68 Sinhala Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Sinhala baby boy names are deeply rooted in Sri Lanka's rich history, culture, and tradition. Historically, Sinhala boy names have evolved over centuries and have been influenced by various factors such as colonization, religion, and migration. Ancient Sinhalese names are believed to be associated with Buddhism, Vedic or Puranic gods, lunar asterisms (the nakshatras), demi-gods, sacred flora-fauna, Pali literature, and good virtues (1).

A traditional Sinhalese name typically consists of two or three parts, of which the first part is the patronymic name, followed by the given name and the surname. However, some individuals may have just the house name or ancestral name, represented by the suffix 'ge' or 'ghe'. In Sinhalese culture, babies are given their names during the traditional naming ceremony called 'Nam Tebima’. This special event is performed on an auspicious date and time as suggested by an astrologer. The astrologer or learned priest chooses suitable characters for the child's name based on their time of birth, and then the elders suggest an appropriate name for the child.

Sinhala names also reflect the multicultural influences of the country. Due to historical trade and interaction with neighboring countries, names from Tamil, Malay, and other regional languages have also become a part of the naming landscape. In addition, some Sinhalese communities adopted names from English, Christian, and Portuguese due to the advent of colonization by the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. However, while embracing these influences, the Sinhalese community continued to maintain its traditional naming practices and allowed the amalgamation of names from other cultures to exemplify its cultural inclusivity. Thus, to provide you with a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, we have thoughtfully drafted this list that beautifully captures the timeless legacy of Sinhalese names.

heart image Agara Baby Boy Sign Boy House; The dwelling place
heart image Ajith Baby Boy Sign Boy Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable; One who cannot be defeated by anyone
heart image Asanka Baby Boy Sign Boy Fearless; One witout doubt
heart image Ashane Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favoured; God is gracious; God has shown favour
heart image Kalani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Heaven; Sky; Royal one
heart image Kevin Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome by birth; Gentle
heart image Manil Baby Boy Sign Boy Jewel of a Son; Gem of a Son; Precious; Gem
heart image Oshan Baby Boy Sign Boy A little warm
heart image Sahan Baby Boy Sign Boy To forgive
heart image Tavish Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Tamhas
heart image Theshana Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of god
heart image Ajantha Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is creative; Name of a famous Buddhist cave
heart image Amithnal Baby Boy Sign Boy A loving and wise leader
heart image Araliya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beautiful flower
heart image Asiri Baby Boy Sign Boy Blessings
heart image Athula Baby Boy Sign Boy Something that's immeasurable; Incomparable
heart image Banduka Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is outstanding
heart image Buddhika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex He who is clever and wise
heart image Chamara Baby Boy Sign Boy Expressive
heart image Chaminda Baby Boy Sign Boy An experienced person
heart image Champaka Baby Boy Sign Boy A flower
heart image Chathura Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is skillful, smart, and genius
heart image Chatura Baby Boy Sign Boy Fosterer of genius
heart image Chrishantha Baby Boy Sign Boy Social; A sociable being
heart image Diyon Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave birth
heart image Duminda Baby Boy Sign Boy The Bo tree; Bodhi tree
heart image Erajh Baby Boy Sign Boy Morning light
heart image Geethan Baby Boy Sign Boy He who gains honor through songs
heart image Hetuwa Baby Boy Sign Boy An old Sri Lankan name
heart image Inesh Baby Boy Sign Boy King of the kings
heart image Insith Baby Boy Sign Boy A leader's heart
heart image Iranga Baby Boy Sign Boy Expressive
heart image Jeewana Baby Boy Sign Boy Life or giving life
heart image Kavith Baby Boy Sign Boy Poet
heart image Kosala Baby Boy Sign Boy The name means Lion
heart image Kovider Baby Boy Sign Boy Wisdom
heart image Lashith Baby Boy Sign Boy A Sri Lankan name
heart image Manura Baby Boy Sign Boy Good for mankind
heart image Mewan Baby Boy Sign Boy One with a good personality; Looks like a supermodel
heart image Muralidharan Baby Boy Sign Boy The bearer of the flute
heart image Nelith Baby Boy Sign Boy Personification of law
heart image Nethaka Baby Boy Sign Boy He who has the ability for legal argument
heart image Nikini Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The month of August
heart image Nishantha Baby Boy Sign Boy Night's end; Dawn
heart image Pamu Baby Boy Sign Boy Chief
heart image Pediya Baby Boy Sign Boy A strong and powerful individual
heart image Piraichudan Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who loves horses
heart image Ranuga Baby Boy Sign Boy He who journeys with gold
heart image Sandun Baby Boy Sign Boy Sandalwood
heart image Sanhitha Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is good-hearted
heart image Sanjeeva Baby Boy Sign Boy A form of Sanjeev; It means living or reviving
heart image Sansuka Baby Boy Sign Boy Good comfort
heart image Sasrutha Baby Boy Sign Boy Personification of truth
heart image Shalinka Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is modest
heart image Shanilka Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is determined and confident man
heart image Sisira Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is independent
heart image Sriyani Baby Boy Sign Boy Light; Luster; Radiance; Splendor
heart image Suranga Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A divine person
heart image Suvik Baby Boy Sign Boy One with a speedy health
heart image Tharindu Baby Boy Sign Boy Moon
heart image Tharupiyum Baby Boy Sign Boy A star-like lotus
heart image Thehan Baby Boy Sign Boy Threefold honors
heart image Thirana Baby Boy Sign Boy Permanent honor
heart image Vidu Baby Boy Sign Boy Learned
heart image Vimukhti Baby Boy Sign Boy A variant of Moksha; Emancipation
heart image Vinsanda Baby Boy Sign Boy He who enjoys with his heart
heart image Visvadinu Baby Boy Sign Boy He who has won the universe
heart image Zev Baby Boy Sign Boy Wolf

Sinhala boy baby names encompass a rich tapestry of historical, cultural, and traditional practices. The Sinhalese community has carefully preserved their naming customs for generations, ensuring that each chosen name carries unique significance and symbolism. The above-given Sinhalese names are among the some that not only carry individualized symbolism but also serve as a link to the region’s vibrant past, reflecting the multifaceted identity and the deep-rooted ancestry of the Sinhalese people.

Infographic: Popular Sinhala Names With Meanings For Baby Boys

Deeply rooted in Sri Lanka's rich historical and traditional heritage, Sinhala names reflect the country's multicultural influences. These names are also popular among other communities since Sinhala names sound pleasing and unique. We have compiled some of the best ones in the infographic if you are exploring a Sinhala name for your son.

popular sinhala names with meanings for baby boys (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of the name "Kasun" in Sinhala?

In the Sinhala or Srilankan language, ‘Kasun’ means ‘gold’ or ‘golden.’ It can be used to signify radiance, brightness, brilliance, and preciousness.

2. What are some culturally significant Sinhala baby boy names?

Sinhala baby boy names might be inspired by historical, religious, or symbolic roots and hold cultural and traditional significance. For example, the name Duminda in Sinhala means Bodhi tree, Kannan, is a name for Lord Krishna, and Theshana means gift of God.

3. Are there any popular baby boy names common across multiple cultures in Sri Lanka?

Popular boy names that are common across Sri Lanka include Rehan (scented, sweet basil), Tavish (strong and energetic), Agara (emigration or flight), Viran (strong hero), Omal (tender and soft), and Eshan (worthy, God’s grace).

4. What is the role of astrology in choosing a Sinhala baby boy's name?

Astrology plays important in Sinhalese naming traditions. The astrologer notes the exact time and day of the birth while picking out the best initials for your baby. They are also used to determine the baby's zodiac sign and suggest a few character traits that the child might possess.


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  1. Personal names of ancient Sinhalese.
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