasuresBoy
BhagatbhandarTreasure of Loving Devotion; WorshipBoy
BhakosaTreasure of Light; Sun; Radiant and Bright LightBoy
CasparA man whou guards the treasureBoy
CaspariVariant spelling of Italian Gaspari. It means treasure bearer.Boy
CasperOne who is a treasurerBoy
ChitravasuOne with Many Treasures; Rich and prosperous personBoy
CitravasuOne who is very rich and has lots of treasuresBoy
DayaanidhiA compassionate person who is a treasure house of mercyBoy
DayandhiOne who treasures compassion and honestyBoy
DayanidhanOne who treasures kindness and charityBoy
DayanidhiA treasure house of grace and mercyBoy
DayitBeloved; Dear; Loved one; Adored; Treasured;Boy
DayithBeloved; Dear; Loved one; Adored; Treasured;Boy
DaynidhiTreasure House of Mercy; One who is full of kindness; A compassionate and generous personBoy
DivavasuA treasure of the skyBoy
DurvankGifted Friend; A treasured FriendBoy
Ermengildimmense treasure.Unisex
Ermenhildaa word meaning huge treasure.Unisex
GrantlyGrantly means the gray meadow. A meadow which is full of treasures.Boy
GunanidhiTreasure of Virtues, righteousness, Honour, Good characteristics and great qualitiesBoy
GuntasTreasure of Excellence, Virtues, righteousness, Honour, Good characteristics and great qualitiesBoy
GurnidhanTreasure Obtained From Guru, The one who has taken all the qualities, treasures and abilities of the guru.Boy
GuronuiGuronui means old or ancient like a hidden treasure.Boy
HartoTreasure; A variant of name HaraldBoy
HarudhaarCherishing God in the Heart; One who treasures God in heart; Valuing God with utmost esteemBoy
InioluwaAcquiring God's treasure.Boy
JasparOne who guards the treasureBoy
JasperOne who brings treasureBoy
Jonathanit means gift of God. They are agreeable. Treasure , natural and loving persons. They spread the harmony and are simple.Boy
JyranLost Love; One who is an equivalent treasure like a lost loveBoy
KacperKacper means TreasurerBoy
KannmaniA Gem of beauty; Precious and treasured beautyBoy
KansbarKansbar means Treasure MasterBoy
KasperKaser means A treasured secretBoy
KhaazinThe name means He who Guards the TreasureBoy
KhazanaTreasure; Precious; ValuableBoy
KurapatiKurapati means A House of TreasuresBoy
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