15+ Best Android Apps For Kids To Keep Them Busy

Did you know that around 84% of smartphones used in the world run on Google’s Android operating system?

iOS (Apple) may have its loyal followers around the world, but Android has a better market share because its users have a plethora of handset options they can choose from. And then it has several apps that are free to download. If you have an Android phone that your child hijacks now and then, MomJunction recommends you get the best age-appropriate Android apps for kids listed in this post.

These apps are entertaining and will keep them engaged in a productive way.

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Free Android Apps For Children

The Google Play Store has thousands of apps for android(literally) which you can download for free. Among them are some user-friendly apps, designed to keep your child engaged.

1. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

Let’s begin with an app that has a simple function – teach your child how to write the letters of the alphabet. The ABC Kids application teaches your little one to write the alphabet and learn to pronounce them. The app is delightful with colorful pictures and engaging fun phonic sounds that your kid will love. Get this app when your kid is going to kindergarten. It helps.

Category: Education

Age: 5 and under

Rating: 4/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 29.29MB

Things to note: The app has no ads, which makes it great for younger kids as well (aged less than two years)

Get the app here.

2. Angry Birds Space

If your kids are bored of the original Angry Birds game, try the new Angry Birds Space version, which introduces the kids to cool concepts such as gravity, solar system, and fictitious cold planets like Utopia! This child-friendly game app has over 300 levels set in the intergalactic playground with each level more challenging than the previous one, thanks to the game-changing gravitational pull feature in it.

Category: Games

Age: 7+

Rating: 4.1/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 47.29MB

Things to note: The game has ads and in-app purchases, so you might want to turn on the parental controls for this app.

Get the app here.

3. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is another best Children’s Android app in the Google Play Store, for it teaches what you want your child to be: calm! The app, in a fun way, teaches the child to help a sesame street member relax and think about how to solve a problem.

In short, the app also shows your child the Sesame Street strategy of “Breather, Think and Do” for problem-solving. The app also has tips and other useful resources that can help in problem-solving.

Category: Education

Age: 4+

Rating: 5/5 on Common Sense Media

Size: 171MB

Things to note: The top-rated app is ideal for kids aged 10 or under, but not older ones. Also, it occupies quite a bit of space on the phone or tab.

Get the app here.

4. Moose Math

Math, a subject that most kids dread! When classroom teaching does not help your child get better at math, a fun app may do the trick. Moose Math by Duck Duck Moose is a fun app that uses interesting, real-life objects to teach early math to kids. Storytelling is used to introduce the concepts to the child, which makes learning practical and enjoyable. The app is a great tool to get your child to practice math.

Category: Education

Age: 4+

Rating: 4/5 on Common Sense Media

Size: 47.99MB

Things to note: This popular learning android app is useful only if your child needs help in early math concepts.

Get the app here.

protip_icon Point to consider
Kids Educational Game 5 is another fun app with 12 educational games designed to help children draw letters, distinguish shapes, and improve their concentration and memory.

5. Kids Doodle

One of the best ways to use your android phone or tablet screen is to turn it into a canvas where they can draw, sketch, and paint a masterpiece. Kids Doodle by Iskander is straightforward and easy to use and allows the child to create art on the screen using the finger. The drawing tools in the app are just amazing and let you try a variety of painting and sketching styles, making this app useful for kids of all ages. Even you can use it from time to time.

Category: Drawing

Age: 3+

Rating: 4.1/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 2.23MB

Things to note: The app contains ads and is ideal for kids who have an artistic inclination and want to experiment.

6. Starfall Learn To Read

Want your child to pick up his reading ability? The Learn to Read app by Starfall is what you need. This smart android app is the mobile version of the website Starfall, which focuses on teaching kids how to read. The app teaches children, in a specific order, how to pronounce the vowels with the help of stories, videos, reading exercises and games.

Category: Education

Age: 4+

Rating: 4.3/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 54.56MB

Things to note: The app is recommended for kids learning the alphabet.

Get the app here.

protip_icon Point to consider
The Puzzle Kids app, with a bright and simple interface ideal for small hands, is another app that teaches your children how to find and alter shapes, complete jigsaw puzzles and understand how forms fit into a greater picture.

7. Words With Friends Classic

If you are looking for a game that can improve your teen’s vocabulary, Words with Friends by Zynga is a cool choice. The game is also interactive or social, in the sense that it has an open chat platform that allows them to chat with and play word games with other users. It can even help develop your child’s writing skills.

Category: Education

Age: 14+

Rating: 5/5 on Common Sense Media

Size: 50.75MB

Things to note: The chats are unfiltered, so you may want to keep an eye on the teen to keep them safe.

Get the app here.

8. NASA App

Does your kid gaze at the stars and wonder what is out there? Encourage your child’s curiosity of outer space, planets, stars, and the possibility of life out of the Earth with the NASA App. The app gives access to a world of information through the news updates by the space agency’s public television and news feed. You can also follow NASA’s Twitter feed through the app, without having to log into the social network.

Category: Education

Age: 7+

Rating: 5/5 on Common Sense Media

Size: 7.28MB

Things to note: The app occupies a lot of space and may have more information than your kid can handle.

Get the app here.

9. Block Craft 3D: Building Game

Block Craft is similar to building block toys and LEGOs, which can be used to create a variety of things including vehicles, houses, animals, and even entire cities. The Block Craft 3D Building Game is about creating a city of your own, using the blocks available to the player. The game is fun and encourages the child to be creative with his or her ideas about how a city can be.

Category: Simulation

Age: 7+

Rating: 4.5/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 31.09MB

Things to note: The game can be addictive. Without supervision, your child can end up spending more time than necessary, playing it.

Get the app here.

10. Piano+

Don’t want your kid to miss his piano practice? Get Piano+, one of the best “learn to play the piano” Android apps for children of all ages. The app simulates a real grand piano, with realistic piano sounds and inbuilt songs that you can easily play. The app has a 12 studio quality and allows you to play your favorite speed at your pace. The best feature is that there are over 50,000 songs in the app database.

Category: Music

Age: 5+

Rating: 4.2/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 11.26MB

Things to note: There are other, simpler piano apps if you want to get one for younger kids.

Get the app here.

11. Toca Kitchen 2

Cooking apps are fun, as long as they don’t need the child to cook in a real kitchen. Toca Kitchen 2 is a fun way to get messy while cooking the characters’ favorite dishes. Kids are also encouraged to come up with their recipes to feed the hungry guests. Kids can use six different tools and ingredients in the kitchen to make a dish. In the end, they also get to know whether or not the food is good based on the guest’s expressions, which are quite realistic.

Category: Education, pretend-play

Age: 4+

Rating: 4.4/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 109MB

Things to note: Gameplay is unlimited and goes on and on, which can make it addictive.

Get the app here.

12. PJ Masks – Moonlight Heroes

PJ Masks is a Disney television series about three pre-schoolers who live ordinary lives in the morning and become superheroes saving the city at night. Based on the same series, the PJ Masks app is a casual adventure game for kids, who have to direct or guide the animated superheroes to protect innocent people from the annoying villains.

Category: Education, pretend-play

Age: 4+

Rating: 4.2/5 on Google Play Store

Size: 59.22MB

Things to note: The app has plenty of examples that depict positive social behavior for kids. It is also a great app to teach kids the importance of teamwork to achieve something good.

Get the app here.

AA national survey indicated that about 72% of children go online daily using a smartphone. About 27% of the respondents were found to go online several times each day, and 11% reported they are online using their smartphone almost continuously. More girls than boys reported frequent use of smartphones, and the use increased for both genders with age.

Frequency of use of a smartphone to go online among children by age and gender

Source: Report of a National Survey of Children, their Parents and Adults regarding Online Safety 2021; National Advisory Council For Online Safety

The Google Play Store has so many free apps that you may think you won’t need to spend any money to make the best use of your Android phone. You may be partly right, but if you want some really good kids apps, spending a little is not a bad idea. Here are a few such apps that you can buy on the Play Store.

13. Dr. Panda’s Hospital

There are many things that a child learns at school and home, but basic medical care is not one of them. Dr. Panda’s Hospital is an Android app that does what most parents and teachers don’t: teach the kids about basic medical care through pretend play. This science-related app allows understanding the human anatomy, checking blood pressure, giving shots, and even adjusting broken ribs on screen. In addition to the main game, there are a few side games and short activities related to science that the child can play on this app.

Category: Education

Age: 4+

Rating: 4.4/5 on Common Sense Media

Price: Rs. 250/$3.75

Things to note: The developer does not offer a trial version of the app.

Buy the app here.

14. Samarost 3

Amanita Design is known for creating unique, classy adventure games for kids and adults. Samarost 3 by this developer is also a puzzle game that has been beautifully designed with attractive backgrounds and unique characters. The app does not have violence, nor does it show any blood or gore. It does, however, have some freaky images. Nevertheless, the game is ideal for older kids, and not the little ones. It can capture their attention and keep them engaged for long.

Category: Puzzle

Age: 10+

Rating: 4.6/5 on Google Play Store

Price: Rs. 200/$3

Things to note: The game can be a little slow for some kids, who may get bored soon.

Buy the app here.

15. Analogies 4 Kids

Analogies 4 Kids by Jimbl is a cool app that helps kids practice analogies while developing their vocabulary and their reasoning skills. The app is for primary and middle school kids, and can be played even when the phone is not connected to the Internet. Besides practice sheets, the app also has tests for the kids.

Category: Education

Age: 5+

Rating: 4.6/5 on Google Play Store

Price: Rs. 61.75/$0.93

Things to note: This audio-visual app can be useful for developing language skills.

Buy the app here.

16. Duolingo

Duolingo is a fantastic language app for kids, offering over 30 languages. With engaging lessons and a user-friendly interface, it makes learning a new language enjoyable, incorporating fun tasks that develop vocabulary and grammar skills. Progress tracking is simplified with vibrant diagrams showcasing achievements and growth. This app entertains kids with playful tasks like matching words and images, turning language learning into an enjoyable adventure.

17. Lego Tower

Lego Tower is the ultimate building adventure. Kids can craft their dream skyscrapers, unlock Lego mini-figures, and keep the fun rolling by assigning jobs to virtual players. Plus, they can take a tour of other players’ cool creations – it’s an activity with simple rules for endless entertainment!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What measures can be taken to protect children’s privacy and personal data when using Android apps for children?

Some tips that may help you protect personal and private data include setting strong privacy on apps, turning off the location option for the apps used, and enabling two-factor authentication. You may also use antivirus protection and parental controls and research the particular app before letting your children use it.

2. Can Android apps for children potentially negatively impact a child’s mental health or social development?

Children who use apps excessively may develop an addiction to them. This may lead to other problems, such as poor social skills, lack of interest in academics, and extreme anxiety or fussiness when the child cannot access the phone.

3. How can the content of Android apps for children influence a child’s self-esteem?

Android apps that represent inclusivity and avoid emphasizing physical appearance can positively influence your child’s self-esteem. Apps that help build skills can help them feel accomplished. Apps that provide constructive feedback and give rewards can help boost the child’s self-confidence. Choosing apps with positive values and fostering self-acceptance is crucial for nurturing healthy self-esteem in children.

4. Do Android apps for children promote isolation and hinder social interaction with peers?

Excessive use of Android apps for children may result in isolation and less social interaction. However, it all comes down to how these apps are used. Good apps can provide educational and interactive experiences that complement real-world social interactions, promoting a healthy balance.

5. Can exposure to inappropriate or violent content in Android apps for children have long-term psychological effects?

Exposure to inappropriate or violent content in Android apps for kids can cause lasting psychological harm, like anxiety, depression, behavior problems, and troubled relationships (1). Moreover, excessive smartphone use can result in negative mental health consequences like sadness, isolation, and a heightened risk of mental issues in teenagers.

6. Can the constant stimulation and fast-paced nature of Android apps for children lead to attention and concentration problems?

The overwhelming amount of sensory input and rapid changes in content can hinder a child’s ability to sustain focus and may contribute to attention-related difficulties.

7. Do certain Android apps for children have a greater potential to lead to addiction or dependency?

Certain Android apps designed for children, which include gamification, rewards, and social features, have a higher risk of causing addiction or dependency. These apps can take advantage of children’s susceptibility to excessive screen time and strengthen compulsive usage habits, possibly leading to addictive behaviors.

Android devices have many apps, making it difficult for parents to choose the best Android apps for kids. The safety of these apps should be a primary factor that affects a parent’s decision on whether or not their child should use them. Further, choose education apps that help them develop their creativity and imagination. Look for apps that are designed to promote motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and boost cognitive development in young children. Some other aspects that are boosted through the apps are emotional intelligence, self-expression, and exploration. In addition, ensure adequate parental control so that your child does not misuse the device, and consider installing a good antivirus program to avoid any viruses.

Infographic: Android Apps For Children To Keep Them Busy

Children are always up and running doing something or the other of their own. In such scenarios, it might sometimes become difficult for parents to keep an eye on them at all times. So, why not keep them engaged with fun and interesting games? In the following infographic, you will find game suggestions that you can refer to. Remember to keep their screen time in mind as well.

engaging android apps for children (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Get high-quality PDF version by clicking below.

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Check out this video for the best Android apps for kids! Fun and educational apps to keep your kids entertained and learning.


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  1. Caroline Fitzpatrick et al.; Early childhood exposure to media violence: What parents and policymakers ought to know.
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