41 Sikh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SikhA name of one who is a follower of SikhismUnisex
SimardeepOne who is like a lamp of remembranceBoy
SimranOne who meditatesUnisex
SimranjitOne who is a victor of contemplationBoy
SimranpalOne who meditates and contemplatesBoy
SimranpreetOne who loves to meditate, who contemplates lovinglyBoy
SimrarjitOne who meditates in the remembrance of GodBoy
SinghHe is like a lionBoy
SochaiTo achieve something by thinkingBoy
SodhiTo be a firendly personBoy
SoorA Boy who is like the SunBoy
SukhbirOne who is a warrior of peaceBoy
SukhbirpalOne who protects the warrior of the peaceBoy
SukhchainA peaceful person of calm natureBoy
SukhcharanjitA peaceful victoryBoy
SukhdarshanA happiness that can be seenBoy
SukhindirHe who is the God of the peaceBoy
SukhjeetOne who remains in peaceBoy
SukhjeevA person who has a very peaceful natureBoy
SukhjitA victory of happiness and peaceBoy
SukhjiwanTo lead a happy lifeBoy
SukhpreetA person who highly values inner peace and joyBoy
SukhrajOne who is of very peaceful temperBoy
SukhramThe peace prevades in himBoy
SukhshantA man who is blissful and peacefulBoy
SukhsharanHe who finds peace by finding shelter in GodBoy
SukhveerHe is a soldier of peaceBoy
SukhvinderA person who gives happiness to othersBoy
SukhwinderOne who brings the destinyUnisex
SulakhanHe who is veru virtuousBoy
SundarveerHe who is brave and beautiful at the same timeBoy
SurajprakashHe is the light of the SunBoy
SuratOne whose consciousness has awakenedBoy
SurathA person whose consciousness is awakenedBoy
SurinderjeetHe who defeted the GodsBoy
SurinderjitHe who achieved victory over the GodsBoy
SurinderpalThe God of the GodsBoy
SurjitHe who is immortal and God-likeBoy
SurjotThe war between GodsBoy
SutantarA man of good characterBoy
SwaranlalA dreamy personBoy
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