77 Nepali Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Naming practices in Nepal hold tremendous cultural significance. This serene country, home to numerous ethnic and religious groups, has various customs and beliefs linked to naming boys. These norms are age-old and still form an essential part of this ritual.

In Nepal, every boy gets a birth name or 'janama nama.' It is given during the Nuwaran or the naming ceremony. The astrologer gives an auspicious letter or syllable for the name, which is according to the date and time of birth. It is a traditional Hindu ritual that honors the arrival of a new life into the world. As per astrology, naming a boy is widely believed to help him build a bright future.

Boy names in Nepal are truly unique from those in the rest of the world. Many Nepalese use religious or mythological names for their boys. Most of the population here includes Hindus. As a result, Hinduism exerts a big influence in giving names. You will often come across names symbolizing Gods like Krishna, Shiva, Ganesh, and Shiva. They give a positive glimpse of the spiritual heritage of Nepal. Other popular names point to kings, kings of religion, and lord of kings.

There is also the tradition of using their caste name or ethnicity as a surname in Nepal. Boys here can also have a middle name. Some examples are Prasad, Bahadur, Maan, and Kumar. These are taken according to their respective castes.

The family of a boy holds much significance in his name, and many inherit the family name of their fathers. It, in turn, preserves a sense of connection with the ancestors. Most boy names in Nepal reflect their ethnicity, occupation, and place of birth. Some names, such as Bhasnet, Thapa, and Pande, may also tell you that the boy belongs to a ruling family.

Even when globalization has influenced varied customs, Nepal stands true to its roots when naming boys.

heart image Amir Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler; Prince; Commander
heart image Bibek Baby Boy Sign Boy Conscience, ethics
heart image Kiran Baby Boy Sign Boy Dust; Beam of light
heart image Krishna Baby Boy Sign Boy Dark
heart image Manish Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the lord of the mind
heart image Milan Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Ram Baby Boy Sign Boy Pleasing; Charming; All-embracing absolute Brahman; A name to the ultimately formless (advita); An incarnation of Lord Vishnu
heart image Sajit Baby Boy Sign Boy Victorious superior; Lord Ganesh
heart image Sang Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright one; Stands out of the crowd
heart image Udgam Baby Boy Sign Boy Rising star
heart image Aanga Baby Boy Sign Boy Yard
heart image Abiral Baby Boy Sign Boy Never ending
heart image Ahupathi Baby Boy Sign Boy Follower of prayer; A devotee
heart image Baburam Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader of a rebellion; Head of an uprising; Referring to Lord Ram as the leader
heart image Ballabh Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Batsa Baby Boy Sign Boy Nepali variant of Vatsa; Son
heart image Batsal Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Vatsal; Love or affection
heart image Bhintuna Baby Boy Sign Boy Wishes
heart image Chalise Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A ceremonial drinking cup
heart image Chitavake Baby Boy Sign Boy The eye of Lord Shiva
heart image Devance Baby Boy Sign Boy Part of god; Presence of god; A part of Lord Krishna
heart image Devnand Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Krishna
heart image Dhonu Baby Boy Sign Boy King
heart image Dhyansh Baby Boy Sign Boy Attention; An attentive person
heart image Divsimar Baby Boy Sign Boy One who remembers God
heart image Drupadh Baby Boy Sign Boy The great king
heart image Dvarika Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of Lord Krishna's capital
heart image Faneel Baby Boy Sign Boy Sea waves
heart image Garvesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Proud; One of the many names of Lord Ganesha
heart image Gianprakash Baby Boy Sign Boy Light of devine knoledge
heart image Gigyansh Baby Boy Sign Boy Being curious about something
heart image Girivardhan Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Venkateshwara
heart image Girvesh Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Shiva
heart image Gurratan Baby Boy Sign Boy The diamond of God
heart image Gurrehmat Baby Boy Sign Boy Kindness or mercy
heart image Harnoop Baby Boy Sign Boy The beautiful person of God
heart image Hartaj Baby Boy Sign Boy The crown of God
heart image Hekshith Baby Boy Sign Boy Made up of gold or diamond
heart image Hiranjan Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who delights his parents.
heart image Hiransh Baby Boy Sign Boy A part of diamond
heart image Iloosha Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of the earth
heart image Imay Baby Boy Sign Boy One with an independent nature; One who likes being independent
heart image Indradu Baby Boy Sign Boy Desired by Lord Indra
heart image Indragop Baby Boy Sign Boy Glow or light
heart image Iraianbu Baby Boy Sign Boy Divine love
heart image Jaysha Baby Boy Sign Boy Office
heart image Juddha Baby Boy Sign Boy War; A variant of Yuddha
heart image Sanani Baby Boy Sign Boy A creative man
heart image Saudis Baby Boy Sign Boy King of the solar system
heart image Sejun Baby Boy Sign Boy A charming man
heart image Shalva Baby Boy Sign Boy An honest and peaceful man
heart image Shraey Baby Boy Sign Boy Credit
heart image Soumy Baby Boy Sign Boy Nepalese version of Soumya; Soft-natured
heart image Taral Baby Boy Sign Boy Brilliant; Shining or splendid
heart image Tau Baby Boy Sign Boy A handsome bloke
heart image Tej Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright and radiant
heart image Tilanjal Baby Boy Sign Boy A pure substance used to worship
heart image Tirtha Baby Boy Sign Boy A holy place in India
heart image Toofan Baby Boy Sign Boy Wind or storm
heart image Tribikram Baby Boy Sign Boy The Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.
heart image Tshering Baby Boy Sign Boy Long life
heart image Tyag Baby Boy Sign Boy Sacrifice; A person who doesn't hesitate to sacrifice
heart image Ujesh Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who gives light
heart image Umanga Baby Boy Sign Boy Enthusiasm; Excitement; One who is full of enthusiasm
heart image Unnabh Baby Boy Sign Boy Highest; The peak
heart image Unnat Baby Boy Sign Boy Progress; Development
heart image Utkarsh Baby Boy Sign Boy Awakening; Prosperity
heart image Utkrishta Baby Boy Sign Boy The best amongst every one
heart image Utsang Baby Boy Sign Boy Embrace
heart image Utsarg Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is dedicated to whatever he does
heart image Utsav Baby Boy Sign Boy Celebration; Festival
heart image Vasava Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of Lord Indra
heart image Ved Baby Boy Sign Boy A sacred text in Hindu religion
heart image Yadav Baby Boy Sign Boy A name of Lord Krishna
heart image Yagya Baby Boy Sign Boy A holy ceremony
heart image Yatindra Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Indra
heart image Yuddha Baby Boy Sign Boy War

This comprehensive list of Nepali baby boy names holds deep cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting the country's diverse ethnic and religious heritage. The tradition of giving birth names during the Nuwaran ceremony, guided by astrology, symbolizes celebrating new life and a hopeful future. With a strong influence from Hinduism, names often pay homage to Gods and kings, embracing Nepal's spiritual legacy. Using caste names as surnames and passing down family names preserve a sense of identity and connection with ancestors. Nepal remains committed to its unique and meaningful naming practices despite global influences.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Sanskrit-based Nepali baby boy names?

In Nepali culture, several Sanskrit-based baby boy names carry deep meanings. Aditya, for instance, is associated with the Sun. Amit represents the idea of being immeasurable and infinite, while Anil symbolizes air and wind. Arjun signifies white, clear, while Bharat reflects the notion of being maintained. Chandra embodies the beauty and serenity of the moon, and Deepak represents something that inflames or excites. Gopal holds the meaning of a protector of cows. Kishor represents the energy and vibrancy of a young colt, and Nirmal embodies cleanliness and purity.

2. What Nepali boy's name means calm?

Prashant, a Nepali masculine given name, has its roots in Sanskrit and carries the meaning of being calm and quiet.

3. What Nepali boy name means warrior?

Bahadur, a Nepali masculine name, originates from the Persian word bahador, derived from the Turkic term bagatur. The name signifies a hero or warrior.

Infographic: Interesting Nepali Baby Boy Names To Explore

Nepali baby names give a glimpse of its culture and traditions. Many of them signify virtues and great qualities. These names also appeal to people in other Asian countries. If your search for a strong and meaningful name has yet to end, this infographic will help you. Choose a suitable name for your adorable little man.

elegant nepali names for your boy (infographic)

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