36 Sikh Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JasleenAbsorbed in Singing God's Praises; Immersed in adoring God; Engrossed in singing God's charmBoy
JamarA beautiful manBoy
JamareonOne who has strong willBoy
JamariA good looking manBoy
JambertVariation of Lambert meaning a bright placeBoy
JanakaA fatherBoy
JanakiramGod's name, name of Janki's husbandBoy
JanakiramanName of Lord RamaBoy
JanakpreetFatherly loveBoy
JanakrIndianSon of JanakiBoy
JanalHe who is cute and sweetBoy
JananaAn ancestorBoy
JancisCombination name of Jan and Francis, one who is from FranceBoy
JandaA flagBoy
JandroSpanish name meaning to defendBoy
JarnailThe Commanding Officer; General of an Army; A derivative of the name JaneilBoy
JasbirVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JasminderLord of Glory; God of Splendidness; Magnificent GodBoy
JatindranathName of Lord ShivaBoy
JeffordJeff's fordBoy
JeffreeThe absence of mental stress or anxiety.Boy
JeffriesLife without troubles and temptations.Boy
JenilPossessing desirable or positive qualities.Boy
JerriSpear rulerUnisex
JohnieThe most enduring,God is Kind ,patient and graciousBoy
Jomeipeople with this name always bring joy and love music. They adopt passion for whole life and always show interest in others for friendship.Boy
Jomonit means natural and joy. Such people doesnot express their feelings very easily and are mysterious. They are geunine and ornate.Boy
Jonit means God is Gracious. They are generous and love to help people. noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family .Boy
Jonait means the God is gracious and Dove bird. Such people are most adored and admirable in the society or among family.Unisex
Jonahit means Dove. People with this name get fame and wealth. They are often termed as hero because of their courageous attitude.Boy
Jonarajasuch people have capability to make friends and always have the fun side. They easily share their secrets and have nature like open book.Unisex
Jondalarsuch people are pleasant and have radiant peronality. They spread laughter and have a spark in attitude. They are adventurous and love to participate in activities.Boy
Jonepeople with this name are joyful and haven refreshing sort of personality. They love to travel and are sensitive in nature. They are attractive and have elegant appearance.Unisex
Jonesypeople with this name are jubilant and are youthful. They focus on their physical appearance and easily forgive others.Unisex
Jonipeople with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends. They have many impressive qualities and have joyful spirit.Unisex
JoukoThe name depicts an aggressive character in person. People with this name have leadership and forceful qualities. Such people maintain the balance in their life.Boy
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